How to Reset Citizen Eco Drive


With being the first light-powered watch in the world to hold its might up till now, Citizen Eco-Drive is a mark of perfection in itself. But sometimes when it acts funny you need to reset it. However, using it as per the instructions mentioned in the article will make it work better.

Resetting the timepieces was easier when the watches were simple. Nowadays, watches, or rather I should say smartwatches are just as equipped as smartphones. But with more features, things become more complex for some of us. And while you are struggling to understand one thing about the watch some other thing becomes a matter of concern to you. Well, if you are facing some issues and looking for how to reset Citizen eco drive you are at the right place. Along with that, you will get to know about the Instruction manual Citizen Watch Global Network.

How to Reset Citizen Eco Drive?

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Understanding the mechanism of the watch is not a complex process. Resetting an Android watch may seem easier today in comparison to an analog quartz watch. Before you learn to reset it is necessary to understand the watch and Citizen Eco-Drive how to use it.

By the way, resetting the Citizen Eco Drive is not difficult and only needs the proper handling of its crown. However, this may change as per the model and parts of the watch that you own.

1. Ideal Source of Power

With the creation of the first light-powered watch in the world in 1976, Citizen named the series Eco-Drive. The name was based on the eco-friendly origin of the watches.

The name suits the series because the mechanism does not only convert sunlight into power. Every possible type of light is converted into energy for powering the watch.

It has a solar cell that stores excess power. The stored energy can run the watch for months even in darkness. It would not require regular replacement of the battery.

2. Certification

Eco-Drive was awarded a Gold Prize at the Eco Mark Awards at the Japan Environmental Association in 2014. Citizen Eco-Drive became the first watch to win such an award. Eco Mark Certification is a label managed by the Japan Environmental Association that recognizes the contribution towards environmental sustainability.

3. Features of Eco-Drive

This watch series comes with lots of features as mentioned below.

4. Battery Replacement

Quartz watches were known to have their batteries exchanged after regular intervals, but this conventional thinking was changed with the Eco-Drive watches. With an in-built solar cell, the watch converts light energy into mechanical energy and uses it to power the watch. With this, the need to replace batteries came to an end.

5. Runs in Dim Light

The Eco-Drive watches are capable of absorbing and storing light from every possible source. Your watch will charge itself even from the desk lights and indoor fluorescent lights. Once you learn how to reset Citizen Eco Drive, this gives you the confidence to relax knowing that your watch will continue to work. However, it is recommended to charge your watch for about 5-6 hours in sunlight per month.

6. Runs for months in darkness

Once fully charged, Eco-Drive watches work for about 6 months in darkness. Yes, you heard it right. There are some models whose charging lasts for less than 6 months. The brand claims that some models with power-saving functions may last for up to 7 years.

7. Working

The watches work on light power technology by using standard solar and ring solar cells. The use of different types of solar cells increases the range of designs you are offered by the brand.

  • Standard solar cell: It is the most common solar cell used in the watch that sits below the dial. Many advanced-function models use standard solar cells because of their excellent power generation.
  • Ring solar: This cell is placed above the dial and encircles it. A ring solar cell reduces the requirement of a translucent dial. This increases the possibility of greater latitude in dial design.

8. Reduces Energy Consumption

With redesigned circuits and programming of the integrated circuit (IC). Along with an optimized motor with numerous subtle tweaks, the Eco-Drive watches offer you better energy performance. With all these changes the amount of energy consumption has been reduced. With the following functions and features it improves the performance of the watch.

  • Power saver function: This function stops the hands of the watch when it is not exposed to light for longer periods. This feature allows the Eco-Drive watches to run for longer periods. Once the watch detects light, the hands are brought to motion for display time.
  • Warning for Insufficient Charge: in the process of learning how to reset Citizen Eco Drive, never neglect warning instructions. Under this function, the second-hand moves after every 2 seconds instead of each second interval. This indicates that the watch is low on charge. This may indicate a citizen eco drive reset second-hand watch is required.
  • Light-Level Indicator: This indicator detects the intensity of light that hits the dial. Then the current level of power generation in the watch is displayed. This feature enables you to know the amount of power your watch generates at a moment. Citizen became the first watch company to build a light-level indicator in quartz analog watches.

