What is Utility Solutions Program?


The Utility Solutions Program is an ingenious initiative that unites utility business models and customers by creating innovative programs, that advocate for clean energy sources, strive for energy fairness, and foster economic prospects.

The programs encompass the Energy Solutions Reserve Fund (ESRF), the evaluation of programs through measurement and verification (M&V), and consultation and implementation strategies for energy program design. The Utility Solutions Program offers comprehensive assistance for clean energy policies, local economies, the environment, utility customers, and utility business models.

Currently, the utility sector is changing rapidly thus facing various challenges, including fulfilling energy mandates, modernizing the grid, and meeting consumer demands. This is why a utility solutions program is beneficial.

What is ESRF?

Energy Solutions Reserve Fund or ESRF offers support to utility companies, enabling them to enhance their energy services for both residential and commercial customers. ESRF specifically aids in supporting financing mechanisms such as tariff on-bill (TOB), which is a utility method utilized to recover the expenses related to energy services.

ESRF caters to a range of customers, but its main focus lies in helping underprivileged or low-income communities alleviate their energy projects. Incorporating best practices, ESRF actively supports the utility business model by not only measuring program impacts but also addressing key utility priorities like demand management.

This reserve fund is unique because it removes design barriers and bureaucratic restrictions commonly found in others. The ESRF provides comprehensive support for numerous distributed energy technologies, catering to multiple sectors and offering its services to utilities across the entire nation.

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