What is ACDB and DCDB?

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JAN 23 What is ACDB and DCDB?

ACDB or AC Distribution box and DCDB or DC distribution box are essential parts of your solar power system. While the solar DCDB is meant to safeguard against faults and failures on the DC side, the ACDB is used to safeguard the system in the event of any failure on the load side.

What is ACDB?

The Alternating Current Distribution Box is referred to as ACDB. It is positioned between your home appliances and the solar inverter. Two of the many parts of an ACDB box are the most important.

  • By earthing the high voltage, an AC Surge Protection Device (SPD) guards against power surges.
  • In the event of high voltage, an AC MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) for low circuit current or an AC MCCB (Molded Case Circuit Breaker) for high circuit current trips and shuts off the circuit.

What is DCDB?

Direct Current Distribution Box, or DCDB, is a device that is positioned between solar panels and an inverter. This box shields your solar inverter and panels from excessive voltage and short circuits.

A DC SPD surge protector, a DC MCB, and a fuse that closes the circuit in the event of high voltages are all included in a DCDB box.

The protection of expensive inverters from direct and indirect lightning surges that flow from solar panels to their linked wires is taken into consideration during the manufacturing process.

The combination package of DC fuses, surge protection devices (SPD), and DC MCB/Isolators is included with the DCDB. Additionally, Accu Panels’ DCDB, which is one of the growing Solar energy companies in India, is composed of polycarbonate enclosures and is dust, vermin, and waterproof. Incoming and outgoing cable entrance and exit points with the proper diameters are provided by PG plastic glands and MC4 connectors.

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What are Some Types of ACDB and DCDB?

Here is a list of types of ACDB and DCDB:

  • 1-5KW Solar ACDB
  • 10-50KW Solar ACDB
  • 50-1MW ACDB LT Panels
  • 1in 1out DCDB ACDB
  • 2in 2out DCDB
  • 4in 4out DCDB
  • 8in 8out DCDB
  • 10in 10out DCDB
  • 1in 1out ACDB up to 10KW
  • 2in 1out ACDB up to 10KW
  • 3in 1out ACDB up to 25KW
  • 4in 1out ACDB up to 200KW
  • 5in 1out ACDB up to 500KW
  • 6in 1out ACDB up to 500KW
  • 7in 1out to 20in 1out up to 4000A (500KW to 10MW)

The waterproof and dust-resistant materials used in the construction of both the ACDB and DCDB boxes provide them strength and security. Make sure the product has an IP65 waterproof enclosure before buying one of these junction boxes.

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