Among the leading solar brands, Victron Energy stands out for its two well-known versions of MPPT charge controllers; BlueSolar and SmartSolar. Although both have similar functions, when it comes to choosing between Victron BlueSolar vs SmartSolar charge controllers, it ultimately depends on the specific requirements of your solar power system. Let us dive deeper and learn about Victron BlueSolar vs SmartSolar specs, price range, and warranty to determine which is a better choice.

Victron BlueSolar Vs SmartSolar – Which is Better?

SmartSolar and BlueSolar are models of solar charge controllers manufactured by Victron Energy. BlueSolar series is a basic, affordable solution with an efficient charging mechanism. On the other hand, SmartSolar provides extra features which include more control and monitoring capabilities. Before you get to know about their differences, take a look at their key features:

1. Victron BlueSolar Charge Controller

BlueSolar charge controller is the MPPT charge controller manufactured by Victron Energy. It gathers the sunlight from the solar panel and uses it to charge the batteries attached to the solar system. It is the older model of the charge controller that uses MPPT technology to maintain the balance of the charging and helps in supplying a constant voltage.

They also have a feature of connecting an external dongle to allow Bluetooth connectivity. It would enable the customer to use the Victron connect, maximizing the potential of the MPPT and the charge controller device.

2. Victron SmartSolar Charge Controller

SmartSolar is the newer model of charge controller released by Victron Energy. It comes with an array of improvements over its predecessors which accumulate to make it a better package. It helps in maintaining battery health and durability by ensuring a constant supply of energy. This SmartsSolar model is based on advanced MPPT technology which helps in increasing efficiency by generating the maximum solar energy.

SmartSolar also comes with an inbuilt Bluetooth sensor which helps in connecting devices via VictronConnect. It further aids with increased efficiency by constant monitoring and maximizing the use of MPPT technology.

Since you have a basic understanding of Victron BlueSolar vs SmartSolar charge controllers, do you know how they differ from one another:

  • The biggest difference between the two models is the option of connectivity available in them. SmartSolar comes with a built-in Bluetooth option which allows more remote and easy connectivity when compared to BlueSolar.
  • The second major difference is the efficiency of the two models as SmartSolar is comparatively more efficient. This allows it to convert more solar energy into electricity when compared to BlueSolar.
  • SmartSolar also has a built-in MPPT tracker, unlike BlueSolar which gives it a bigger edge when it comes to efficiency.

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What are the Victron BlueSolar Vs SmartSolar Specs?

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Talking about Victron BlueSolar vs SmartSolar specs, both of them are two widely used charge controllers in solar panels manufactured by Victron Energy. Both of these models are highly popular due to their good quality and dependable performance but there is a sizeable gap between the specifications of the two models. The specifications of Victron BlueSolar vs SmartSolar are as follows:

  • SmartSolar is the advanced model of the two as it has an inbuilt MPPT tracker which increases the efficiency of the charge controller as this is missing in the BlueSolar.
  • SmartSolar is available in 12, 24, 36, and 48-volt variants whereas BlueSolar is available only in 12, 24, and 48-volt models.
  • Wireless connectivity through inbuilt Bluetooth is the biggest differentiator between the two models as the BlueSolar misses this feature making the SmartSolar a more easy-to-use model.

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What is Victron BlueSolar Vs SmartSolar Price Range?

People often compare Victron BlueSolar vs SmartSolar price ranges before buying them. The price of a Smart Solar can range from anywhere between $50 for a basic 10amp model up to $700 for higher-end variants with more capacity and features like Bluetooth. Smart Solar is a newer model of Victron Energy as it offers the latest features and better efficiency through adding an MPPT tracker and inbuilt Bluetooth support.

The price for the older BlueSolar model is comparatively lower.  They lack the premium features of the SmartSolar models as they start from $ 30 for the basic variant and go up to a few hundred dollars based on their capacity and features.

Price is one of the deciding factors when it comes to buying a charge controller for a solar panel as the majority of people are price sensitive and tend to find the best value for their money. Victron BlueSolar vs SmartSolar price is a widely considered criterion as both of these are good quality charge controllers which offer a different set of features according to individual needs.

Note: The price mentioned could vary depending on the model and location, the mentioned information is based solely on market research.

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What is Victron BlueSolar vs SmartSolar Warranty Period?

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BlueSolar and SmartSolar are charge controllers manufactured by Victron Energy which is known for delivering good quality products to its customers. They are well-known for their after-sales services, which include offering consumers a defect and inefficiency-free guarantee period, replacements, and repairs based on the customer’s demands and the terms and conditions.

BlueSolar and SmartSolar even though are very distinct in terms of features and efficiency, offer the same warranty of 5 years for the majority of the parts in the charge controller. However, the batteries are covered under a two-year warranty and lithium-ion batteries are covered under a three-year warranty.

The warranty is only applicable if a certain set of terms and conditions are met, and the warranty would be considered void if they are found to be violated and they are:

  • The first condition is that a warranty is not given for products that have suffered any kind of physical damage or have been tampered with by authorized personnel.
  • Any damage suffered due to factors like inadequate power supply, the reverse of battery polarity, damage due to lightning or overheating, or insufficient tightening of screws will not be covered under the warranty and the replacement or repair cost will have to be borne by the customer.

Note: The replacement and repair can vary based on the terms and conditions provided for a product.

Victron BlueSolar vs SmartSolar becomes a necessary comparison in order to find the best deal with the best value. If you need a charge controller for your solar power system, both the Victron BlueSolar and SmartSolar are MPPT charge controllers. In conclusion, note that SmartSolar is a better package with improved efficiency, connectivity, and features. However, it is significantly more expensive when compared to BlueSolar. BlueSolar is a reliable option for solar charge controllers but lacks the additional features provided by SmartSolar.

Hence, they are excellent choices because they are efficient, reliable, and retrofitted to meet your specific usage requirements. Nevertheless, when comparing Victron BlueSolar vs SmartSolar price range, you should keep in mind that it varies depending on model and capacity. You can be confident that Victron Energy’s products, whichever option you select, are manufactured to the highest standards. They ensure the high performance and lifespan of your off-grid solar power system.

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