As the seasons shift, various household appliances take on new roles, in maintaining our comfort. One of them is the split air conditioning (AC) system. Learn how to transition your cooling buddy to a source of warmth that will make you feel comfortable all the time. In this blog, we will learn the different AC modes and how we can use split AC in winter effectively.

How to Use Split AC in Winter

You can use split AC in winter by first setting the temperature right and keeping the house warm by ensuring heavy curtains block heat and undergoing regular AC maintenance once. Split AC systems have a reverse cycle that automatically detects the temperature and works efficiently. They are also adaptable and environment-friendly.

The AC can be used as a heater using the reversing valve. It is more efficient to use AC than to use a furnace to heat. Most ACs have a built-in heater and can adapt to the environment. The valve is flipped, and the flow of refrigerant through the system changes direction. The hot condenser coils now become the cold evaporator coils, and vice versa. Instead of expelling the hot air outside, it is the cold air that gets expelled while the warm air comes back into the room. In this way, you can use split AC in winter. You can also use ceiling fans to save energy in winter.

Can a Split System Operate During Winter and Summer Both?

Yes, a split system can operate both in summer and winter. AC maintains a comfortable temperature inside the house. The system heats and cools the room according to your temperature preference in both seasons. Make sure that your outside compressor is located in a shaded area so that it does not get direct sunlight. In this way, you can use split ac in winter as well as split ac summer mode.

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How to Best Use Your Split System this Winter

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Let us now get some tips to use it efficiently: 

  • Make sure to insulate your home: Insulating your home creates a barrier against external temperature fluctuations. This leads to energy saving and increased comfort.
  • Clean the air filters in your AC: Clean filters allow for proper airflow and heat exchange.
  • Service your AC: Servicing your AC regularly will maximize its quality output and it will work nicely for a long time.
  • Shut doors & windows that are not being used: By closing leaked passages you make sure that your system runs effectively and the workload on your system is optimized due to no leakage.

In this way, you can maximize the efficiency of using a split system this winter.

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Which Mode is Best for AC in Winter?

Well, the heat mode is the best for winter as it keeps you warm. So, in this way, by setting the temperature right, you can use split ac in winter to keep you comfy. The optimal temperature is 17 – 20°C and it is recommended to set it in that range as it also impacts your utility bills.

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To sum up, we can use split AC in winter to maintain indoor comfort. However, it offers different modes like split AC winter and summer modes, allowing personalized temperature control based on your preferences.


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