The Ola S1 Air scooter is making eco-friendly travel exciting, saving you money and making the commute easier. Now, the big question is: When it was officially released? Alongside this Ola S1 Air launch date, we’ll also explore its top speed, on-road cost, range, and the various operating modes it provides.

Ola S1 Air Launch Date

Ola’s electric scooters are known for their speed, range, and specs, and the S1 Air is no exception. This model is a great value for money as it offers a range of features at an affordable rate that makes it an attractive option among EV enthusiasts.

The purchase window of the Ola S1 Air officially opened last week of July and since then, it’s available for sale on the Ola website.

Learning about this electric scooter will be beneficial to you if you are interested in navigating city life in an eco-friendly manner. If you are interested in purchasing it, then you can find your estimated delivery date at the time of purchase on the Ola App. Now, let’s go through the Ola S1 Air on road price, speed, and list of specifications.

Ola S1 Air On Road Price

Before making the final purchase it is crucial to inquire about the road price of the vehicle. It is available for sale at a price of 1,19,999 and is also available on EMI. 

Note: The price mentioned above is for the ex-showroom. It might vary with time and location. To inquire about other configurations, please contact 

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Ola S1 Air Top Speed

The Ola S1 Air top speed is around 90 km/h. Before you kick into that gear to travel places, the top speed is important to know as it can help you get an idea of how far it can go in an hour.

Key Specs Ola S1 Air

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The key specs of Ola S1 Air showcase features like:

1. Cruise control allows e-bike drivers to maintain a uniform speed without having to adjust the pedal assist or throttle. 

2. Digital key is basically a means of locking and unlocking the bike using a digital device or a smart mobile. 

3. The model has advanced connectivity features with a touchscreen display. Also comes with GPS connectivity, navigation, and music features.

4. OTA updates remotely updates the software of electric bikes, through the internet.

5. The remote boot unlock system helps e-bike drivers to lock and unlock their bikes using a smartphone app.

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Below are the tables for the technical and physical features of Ola S1 Air.

Power & Performance Parameters

Parameters Values
Battery Capacity 3 kWh
Certified range 151 km
Charger Type, Capacity Portable 750 kW
Home charging time 5 hrs
Motor power (Nominal/Peak) 2.7/ 6kW
Motor Type Hub Motor
Top speed 90 km/h
0-40 km/h in 3.3 to 3.5 sec
0-60 km/h in 3.3 to 5.7 sec
True range (eco mode) 125 km
True range (normal mode) 100 km

Brakes, Wheels, and Suspensions

Parameters Values
Frame Type Tubular
Suspension (Front/Rear) Twin Telescopic/Dual Shock
Brake Type (Front/Rear) Drum/Drum
Braking System Combined Braking System (CBS)
Wheel Type Steel

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Dimensions & Additional Specifications

Parameters Values
Kerb Weight 108 kg
Boot Space 34 L
Overall (Length/Width/Height) 1860 mm/850 mm/1298 mm
Wheelbase 1359 mm
Seat (Height/Length) 805 mm/738 mm
Ground Clearance 160 mm
Instrument Cluster 7 inch /17.78 cm Digital
Headlamps/Tail lamps LED/LED
Screen resolution 800 ×— 480

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Ola S1 Air Colours

The most interesting part about this E-scooter is that you can select your color, as it is available in different shades. You can go glossy or matte with your favorite colors ranging from Stellar Blue, neon, porcelain white, coral glam, liquid silver, and midnight blue.

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Ola S1 Air User Experience

electric scooter

Here are some points to notice as shared by early users.

  • It is considered one of the fastest e-scooters in the industry.
  • The motor of this vehicle is quicker than the S1 Pro though the S1 Air makes a lot of sounds that certain customers may not like.
  • As experienced by a few people, it also has a strange jerk when you open or close the accelerator.
  • It takes a little time to respond when you twist the accelerator and continues to accelerate for about half a second after you close it.
  • In addition, many people faced reduced performance and difficulty in switching modes. 

Before you decide to invest in the Ola S1 Air scooter, remember to consider the factors mentioned above, such as its range, performance, and overall features. This will make it easier for you to choose the right product. For more EV content, continue scrolling through our website.

Source: Ola Electric Scooter Official Page


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