When an AC Coupling is used, it provides only AC signals that can traverse a link. By using a DC-blocking capacitor in series with the signal, AC coupling eliminates the DC offset. The Signal’s DC component is effectively rejected by AC coupling, bringing the signal’s mean value to zero.

Where Can You Use AC Coupling?

You can use alternative current coupling in the following-

  • All ICP / IEPE transducers
  • ICP Microphones
  • Strain gauges
  • ICP Accelerometers

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What is AC Coupling in Solar Power?

A grid-tied PV inverter is connected to a Multi, Inverter, or Quattro’s output in an AC-coupled system. The battery is charged using PV power after it powers the loads, and any extra PV power can be fed back into the grid. This extra PV inverter power will automatically be delivered back into the grid when the Multi or Quattro is connected to the grid.

The Multi or Quattro will build a small grid, or micro-grid when it is in inverter mode and is not connected to its AC input. This microgrid will be accepted by the PV Inverter, allowing it to continue working even during a blackout. When there is excess PV power available compared to the amount consumed by the loads, the power will automatically go through the inverter in the other direction and charge the batteries. To avoid overloading the inverter/charger and overcharging the batteries, that power must be regulated. This is where the concept of frequency shifting enters the picture. So, is it? By altering the frequency of the AC, frequency shifting is used to control the output power of a grid-tied PV or grid-tied wind inverter. To avoid overcharging the battery, the MultiPlus (or Quattro) will automatically control the frequency.


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