Are you looking for a cooling solution for places that usually have no access to electricity such as sheds or attic rooms? Worry not as solar powered fans can be a viable option. One of their perks is the absence of any extra electricity cost. This guide will start by browsing and reviewing some of the best solar powered ceiling fan models on the market.

Best Solar Powered Ceiling Fan Models

As their name suggests, these fans harness sunlight via PV panels and thereafter the electricity produced powers the fan motor or gets stored in a battery. We have curated a list of some of the best models available.

ModelsMotorSolar PanelBattery
ielecssol10-18V DC40WYes, optional
Solar Universe12V BLDC25WYes
Sunny International24V brushless DC motor60W – 120WYes, optional
Remington Solar32V brushless DC motor40WNo
Swifter Solar48V HVLS200W to 220WNo

1. Sunny International

Sunny International solar fan
Pic Credit: Sunny International

Their items are portable plus light-weight. Sunny International provides items, such as solar components, solar controllers, solar inverters as well as solar-powered ceiling fans with lights.

You can find the specifications and features of their solar fans in the table below:

Fan Size42 inches (1067mm)42 inches (1067mm)60 inches (1524mm)60 inches (1524mm)
Motor18W 24V brushless DC18W 24V brushless DC20W 24V brushless DC20W 24V brushless DC
Solar Panel 60W 24V
monocrystalline solar panel
120W (60W 24V + 60W 30V)60W 24V120W (60W 24V + 60W 30V)
Battery Lithium StorageN/A25.6V*9.6AHN/A25.6V*9.6AH

Here are the warranty periods offered

  • 10-year warranty for the fan
  • 15-year warranty for the solar panel
  • 5-year warranty for the motor
  • 2-year warranty for the battery and adaptor.

The pricing is not provided but feel free to drop your query on their official website.

2. Swifter Fans

Swifter Fans: Best Solar Powered Ceiling Fan
Pic Credit: Swifter Fans

It features powerful and huge-bladed fans, both designed to achieve maximum airflow and energy saving. Swifter Fans manufactures industrial, commercial, agricultural and solar fans in its product range.  

Here are the specifications and features of their solar fans

ModelSH10 SH12 SH14SH16SH16x
Fan Diameter 1012141616
AC Input 110 – 480 V200 – 480V
Solar DC Input 180 – 250 V
MotorHigh-Efficiency Direct Drive Variable Power
Motor InputModulated 6 – 48 Volts
Warranty10 Years on all parts

The pricing is not provided but feel free to drop your query on their official website.

3. ielecssol

ielecssol: solar powered ceiling fan with light
Pic Credit: ielecssol

The company provides inexpensive as well as high quality items that are very easy to mount as well as make use of. ielecssol specializes in items, such as photovoltaic panels, solar inverters, solar batteries along with solar fans.

A few of the functions of its Solar Operated Ceiling Fan are

  • It has an operating voltage of 10-18V DC as well as a power level of 18-20W.
  • It can run straight from a 40W photovoltaic panel.
  • It has the option for a 40W Polycrystalline Solar Panel.
  • It has a 48-inch blade period that can cover a huge location together with ample airflow.
  • It has a 1-year service warranty

The price for this fan is around ₹2,600.00 to ₹5,520.00 which can be exchanged for about $35.00 to $74.50.

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4. Solar Universe

Solar Universe
Pic Credit: Solar Cue

The company offers a large range of solar solutions, such as solar powered water heaters, road lights, pumps and ceiling fans. The products of Solar Universe are long lasting and reliable that are appropriate for both metropolitan and rural areas.

Some of the functions of its Ceiling Solar Fan Set (25 W) are

  • 25W photovoltaic panel that charges the fan in 5-6 hrs
  • 12V BLDC electric motor that can run as much as 10 hrs on a complete charge
  • 12V 2Ah battery
  • Speed regulator that can control the speed and direction of the fan
  • 30 cm size blade

It has a carry-in service warranty of 120 days.


Greenmax Technology: solar powered ceiling fan for gazebo
Pic Credit: Greenmax Technology

The products are environmentally friendly, premium and equipped with the latest technology. GREENMAX TECHNOLOGY has a range of solar items, such as solar lights, solar stoves, PV residence systems as well as ceiling fans.

A few of the functions of its Solar Ceiling Fan are 

  • 35Watts DC electric motor that can run as much as 4 to 16 hrs on a full charge
  • Speed controller that can control the speed and direction of the fan
  • Additional lighting options are available.

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If you are searching for a solar powered ceiling fan for your outside areas, such as your outdoor patio, gazebo or pergola you can consider these options:


Pic Credit: Remington

The company offers a wide range of diverse and quality outdoor products that appeal to those who desire an inventive and trendy lifestyle. REMINGTON SOLAR offers outdoor solar solutions, including solar powered ceiling fans for gazebos, solar pool ionizers, as well as pest towers.

The features are:

  • 40W photovoltaic panel that can charge the fan in 2-3 hrs.
  • 32W brushless DC electric motor
  • It can additionally be worked on Air Conditioner with the optional 110V adaptor
  • 52-inch.
  • Approved for the 30% Federal Tax Solar Rebate

The cost of the REMINGTON SOLAR Outdoor Fan is around $279.00.



It provides top-quality and stylish products, which can help you to establish the best possible outdoor decoration and comfort. MANANASUN is a small start-up developing a range of umbrellas, awnings, shades and fans.

Here are the specifications of the fan:

  • 40W photovoltaic panel that can charge the fan in 2-3 hrs
  • Speed controller that can control the speed and direction of the fan
  • 2-inch blade period that can produce a relaxing as well as peaceful wind

It has a service warranty of 10 years for the photovoltaic panel together with the electric motor

The MANANASUN Outdoor Solar Ceiling Fan is roughly about $325.00.


RDBSMGX: solar powered ceiling fan for gazebo

The company provides mini light-weight solar panels and USB outdoor ceiling fans that are sufficiently efficient to suit small spaces and low power applications. They are simple to hang and can be pretty much pulled into any desired mode of use. They also feature a low noise level.

Below are the specifications of the RDBSMGX fan:

  • Option for 5/6/10W photovoltaic panel that can charge in 4-6 hrs.
  • USB wire that can attach the fan to the photovoltaic panel or various other sources of power.
  • Six 42-centimeter blades can give modest air flow and cooling results.
  • It has a hook that can hang the fan from the ceiling or various other locations.

Its rate varies from about $55.00 to $73.

We hope this guide has provided you with insights into what solar powered ceiling fans are and some options available to purchase. Since they do not only rely on electrical lines it makes them the perfect choice for outdoor activities. Feel free to leave any comments or queries you may have in the section below. Thank you for reading!

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