Regional Reliability Councils (RRCs) function as entities tasked with the responsibility of ensuring the reliability, adequacy, and security of specific sections within the Bulk Electric System. Their role encompasses the formulation and enforcement of electric reliability standards, facilitation of collaborative planning via an integrated resource planning procedure, and the maintenance of uniform electric service across the designated region.

What are the Resposibilities of Regional Reliability Councils (RRCs)?

Regional Reliability Councils (RRCs) have the job of finding out what keeps the power system reliable and safe. They work together with the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) to involve members in their activities. Their other responsibilities include-

  • Making sure a specific part of the power system is dependable, good enough, and safe.
  • Creating and making sure rules for how the power system should work.
  • Planning together with others to have enough resources for power.
  • Making sure that everyone gets the same power service in that area.
  • Figuring out what things help to keep the power system working well.
  • Checking that the rules for how to use and run the big power system are followed.
  • Being ready to give directions to keep the power system running smoothly.

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