What is Czochralski Process?

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JAN 23 What is Czochralski Process?

The czochralski process is a process that involves carefully cooling temperatures while slowly lifting a seed crystal out of a molten solution of the material to create enormous, high-quality semiconductor crystals.

The czochralski procedure (Cz) is often referred to as drawing from the melt or crystal pulling. In this procedure, silicon (Si) is first melted, and then it is carefully allowed to freeze into a crystalline condition. This approach has the benefit of being quick and very controllable. The Cz Process has established itself as a reliable method for producing high-purity monocrystalline silicon crystals, primarily for the semiconductor and solar industries (in the computer industry for integrated circuits and in microsystem technology). You gain from the developed crystals’ excellent efficacy and quality.

How is Czochralski Process Done?

First, a single crystal pulling system’s Silica crucible is filled with high-purity polycrystalline silicon, which is then heated using a resistive heater to melt it in an argon-controlled environment. A revolving monocrystalline Silicon seed crystal is dipped into the melt once the melt’s temperature (which has a melting point of around 1,412 °C) has reached a stable level. The silicon crystallization on the seed crystal is started by a little temperature reduction. A cylindrical Silicon monocrystal hanging on the seed crystal begins to form as the seed crystal is gently dragged upward. A Silicon monocrystal with the same orientation and structural makeup as the seed crystal can be pulled with a consistent diameter by controlling the temperature and pulling rate.

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