In the late 19th century, inverters made their appearance in the market and their development continued throughout the mid of 20th century. With the advent of the year 2000, residential solar systems came into the market with the invention of the first solar inverter by scientists in Sandia Laboratories, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Solar inverters are an essential component of solar panel systems, but sometimes you are confused about which brand to prefer. Well, here is the solution to your confusion with the list of top 10 solar inverters in the world. Along with this, you will get to know about the top 10 solar inverter manufacturers in the world. But our list does not end here as it also has the largest solar inverter manufacturers and the best solar inverter brands.

What is a Solar Inverter?

A solar inverter is an essential component of a solar panel system. Power generated by solar panels is direct current (DC) that is received by the inverter which then converts it to alternating current (AC). This is then transferred to household appliances. A solar inverter is necessary because most household appliances operate on alternating current (AC). There are 3 main types of solar inverters.

1. Micro inverters: They are connected to each panel for converting DC to AC on the roof itself. The necessity to install a separate inverter is reduced. Also, if a single panel is damaged or under shade, it will not affect the overall output of the system. Also, it is easier to monitor the performance levels of each panel thus considered best for residential solar setups. Micro-inverters work on new technology and are more expensive than traditional solar inverters.

2. Power optimizers: With many similar benefits like micro inverters at economical prices, power optimizers are also fitted to each panel. They transmit direct current (DC) to a string inverter that then converts it into alternating current (AC). However, it is easier to monitor the performance of each panel through an online portal.

3. String inverters: This oldest form of inverter works on proven technology for decades. Each solar panel is installed on a string and arranged into groups or rows. These multiple strings can be connected to a single inverter; thus, this inverter is known as a string inverter. However, if damage or shade affects the performance of 1 panel, this will affect the whole array.

Top 10 Solar Inverters in the World

You need a solar inverter to avoid voltage fluctuations that may harm your solar panel system and household appliances. Here are the top 10 solar inverters in the world to choose from.

1. Huawei Inverters

Homepage of Huawei pv solutions : Top 10 Solar Inverters in the World #1
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These inverters hold the top spot with a 38% ranking in all project quotations. Huawei SUN-2000 100KTL and 300KTL are their most commonly used inverters coupled with Smartloggers.

  • 4/6/9/10 maximum power point tracking (MPPT) for different layout adaptations
  • 8/12/18/20 strings for intelligent monitoring and fast troubleshooting
  • With a >0.5% failure rate, upgraded safety is offered.
  • AI-powered arc-fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) reduces fire risk proactively.

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2. Energy Hub Inverter

Energy Hub Inverter
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Used for all home applications, this Energy Hub Inverter is an all-in-one solution for all your power needs. Run your appliances or charge your electric vehicle it does all for you along with keeping enough power backup to manage the power supply during power cuts. Also, a modular design gives you enough room for future updates. You can track energy consumption and know the state of your photovoltaic system with the Energy Hub Inverter monitoring system. With this easy-to-install inverter, there is no need to upgrade your solar panel system even if you have connected several other inverters or generators.

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3. Enphase Micro-Inverter

Enphase Micro-Inverter
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With micro inverters becoming the demand of the increasing photovoltaic market it is also noticed that some users prefer them as a better alternative to string inverters. Enphase Micro Inverter from Enphase is one of the top market leaders in micro inverters. You can monitor each panel separately with an improved monitoring system that also sends you a warning in case there is a problem with your photovoltaic system.

It is compatible with 60-cell and 72-cell solar panels, giving you a chance to have both in your solar panel system. It has a rapid shutdown feature and is known to operate in adverse conditions too. You do not have to worry though because the company gives you a 25-year warranty coverage.

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4. Giandel 2000w Power Inverter

Giandel 2000w Power Inverter
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Giandel budget-friendly solar inverter among the top 10 solar inverters comes with a battery charger with a cable. With a backup generator, you can easily use this solar inverter in freezing weather too along with extremely high temperatures. An inbuilt automatic fan starts functioning when an inverter is exposed to extreme heat. Considering its price, it has a minimal warranty of about 12 months but still performs well and is efficient enough to power your household devices.