9. Eco-Drive Range

  • 1998: First analog-quartz light-powered diver’s watch in the world
  • 2012: An analog quartz light-powered watch that absorbs light from its side
  • 2012: The launch of the first Bluetooth light-powered analog quartz watches in the world.
  • 2016: Launch of radio-controlled thinnest light-powered analog quartz watch that featured world time function
  • 2016: The launch of the thinnest light-powered analog quartz watches in the world

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Citizen Eco-Drive How to Use?

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The simplest mechanism is used in Eco-Drive watches along with the most advanced storage and power-generating system. Citizen Eco-Drive how to reset may not be required if you use it as per the instructions. It is advised to use the watch as per the instruction manual. Here are the steps to use the Eco-Drive watch.

1. Expose the Watch Dial to Daylight

The rechargeable cell of the watch stores electrical energy, and you have to expose its dial periodically to daylight. It will charge itself from any light, but daylight is the best one. Once the cell is completely charged, it will easily work for approximately 9 months with power saving mode in action. You are no longer to expose it to direct light after that (until it needs to be recharged).

2. Guide to Time-Limit for Charging

As you learn how to reset Citizen Eco Drive, remember 10 minutes per day of exposure to direct sunlight is enough to keep the battery charged. You need 4 hours minimum if you are charging it with indoor lights. This can be easily attained in your daily routine life. Suppose your watch is not exposed regularly to sunlight due to weather conditions, or otherwise it may stop working due to insufficient charging.

To avoid any such situation, make sure your watch is exposed for 5-6 hours to direct sunlight at least once a month.

3. Charging Requirements for the Basic Models of Eco-Drive Watches are as Follows:

  • Outdoors (100, 000 illuminance/lux): 2 minutes per day sufficient to use for the day. This way the watch will be fully charged in 11 hours.
  • Outdoors Cloudy day (10,000 illuminance/lux): Exposing the watch to sunlight on such days will take up to 40 hours to charge it full. Otherwise, with 12 minutes of exposure, you can use it for the day.
  • Indoors (3,000 illuminance/lux): Charge the watch with a 30W fluorescent bulb at a distance of about 8 inches. Within 40 minutes it will be sufficiently charged to use it for the day. 130 hours are required to fully charge it.

4. Ensure Optimal Operation of the Watch

The first thing first in Citizen Eco-Drive how to use is that always keep your watch in a bright location. It will reduce the use-up of stored power in the cell.

If you take off your watch, place it carefully in such a place as a window, with its dial facing the roof. The dial should receive sunlight from a window.

If you are wearing long sleeves, it may hinder sunlight from reaching the face of the watch. This may result in insufficient charge supplied to the watch. You do not have to wear small sleeves, but make sure the exposure of your watch to direct sunlight is approximately 5-6 hours.

5. Precautions for Charging

Placing the watch on the dashboard to charge it may damage the delicate interiors of the watch. Dashboards heat up quickly and a temperature above 60° Celsius (140° Fahrenheit) is considered harmful to the watch.

Also, charging the watch directly and closely under indoor lights should be avoided to prevent any damage to the watch.

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Citizen Eco-Drive How to Reset?

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Your watch, whether male or female watch model may need a factory reset if it was inactive for a couple of days. Follow the steps mentioned below on how to reset Citizen Eco Drive.

  • Bring out the crown first (the rotating screw on the side of the watch)
  • Screw it to set the time
  • Leave the crown in that position for the next 30 seconds
  • Now, keep turning the crown to get to the desired date.
  • Scroll the crown (clockwise or anti-clockwise) to set the date.
  • Once done, push back the crown to its initial position.

Note: The resetting system may vary from model to model. Although it is mostly the same in most cases.

After this, let’s learn about citizen eco drive reset second hand watch.

Citizen Eco Drive Reset Second Hand Watch

The second-hand of the watch starts to leap 1 second to indicate that your watch is running low on charge. It also indicates that the reserve power of the watch is also low. It may also happen once the energy cell gets completely discharged, and you recharge it again. A reset is required in all such situations. To reset the watch, pull out the crown to the time settings position for 30 settings. Return the crown to its closed position and then again set the time.

