Autonomous Vehicle Revolution


Autonomous vehicles are commonly called self–driving cars, or driverless cars. These are vehicles that can run without the requirement of any human control and can sense the environment. It is a combination of complex and powerful algorithms that consists of machine learning systems, sensors, and actuators to reach the destinations without any human operation.

The first automobile was built by Karl Benz in Mannheim, Germany, in the year 1885 known as Benz Patent-Motorwagen. It used gasoline as engine fuel. After many years, the autonomous vehicle revolution took place and Ford said that they will launch autonomous cars by 2021.

What is Autonomous Vehicle Development?

The development of autonomous vehicles relies on the convergence of AI intelligence and deep learning. Autonomous vehicles require cameras, sensors, radars, etc that could path their own way and this has developed over many years. Companies developed AV systems that could train their autonomous vehicles with a vast number of fed data.

What are the Benefits of Autonomous Vehicles?

The main advantage of autonomous vehicles is that drivers do not need to stress to reach their destination as they can take their naps and leave their vehicles to run on their own. It also reduces the risk of accidents as it could sense its environment on its own. Driverless cars do not require special spaces to park the cars and also take less time to park.

What is the Goal of Autonomous Vehicles?

The goal of autonomous vehicles is to lower the cost of mobility as there would be no requirement to own a car. It also leads to environmental benefits as it takes a great step toward lowering pollution. Sharing cars or vehicles is cheaper than hiring a vehicle or driver. It also manages traffic flow and reduced congestion. They also aim at reducing the use of fossil fuels and focusing on electric automobiles.

Which Country is leading in Autonomous Vehicles?

Singapore is leading in autonomous vehicles with an index score of 25.45. Autonomous vehicles are robots and take the jobs of many drivers which is leading to many protests, but the autonomous vehicle revolution has proven to be beneficial in many ways.

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