5. H7 Hybrid Inverter

H7 Hybrid Inverter
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This 7.6 kW hybrid solar inverter is manufactured by Darfon America and is mostly used for outdoor purposes. The H7 Hybrid Inverter is a single-phase solar inverter and comes with a wireless system with which you can control the system from your house without going outside. However, this being installed outdoors makes it easily accessible by technicians, and you also have an upper hand because, with its monitoring system, you can easily monitor its functionality.

6. Luminous Solar Hybrid 1100/12v

Luminous India solar inverter page : Top 10 Solar Inverters in the World #6
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This solar inverter is from India-based Luminous Power Technologies and is designed for residential solar setups. With an AC power of 700VA and 12V, it operates at a voltage of about 300V. It is durable and eco-friendly and place friendly due to which it scored a position in this list. The Luminous Solar Hybrid inverter produces 850 volts and amps for alternating and direct current. This much power is sufficient for residential use.

This inverter does not have inbuilt batteries, so you should go for tubular batteries for easy and efficient operations. But you get a 2-year warranty on this solar inverter.

7. SolarEdge HD-Wave Inverter

Solar edge wave technology page : Top 10 Solar Inverters in the World #7
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This solar inverter with power optimization features can measure and enhance the power output of each panel by making necessary adjustments to panels, as and when required. Solar Edge HD Wave inverter makes it into the list because of its notable features. It also has a rapid shutdown feature and a monitoring system. With these, you do not have to worry about safety because in case of emergencies, the inverter shuts down and with the monitoring system, you get warnings if there are any issues with your panels. However, to keep it functioning properly you need power optimizers.

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8. Sunny Boy SMA Inverter

SMA sunny boy inverter page : Top 10 Solar Inverters in the World #8
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Here is another from the list of top 10 solar inverters. SMA solar energy produces this solar inverter that comes with a Shade Fix optimization and is suitable for residential use. Due to its high-power generation and rapid shutdown features, this solar inverter is considered to be one of the best solar inverters in the world. You can quickly turn off the inverter in case of emergencies with its rapid shutdown feature. Considering such an essential feature, no doubt because Sunny Boy solar inverter is considered the most reliable one too.

With a lifespan of around 12 years, that means you need to replace it just once in the entire lifetime of your photovoltaic system. This inverter is not just heavy in terms of weight, but also its warranty time period, that 10 years.

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9. SW Hybrid Inverter

SW Hybrid solar inverter : Top 10 Solar Inverters in the World #9
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A France-based Schneider Electric company manufactures SW Hybrid solar inverter that works off-grid and is ideal for small businesses and residential uses. This solar inverter is self-sufficient, and a transformer connection is not required. But with extra-large off-grid applications, a generator to support extreme capacity levels might be required.

Also, it is easy and flexible to install, and you can easily manage the inverter with Insight Energy Management System to monitor and troubleshoot along with upgrading the firmware.

10. The Fronius Symo Advanced

Fronius homepage : Top 10 Solar Inverters in the World #10
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This is a hybrid 3-phase solar inverter with very high voltage, thus mostly used for industrial and commercial purposes. Fronius advanced solar inverter is one of the bestsellers despite being costly because it is worthy if measured in terms of its efficiency and performance quality. Also, it will last up to 20 years, so it is surely a good investment. Not only this, but it also has Wi-Fi connectivity along with a free monitoring platform. This allows you to keep a track of your consumption and remaining energy to use. In this way, you can schedule the next charging time slot before your inverter runs out of power. With this, our list of the top 10 solar inverters in the world comes to an end, but there is more ahead. After this, let’s learn about the largest solar inverter manufacturers in the world.

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5 Largest Solar Inverter Manufacturers

JAN 23 Top 10 Solar Inverter Manufacturers in the World

With more and more economies and individuals shifting towards solar energy solutions to meet their energy requirements, new companies and manufacturers are rising. But the top 5 companies ruling the solar market that are known for their other products along with solar inverters are Huawei, Sungrow, Power Electronics, Growatt, and SMA.