For the:

1. Basic 2 or 3-hand models without date or special functions: Pull out the crown till it clicks once. Leave it like this for 30 seconds, then push back the crown. Reset time normally.

2. Citizen Eco Drive reset second-hand watch in 2 or 3 hands models with day/date function (no perpetual calendar or special features): Pull out the crown until it clicks twice. Leave it for 30 seconds. Push back and set the time-date-day normally.

3. Multi-functional models (with perpetual calendar, chronograph, dive, satellite models, world time, and Skyhawk): Their resetting procedures are complex and thus, mentioned in the instruction manuals.

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Instruction Manual CITIZEN WATCH Global Network

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The instruction manual for Citizen Watch Global Network incorporates information regarding the working and parts of the watch. It also contains a timeline displaying the models from the beginning and how they changed over the years.

The instruction manual begins with an illustration of the dial and parts numbered from 1 to 11 and A-B. I will mention the name of the parts as labeled in the manual. Before you begin to read the instruction manual, you need to keep the diagram in front. The manual also contains information about Citizen Eco-Drive how to reset.

Note: The design may differ in the instruction manual based on the model you are using. However, settings mostly remain the same.

1-Hour Hand

2-24-hour hand

3-Alarm ON/OFF

4-Seconds hand

5-Mode hand

6-Button (B)


8-Crown (at normal position)

9-Minutes hand

10-Button (A)

11-Function Hand

1. Model Indication

The next figure on the page tells you about the Caliber number of the watch which you can find engraved at the back of your watch. In some models, it is in the central part while in other models the caliber number is engraved on the rim.

2. Notes on Using Eco-Drive Watch

  • Warning: handle the rechargeable cell
  • Do not remove the rechargeable cell yourself.
  • Keep the removed rechargeable cell out of the reach of children to avoid accidental ingestion. In case someone ingests the cell, seek medical help instantly.

Caution: Charging Precautions

  • Avoid charging the watch at a high temperature of about 60° Celsius (140° Fahrenheit) or more.
  • Exteriors may get discolored due to overheating during the charging. This may also result in deformation and damage to the movement, watch, and other important components of the watch.
  • Take a look at the example of such situations before you put how to reset Citizen Eco-Drive information into action.
  • To charge the watch you place it way too close to light sources like incandescent light or halogen bulbs. The heat is enough to melt certain interior components of the watch.
  • Charging the watches on such surfaces whose temperature rises easily, like car dashboards.

3. Specification

  • Cal. Number: It mentions the model number.
  • Type: It mentions the movement and power of the watch.
  • Time accuracy: Defines the time period for which there will be a deviation on an average monthly basis.
  • Acceptable Temperature Range: It mentions the operational temperature range for the model of the watch. For example, the operational temperature range of the watch is -10° Celsius to +60° Celsius (14° Fahrenheit to 140° Fahrenheit).

4. Display Functions

  • Alarm: 24-hour system
  • Calendar: Perpetual calendar, second hand-based monthly display, Date display, Function hand-based year display (number of years elapsed since leap year)
  • Chronograph: 60 minutes in units of 1/20 second
  • Local Time: Time difference correction in 1-hour units
  • Time: 24-hour (hour-minute-second)

5. Additional Function

  • Insufficient charge warning
  • Power-saving function
  • Prevention function for overcharging
  • Time setting warning
  • Duration of Continuous Operation
  • Time (until the power saving function is activated, and the hands are stopped)
  • Number of months for which the model will work while it is in power-saving mode
  • Time until the watch stops as the insufficient charge warning function is activated.

6. Battery

Number and type of cell in the watch, for example, 1-piece rechargeable cell.

Well, learning how to reset Citizen Eco Drive is useful in the precautionary handling of the watch. However, it is not recommended to perform a reset yourself for watches with advanced functions. You can download the Instruction manual CITIZEN WATCH Global Network by visiting the official website and following the instructions for the model of your watch. Because every model may or may not have the same features and functions.

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