The term disconnect, as the name implies, refers to a photovoltaic system’s switch gear that is used to link or disconnect various components. The device is used to cut off power from the solar PV system in the house. In order to completely remove the risk of electrical shock during maintenance or any sort of circuit testing, this device is required. Additionally, it helps firefighters in the event of a fire and is useful during severe weather situations.

How does DC Disconnect Work in PV System?

The PV system disconnecting device must concurrently disconnect all conductors from other wiring systems from all PV system conductors that are not firmly grounded. Hence we can define DC disconnects as switches that complete the circuit flow of current or interrupt the flow of direct current. However, a photovoltaic system is a system that is designed with solar panels, inverters, and other hardware devices that uses solar energy for the generation of electricity. The sizes can range from small portable systems to huge solar systems used in plants and industries. If we specifically talk about the solar PV system, its disconnect can be kept between the solar panel array and the power inverter. This is done because it becomes easy for you or the authorities to shut off or remove the power to your house.

Moreover, the correct size and properly installed DC disconnect systems will help you with the process to shut off a renewable energy system. These systems are very basic and essential for your safety and for any issues regarding the DC disconnect systems, you can always reach out to the concerned Tech service care desk and get their expertise for the same.

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