Incumbent utility refers to the established utility companies that presently provide essential services such as water, gas, and electricity to customers. These companies are usually monopolies which means that they are the only provider of these essential services. Apart from this, incumbent utilities are publicly owned and have a reputation for providing reliable and competent services. The government typically regulates incumbent utilities to ensure that they provide high-quality services at affordable prices.

What are the Advantages of Incumbent Utility?

1. The main advantage of incumbent utilities is that they have already invested a significant amount of money in the infrastructure needed to provide these essential services. This infrastructure includes power plants, transmission lines, water treatment facilities, and other vital components necessary for delivering dependable services. As a result, incumbent utilities can offer their services at a lower cost than new competitors who must invest in infrastructure from scratch.

2. Incumbent utilities have experience working within a regulated environment, which is another advantage they possess. They understand the importance of adhering to regulations to keep their license to operate and satisfy their customers’ needs. This experience helps to ensure that the services provided by incumbent utilities are safe, reliable, and affordable.

3. Compared to new competitors, incumbent utilities can provide more reliable services because they have already built the necessary infrastructure and have a history of providing services to their customers. They also have established relationships with suppliers and other partners, which helps them to ensure that they have access to the resources required for reliable service delivery. Furthermore, incumbent utilities can distribute the cost of maintaining and upgrading their infrastructure among many customers due to their large customer base, which helps to keep costs down.

4. Another advantage of incumbent utilities is their focus on customer service. They have been providing essential services for many years and understand the importance of keeping their customers satisfied. They often have well-established customer service departments with experienced staff who are trained to handle customer inquiries and complaints. This is especially important for customers who rely on these services for their daily lives.

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