1. Huawei

Huawei is among the top solar inverter manufacturer companies in the world and also the leading provider of information and communication (ICT) infrastructure and smart terminals. At present, its business is spread over more than 170 countries and regions with 195, 000 employees that serve more than 3 billion people.

2. Sungrow Power Supply

Sungrow Power Supply is also a top PV inverter company in the world and by 2021 its cumulative inverter shipments have reached 182 GW. The company is focused on the concept of new energy + energy storage and considers it an important way of future energy supply.

3. Power Electronics

Power Electronics is a Spanish leader in this field with over 20 years of experience. The company is working by relying on existing and future-oriented strategic plans to become a leader in the electronic market.

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4. Growatt

Growatt is a new name in the field with 12 years in the business. The company is focused on R&D and has more than 80 authorized patents. With more focus and investment in R&D, Growatt is able to launch new and better technologies.

5. SMA

SMA is the leading provider of solar system solutions and services. The company is always committed to setting industry standards for renewable energy supply and as of now the company has more than 110GW installed inverter capacity. Its products are successfully in use in 190 countries around the world.

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Top 10 Solar Inverter Manufacturers in the World

Well after learning about the top 10 solar inverters, here is the list of the top 10 solar inverter manufacturers in the world. Even though the big five manufacturers of solar inverters in the world are Huawei, Sungrow, Power Electronics, Growatt, and SMA, there are other companies on the rise too.

1. FIMER S.p.A – Monza, Lombardia in Italy

JAN 23 top 10 solar inverters
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The company was founded in 1942 and is a leading inverter manufacturer in the world and specializes in micro-grid solutions, central inverters, string inverters, turnkey solutions, and other PV solutions for commercial, industrial, utility-scale, and residential applications. ABB solar inverter was also acquired by FIMER.

Utility application inverters offer maximized total efficiency and attractive return on investment (ROI) with plug-and-play stations. Central inverters designed for large-scale operations are highly reliable and efficient. Three-phase inverters for residential applications help you to monitor and control energy production along with consumption.

2. Ginlong (Ginlong Technologies) – Ningbo, Zhejiang in China

JAN 23 top 10 solar inverters
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Ginlong Solis was founded in 2005 and manufactures cost-effective solar inverter solutions for utility-scale, commercial, and residential users. Under the brand Solis, solar inverters and maintains a global supply chain with world-class manufacturing and Research and Development facilities. Single phase inverter with inbuilt MLRSD transmitter ensures personal safety with regulatory compliance. Utility-scale inverters with high-precision intelligent monitoring reduce fault location time. Its fuse-free design ensures the safety and zero maintenance, but one notable feature is AFCI protection and high-power tracking density.

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3. Growatt New Energy – Shenzhen, Guangdong in China

JAN 23 Growatt New Energy – Shenzhen, Guangdong in China
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It was established in 2011 and is now a leading inverter brand with 3.8+ million inverters shipped worldwide and system installation in 150+ countries. Growatt New Energy solutions consist of EV chargers, energy storage systems, smart energy management solutions, and PV inverters. The company is a top-ranked supplier of commercial and residential inverters.

4. Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. – Shenzhen, Guangdong in China

JAN 23 Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. – Shenzhen, Guangdong in China
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This globally recognized Chinese manufacturer of solar inverters was founded in 1987 and it provides FusionSolar smart PV solutions for residential, commercial, and utility applications. Huawei FusionSolar is a versatile range of string inverters offering the following significant features.

