Autonomous driving in the urban environment is rapidly growing and taking a major role in developed cities or nations. Autonomous driving is also a way out for drivers as due to this feature drivers are not only required to concentrate on their driving rather they can also concentrate on other things. This makes the long journey more comfortable and enjoyable.

What is Autonomous Driving?

Autonomous driving can be described as the ability or feature of the vehicle to work or drive partially or fully on its own without the help of humans.

What are Autonomous Driving Approaches?

The main approach for autonomous driving is that they have or will reduce the accidents to maximum level as drivers can take rest and if they get distracted then also car can manage itself and avoid the accidents, thus contributing to safe and happy driving.

What are Autonomous Driving Lessons?

There are special lessons for autonomous driving in which there is a deep understanding of the engineering or technologies used in self-driving vehicles. In this specialization, you will communicate and learn real data used in autonomous cars. After completing this course individuals are ready to develop their own software. Every course has a different time duration and different projects.

What are Autonomous Driving Challenges?

Autonomous driving will face many different types of challenges, and they are along these lines:

  1. Traffic: If autonomous cars become easily available then almost every individual will own it leading to more traffic and reducing the use of public transport.
  2. Revenue: Traffic contributes to maximum amount of revenue as fine and autonomous car are not in your control, so it will read the red light properly and will never exceed the limit thus no traffic rules will break, and no fine will be collected.
  3. Social Justice: autonomous vehicles can provide many benefits to the wealthy people of society and introduce more problems and burden to the lower class of the society.

Autonomous driving in urban areas is developing very rapidly as it has challenged the new technologies and provided many benefits. This has enabled robots to function in the human environment and become an important and necessary part of their lives.

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