Inverters are essential in homes, where power outages are frequent. They come in different wattages and can withstand a certain pre-defined load. For this reason, it is important to understand its working and capacity to avoid damage. So, what will an 800 watt inverter run, and what devices it will support? You might also ask how long will a battery last with a 800 watt inverter so that you do not run out of power. Read this informative article to discover answers to all of these questions.

What Will an 800 Watt Inverter Run?

With the help of an 800 watt inverter, light gadgets, and electrical tools can function on AC power from a 12V or 24V battery. There are some restrictions on what can be powered by this inverter, therefore it is crucial to know which devices can be used to avoid harming the inverter. So, what appliances can a 800 watt inverter run? The math is simple. The inverter may operate as long as the combined wattage of the appliances is 800 watts or less.

What devices can be powered by a 800 watt inverter? An 800 watts inverter is capable of powering a 16 cu ft fridge, 32″ TV sets, laptops, microwave (500 watts), and some light bulbs. Running these appliances in an off-grid system will require a 100 – 150Ah battery.

The inverter surge power rating is generally 2 to 3 times the maximum power rating of the inverter. So, it is suitable for powering a mobile, laptop, cordless tool charger, microwave and similar appliances that only require up to 800W power. Devices that might not work with the 800-watt inverter include larger capacity fridges, air conditioners, and heating appliances such as kettles, and water heaters. It is because these appliances generally draw more power than what the 800 watt inverter can supply.

How Long will a Battery Last with a 800 Watt Inverter?

Since you have looked at what will an 800 watt inverter run, let us look at the battery capacity. So, this will be determined by the combined consumption of appliances connected to it and the battery capacities (Ah) used.

  • A 100Ah AGM or GEL battery with a discharge level of 50% will run for about 45 minutes.
  • A 200Ah AGM or GEL battery discharged to 50% will last about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Moreover, note that if the total power required by the appliances is lower than 800 watts, the runtime will be extended.

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How many Batteries do I Need for a 800 Watt Inverter?

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Let us calculate the number of batteries required for an 800 watt inverter.

To find out how many batteries do you need for a 800 watt inverter, you have to know the hours for which your inverter runs and multiply this by the number of watts the inverter is capable of. Then you can divide this total load wattage by your battery capacity (single unit).

So, the total wattage of the inverter if it runs for 4 hours = 800 ×— 4 = 3200 W.

Now, let’s say you have a 12V 100Ah battery.

  • The total capacity of the battery = 12 V ×— 100 Ah = 1200 Watts.
  • Assuming an 85% rate, the final capacity of the battery = 1200 ×— 85 % = 1020 W.
  • The total batteries needed to run the 800 W inverter = 3200/ 1020 ∼ 4.

So, how many batteries do I need for a 800 watt inverter? Well, you would require at least 4 batteries (capacity 12V 100Ah) to run an 800-watt inverter for 4 hours.

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How many Amps a 800 watt Inverter Draws when Running?

How many batteries do I need for a 800 watt inverter is now known to you. An 800-watt inverter is capable of supplying AC power using a 12V (let’s assume) to run light electronic devices and electrical tools.

If you are running the inverter for 4 hours, then total power = 800 ×— 4 = 3200 W.

Now to find how many amps it can draw for a 12 V battery, you can divide the total power of the inverter by the voltage value of the battery.

So, Amps = 3200/12 = 266 amps drawn by inverter for 4 hours.

Note: While calculating how many amps a 800 watt inverter draws when running, consider the efficiency of the battery and its rate of discharge. It is advisable to avoid fully depleting the battery.

This article gave you an idea of what will an 800 watt inverter run. You got to know which devices to run and which ones to avoid. However, referring to the manual before working on anything is always a good option to avoid any mistakes.

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