3 Mono PERC Solar Panel Advantages and Disadvantages

A thorough understanding is necessary before you step into that store to get a Mono PERC solar panel system for you. Besides being efficient, they have their own drawbacks too, that should be considered.

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Working with different types of solar panels is interesting because each has different qualities and distinct efficiencies. With persistent efforts and experimentation, mono PERC technology was introduced and soon mono PERC solar panels were launched. People often get confused about whether or not they should buy mono PERC solar panels. So here are mono PERC solar panel advantages and disadvantages for you all. They can be a relevant determinant Are mono PERC solar panels good, and if so why.

What are Mono PERC Solar Panels?

The term PERC stands for Passivated Emitter and Rear Contact or Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell. A PERC solar cell is considered more efficient which means it can more easily convert sunlight into electricity. Solar panels made from monocrystalline PERC solar cells are mono solar panels and the only thing that differentiates them from standard solar panels is the back surface passivation layer. It is a layer of material providing three main benefits to boost efficiency.

3 Mono PERC Solar Panel Advantages and Disadvantages

JAN23mono perc solar panel advantages and disadvantages

PERC technology can be used in all types of solar cell modules. PERC technology combines local rear contacts and rear wafer surface passivation to maximize the amount of light captured by solar panels. Thus, increasing the efficiency of the photovoltaic system. Two additional steps are required in manufacturing PERC solar cells, and these are:

  • Application of back surface passivation layer
  • Chemical or laser etching to open small pockets in the passivation layer

Mono PERC panels are advantageous, but there are a few drawbacks too. Let us find out.

What is Mono PERC Solar Panel Advantages? Are Mono PERC Solar Panels Good?

Taking into consideration the technologies of all other solar panels, mono PERC solar panel advantages are determined. This will also help you explore are mono perc solar panels good or not.

1. Cost-Effective and Efficient

Although mono PERC solar panels are more expensive than other panels, the increased efficiency of each panel justifies the price. However, this lesser panel will be required for meeting the energy requirements for your house. The cost of installation, along with other components like wiring, racking, and other balance of system (BOS) costs will also be reduced.

Mono PERC solar panels are the most innovative solar energy capturing device and with the latest design technology, the efficiency of solar panels increased from around 22% to 25%. With fewer panels required for your solar system, mono PERC solar panels will generate energy in low-light conditions also. Also, you will get enhanced energy density per square foot and increased light absorption by solar cells. With anti-reflective coating, efficiency, and absorption are enhanced.

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2. More Productive With Slow Degradation Rate

These panels begin power generation in the early hours and perform till late evening thus producing more energy. This along with more efficient panels results in more power generation. In long-term usage, the overall degradation rating of mono PERC solar cells is low in comparison to traditional models. This means your solar module will be productive enough even after years of installation. There is much more to discover about mono PERC solar panels advantages and disadvantages.

3. No Space Restriction and Few Modifications Required

You get more options during the installation and placement process and these changes will not affect the overall efficiency of the panels. These panels are suitable for places with space restrictions or small rooftops.

This is applicable from manufacturing processes to existing or installation processes. Mono PERC solar panels do not include huge amounts, and machines to be installed.

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What is Mono PERC Solar Panel Disadvantages?

Despite their pros, mono PERC solar panels also have a couple of drawbacks. Here is a brief description of mono PERC solar panel disadvantages.

1. Fragile

Even though solar panels are made sturdy to withstand extreme weather conditions, they are still susceptible to damage.

2. High Purchasing Cost

In comparison to the purchasing costs of other solar panels, they are slightly costlier. It is because of the high initial cost because they comprise monocrystalline panels that are already expensive due to their high efficiency.

3. Performance

Solar panels tend to lose their efficiency with each passing year due to potential induced degradation and light-induced degradation. Mono PERC solar panels also lose efficiency. Their overall performance can decline with continuous exposure to high temperatures.

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What is Mono PERC Solar Panels Price?

A Mono PERC solar panels price depends on the wattage, volts, size, number & types of panels, efficiency rating, and manufacturer, along with other components included. However, the average price range can be between $79 and $630.

What are mono PERC solar panels? The answer to this is quite simple because these panels are produced from monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar cells combined with PERC technology. So, with the complete list of mono PERC solar panel advantages and disadvantages you got a clear idea of the same. Now it is easier to decide whether to buy mono PERC solar panels. By the way, what are your views on the same? Which type of solar panels do you have?

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