5. Power Electronics S.L. – Valencia, Communidad Valenciana in Spain

JAN 23 top 10 solar inverters
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Another name in the top 10 solar inverters manufacturer list is a Spanish multinational company and a leading supplier of utility-scale plant installation in Oceania, America, and Europe. Power Electronics or PE was established in 1987 and specializes in designing, manufacturing, and testing energy storage, industrial automation, and power electronic devices. Some notable features of their inverters are:

  • 3-level IGBT topology increases inverter efficiency, minimizes total harmonic distortion, and reduces storage losses.
  • Active heating is a small amount of power is drawn by the inverter to maintain the internal ambient temperature above -20° Celsius without using external resistors.
  • Advanced grid support as synthetic inertia and fast frequency response also the system can operate on any power system
  • Bus plus feature allows connection of up to 4 Freemaq DC/DC converters along with providing cost-effectiveness of solar plus storage.
  • Easy maintenance with a fast and reliable plug-and-play assembly system including up to 4 field replaceable units (FRU). Also, easy to maintain with the combined advantages of central inverters with the modularity of string inverters.
  • Higher production with PPC Pro and uninterrupted power supply to the entire plant by EMC further provide reduced electricity costs due to higher efficiency
  • ICOOL 3 is a proprietary air ventilation system providing a consistent flow of clean air within the equipment, reducing the need for liquid cooling.

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6. Sineng Electric Co. Ltd-Jiangsu, China

JAN 23 Sineng Electric Co. Ltd-Jiangsu, China
Image by Sineng Electric

The company was established in 2012 and provides a wide range of solar inverters, power quality control systems, and energy storage systems. Sineng Electric specializes in renewable energy products and power electronics with an advanced PV inverter Engineering Technology Research Center. String inverters, central inverters, central distributed inverters, and Sinenergy PV station O&M platform are PV inverter products in their portfolio.

7. SMA Solar Technology AG- Niestetal, Northern Hesse in Germany

JAN 23 SMA Solar Technology AG- Niestetal, Northern Hesse in Germany
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SMA was founded in 1981 and is a leading German solar equipment supplier and a well-known name in solar PV system technology. A wide range of customizable inverters is available to suit different requirements for residential areas or large-scale commercial plants. Some of the primary advantages of SMA inverters are their higher yields, improved safety, greater flexibility, and reduced costs. SMA Smart Converter is a free-of-charge service offering automatic inverter monitoring, user notification, automatic replacement process, and automatic fault analysis.

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8. SolarEdge Technologies, Inc-Herzliya, Tel Aviv in Israel

JAN 23 top 10 solar inverters
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SolarEdge was founded in 2006. It manufactures PV inverters that are easy to install, reliable, and efficient and also scored its place in the top 10 solar inverters manufacturers. The company manufactures single-phase inverters with HD Wave technology, three-phase inverters, and three-phase inverters with Synergy technology.

9. Sungrow Power Supply Co. Ltd – Hefei, Anhui in China

JAN 23 Sungrow Power Supply Co. Ltd - Hefei, Anhui in China
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Sungrow is a China-based manufacturer founded in 1997. It is considered one of the most bankable inverter brands in the world. Along with a dedicated R&D team, the company also has an in-house testing center approved by Canadian Standards Association (CSA), Technischer Uberwachungsverein (TUV), and Sociשtש Gשnשrale de Surveillance (SGS). String inverters (power range 2.5kW to 250 kW), Central inverters (power range 500 kW to 6.8 MW), and Turnkey solutions (ranging from 1.25 MW to 6.8 MW)

10. Toshiba Mitsubishi-Electric Industrial Systems Corporation-Tokyo, Japan

JAN 23 Toshiba Mitsubishi-Electric Industrial Systems Corporation-Tokyo, Japan
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TMEIC was established in 2003 and was formed as a joint venture between Mitsubishi and Toshiba electric corporations’ industrial system divisions. AC drives, generators, motors, PV inverters, UPS systems, and DC drives are their comprehensive range of products.

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Best Solar Inverter Brands

With years of experience paired with modern technologies, research, and renewable resources, these are the best solar inverter brands.

  • Huawei
  • SMA
  • Sungrow
  • Growatt

Well, today you learned about the top 10 solar inverters in the world. I guess it will be easy to decide which one you should prefer. Also, the companies in the list of top 10 solar inverter manufacturers in the world are supplying inverters to almost all major parts of the world. You can find one of their models in your region too. By the way, your solar inverter is of which manufacturer?

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