There are multiple ways you can connect solar panels to the system. Typically, a 24V PV panel can be paired with a 12V battery device. But, can you adjust their output voltage to suit different needs? Yes, you can, and in this guide, we will learn how to convert a 24V solar panel to a 12V battery using a voltage regulator or a buck converter.

How to Convert a 24V Solar Panel to 12V Battery

The 24V to 12V converter or regulator is the key component that will limit or control the amount of energy that flows from the solar panel. You can do the conversion in the following ways:

A. Converting 24V PV Panel to 12V Battery Using Buck Converter

Let’s take a look at its features:

  • It is a device that reduces the voltage of a direct current (DC) input to a lower level.
  • It can be installed between the solar panel and the 12V battery, and it will regulate the energy flow from the panel to the battery, preventing overcharging and damage.
  • This converter can be found with different ratings, and a 30 amp one is suitable for this scenario.

To do this conversion, you will need some materials and tools, such as

  • A 24V solar panel, a 12V battery/device
  • A Buck converter (also known as a step-down converter) can handle the input and output voltage and current of your system. For example, a 30A 24V to 12V Buck converter.
  • Screwdriver, wires, connectors, fuses, and multimeter.

These are the steps for the conversion process:

Step 1: Connect the positive and negative terminals of the panel to the corresponding terminals of the Buck converter. Make sure the wires are of appropriate gauge and length, and use fuses to protect the circuit from overcurrent.

Step 2: Connect the positive and negative output terminals of the Buck converter to the positive and negative probes of the multimeter, respectively. Switch on the multimeter and set it to DC voltage.

Step 3: You should see the output voltage displayed on the multimeter. It should be close to 12V, depending on the settings of the converter. You can adjust the output voltage by turning the potentiometer on the Buck converter until you get the desired value.

Step 4: You can now disconnect the multimeter and use the 12V output to power your 12V devices or appliances. You can also connect an inverter to the output to convert the 12V DC to 120V AC if you need to run AC loads.

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B. Converting 24V PV panel to 12V Using Charge Controller

Let’s take a look at its features:

  • It can protect the battery from overcharging, over-discharging, reverse polarity, and short circuits.
  • There are different types of controllers, such as PWM or MPPT, and different features, such as LCDs, USB ports, or temperature sensors.

Materials needed for the conversion- A 24V to 12V 20A PWM controller or an MPPT controller.

Here are the steps involved:

Step 1: Similarly connect the positive and negative terminals of the solar panel to the corresponding terminals of the controller.

Step 2: Connect the positive output and negative output terminals of the controller to the corresponding terminals of the battery.

Step 3: If you are using a PWM controller, you are done. The controller will regulate the voltage and current from the solar panel to the battery by switching on and off rapidly.

Step 4: If you are using an MPPT controller, you will need to adjust the settings of the controller to match the battery voltage and type. The controller will track the maximum power point of the solar panel and convert the excess voltage into more current.

Step 5: Measure the output voltage and current with a multimeter as before.

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Are 12V and 24V Solar Panels the Same?

connect 24v solar panel to 12v battery

No, they differ in their construction and performance. 24V solar panels have higher efficiency and cost, ideal for large-scale applications. On the other hand, 12V solar panels are suitable for small-scale applications.

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Can You Directly Connect a 24V Solar Panel to 12V Battery?

Yes, you can directly connect a 24V solar panel to a 12V battery, but not recommended. Doing so without a proper voltage regulator can damage the battery and cause safety hazards.

There are different types of voltage regulators available as mentioned above. You can also use 2 12V batteries in series. However, this option requires more wiring, space, and cost than using a single 24V battery.

The best practice is to use a solar panel and a battery with the same voltage rating. This will ensure optimal performance, compatibility, and simplicity of the solar system.

Now, we have learned how to convert a 24V solar panel to a 12V device. You can charge a battery with a higher voltage panel, but you will need a proper voltage regulator. It can help you avoid problems like overcharging, overheating, and any potential damages. To learn more such tips-related content, keep exploring our website.

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