What is Active Solar Energy?

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JAN 23 What is Active Solar Energy?

Active solar energy is the solar energy that you capture and store for future use. It is the energy from the sun that is increased by the use of electricity or other mechanical equipment. It is a sustainable and cost-effective use of sunlight. To capture this energy, you’ll require a setup of electrical and mechanical equipment like water pumps, fans, etc.

What are the Types of Active Solar Energy?

The types of active solar energy are-

1. Active solar pool heating: It is used to heat the water for your pool. In this, the water from the pool is passed through solar collectors. Once this water is heated, it’s then piped back into the pool area. This further eliminates the need for storage tanks.

2. Active solar water heating: This system is used in homes to heat the water. It used pumps to circulate the heat transfer or water through the system. There are two types of active solar water heating systems: direct and indirect.

3. Active solar space heating: This system uses mechanical equipment like blowers, fans, pumps, and ducts to collect, store, and distribute heat throughout the space/air inside our homes. Such a system can either be air-based or liquid based.

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