5kW Solar System Price with Battery


The 5kW solar system price varies by location, components, and local incentives.

The 5kW solar system, which offers optimal capacity and efficiency, is well-suited for medium-sized properties. It meets daily power needs and provides backup during outages by seamlessly combining solar energy with cutting-edge technology. Let’s delve deeper into the hybrid 5kW solar system price breakdown to understand the costs associated with panels, batteries, installation, and other essential components.

5kW Solar System Price

An average 5kW solar system produces 20 to 25 units daily, suitable for larger homes, 2-3 storey buildings, restaurants, and schools. It powers both heavy equipment such as air conditioners and water pumps, and everyday appliances like fans, lights, and laptops.

Details and Components of 5kW Solar System

Hybrid solar systems, like the 5kW setup, combine the strengths of both on-grid and off-grid solutions. They connect to the city’s electrical grid and also incorporate batteries. This design not only harnesses net metering from the grid but also uses the storage capacity of batteries. Thus, even during power outages, a continuous supply of electricity is ensured.

Any excess solar energy is stored in the batteries, and if the batteries are fully charged, this surplus is sent back to the grid. This efficient energy management can lead to significant savings, potentially paying for the system in just 6-8 years. However, costs can vary based on the brand and specific features.

When considering the cost of a solar system, it’s important to remember the inverter, batteries, panel stand, wiring, MC4 connector, earthing kits, and other miscellaneous things. The system includes the following components:

  • 5kW solar panels: A total of ten 550W solar panels.
  • 5kW solar system battery: A 48V Lithium version battery.
  • 5kW solar system inverter: A 48V MPPT Solar Inverter.
  • 5kW solar system installation kits: The installation kit includes a panel stand and DC wiring.

5kW Solar System Cost Breakdown

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The detailed 5kW solar system price breakdown is as follows:

5kW Hybrid ModelCost (in Rs.)
5kW Solar Panels Approx. 2,50,000
5kW Solar System BatteryApprox. 1,50,000
5kW MPPT Solar InverterApprox. 95,000
5kW Solar System Installation KitsApprox. 75,000
5kW Net MeteringApprox. 30,000
Supplementary Installation AccessoriesApprox. 40,000
Total CostApprox. 6,40,000

If you’re a homeowner considering the installation of solar panels, the 5kW solar system with battery price typically ranges between Rs 4, 50,000 and Rs 6, 50,000 before incentives or subsidies. The number of solar panels required for a 5kW system can vary based on the efficiency of the PV modules you choose, leading to potential price fluctuations. It’s essential to research available incentives and rebates and ensure you meet the eligibility requirements.

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5kW Solar System Cost California

In California, the average cost of a solar panel is around $2.97 per watt. A 5kW solar system cost typically ranges between $12,622 and $17,078. However, when the 30% federal investment tax credit (ITC) and other municipal incentives are considered, the total cost can be greatly reduced. The actual pricing varies by region due to various regional incentives, with the average price of a 5kW system ranging from $8,880 to $11,840. Moreover, the total amount for a 5kW solar system with battery price can also be influenced by choices in solar panels, charge controllers, and inverters.

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Note: Keep in mind that the cost of installing a solar system might vary depending on factors such as location, components selected, labor expenses, and any other particular demands. Before making a purchase, speak with a local dealer to acquire more information about the system’s suitability for your needs and any available discounts or incentives.

5kW solar system price varies depending on the model and brand. It offers both economic and environmental advantages. For a successful rooftop installation, it’s essential to hire a professional solar installer for guidance.

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