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JAN23advantages of smart bulbs over regular led bulbs

A smart bulb is a LED light bulb with an in-built technology that allows it to connect to a common network such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. It has many advantages. For instance, it can be remotely controlled.

JAN23can you use regular rechargeable batteries in solar lights

Even after you install solar accessories in your homes, it is quite tough to maintain them as they usually tilt or fall over. Let’s about how to prevent solar lights from falling over.

Jan23how to connect 3 solar panels in parallel

Two halves make one full better. This is also applicable to solar cells because half-cut solar cells make a more efficient solar panel.

JAN23what is floating solar power plant

Over the years, the number of distributed PV solar systems put on rooftops and solar farms has increased. As research and development in this field have progressed, we now have floating solar panels.

JAN23kw solar panel how many units per day

Photovoltaic cells are the basis of the working of active solar energy. They collect solar energy in form of photons. Active solar energy has two basic designs for working: a thermal system and a photovoltaic system.

JAN23solar ppa

In the United States, solar power purchase agreements (PPAs) are a common method of securing initial funding for new solar installations. With a PPA, you can have a solar energy system put on your roof for no out-of-pocket expense to you.

JAN23types of solar pv system

3 Types of solar panels and 3 types of the solar panel system. Interesting! Well, there is more to it because the 3 types are further subdivided.

JAN23How to keep solar lights from falling over

Connections should match precisely for a circuit to work well. In solar panels, series and parallel connections also influence their voltage and current. Therefore, decisions must be made carefully.

JAN23Agrivoltaics disadvantages

Agrivoltaics is a positive step forward in our efforts to make our food, energy, and water systems more sustainable. But this positive technology also isn’t free from certain shortcomings.

JAN23disadvantages of solar water pumping systems

A solar-powered irrigation system is a type of solar-powered water pumping system that is used in fields and gardens. Brands like Solariver, Eco-Worthy, and the like produce great solar irrigation systems.

JAN23how does active solar energy work

A solar water heater is an appliance that uses sunshine to heat water. Its major advantages are its high efficiency, cheap installation, low maintenance, and the like.