Shaping Tomorrow’s Cities Through Technology

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JAN 23 Shaping Tomorrow’s Cities Through Technology

With the advancement in time and technology, you are nearing an inflection point where new capital structures are emerging, corporate citizens are getting more active, and distributed technology shifts are also accelerating. This is the start of an era where you will see the transformation of imagination to impact. In this era, nations, states, cities, etc everything will undergo technological transformation. This article will help us learn about the ongoing process that is shaping tomorrow’s cities through technology.

What is a Smart City? What are its Characteristics?

If you want to learn about the process of shaping tomorrow’s cities through technology, you first need to grasp the concept of a smart city. A smart city uses ICT (information and communication technology) to share information with the public, improve operational efficiency, and provide a better quality of citizen welfare and government service. Its primary goal is to promote economic growth while also optimizing city functions. Additionally, it also improves the quality of life for citizens by using data analysis and smart technologies. The core value of a smart city is how its technology is being used rather than how much technology is available. A smart city possesses the following characteristics-

  • It has an infrastructure that is built around technology.
  • It has environmental initiatives.
  • It has highly functional as well as effective public transportation.
  • Its city plans are progressive as well as confident.
  • People are able to live and work within it, using its resources.

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What are Some Companies that are Working Towards Shaping Tomorrow’s Cities Through Technology?

These are some companies that are working toward shaping tomorrow’s cities through technology-

1. Brooklyness

It made riding safer by designing the world’s most intelligent bike helmet. This company also works towards increasing environmental awareness as well as visibility.


Shaping Tomorrow’s Cities Through Technology 5

STAE provides municipalities with tools that enable 21st-century taxation, procurement, and compilation.

3. CTY

It builds software as well as sensors that create data analytics and insights from streets.

4. Farmshelf

Shaping Tomorrow’s Cities Through Technology 2

Farmshelf creates smart hydroponic fans designed for urban environments.

5. MindRider

In order to identify geographic pain points and sweet spots, this innovation maps mental experiences.

6. nello

Shaping Tomorrow’s Cities Through Technology 3

nello enables keyless access to buildings. This upgrade solution for intercom systems also connects your home to the service economy.

7. Buzzware

This company is creating a supercharging network designed for commercial drones.


Shaping Tomorrow’s Cities Through Technology 4

SAMOCAT is a very compact and light public transportation sharing system.

9. Industrial/Organic

It processes organic waste faster by applying industrial fermentation techniques. It does this processing with lower odor and emission compared to existing landfill alternatives.

With the help of these initiatives we have explained how technology will help in shaping the cities. These technologies will help in making cities smarter and sustainable. Apart from this, it will help resolve the challenges that cities face.

Micah Kotch is Managing Director at Urban-X by MINI and HAX. Urban-X is a startup accelerator that assists companies with designing and launching products and services that improve life in cities and address the challenges of increasingly dense urban areas.

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