Fisker, the California-based sustainability-focused automaker, has partnered with EV energy innovator Ample to develop a battery swapping technology that could revolutionize the way we charge electric vehicles (EVs). Its 1 minute charging EV is a definite game changer allowing for faster recharge. The company is set to launch battery swapping stations in early 2024.

One of the most common arguments preventing people from switching to electric cars is their charging time. Yeah, it surely takes more time than re-filling the gas tank of your car at a gas station.

It is an undeniable fact that EVs take longer to charge and without it, their range is seriously reduced. To deal with this a new technology called battery swapping can be used.

Fisker announced a new partnership with Ample to bring its battery swapping technology to its models. The former is one of the sustainability-focused automakers in California while the latter is among the EV energy innovators.

Both companies are already working on the development of swappable Fisker Ocean car models that would hit the market in early 2024.

Though Tesla EVs take just 15 minutes to fully charge, only when you use Supercharger stations. Talking about which there are only 45,000 Supercharge stations around the world and with its next best charging option you can go 44 miles per hour.

Fisker mentioned in a statement, “Not only will it be just as quick to swap batteries as it is to fill up at a gas station, but it will also be cheaper per mile.”

Fisker is specifically targeting high mileage drivers and fleet operators, including ride-share drivers. These are the ones who are looking to transition to Electric Vehicles, but weak infrastructure and long charging times are keeping them from doing so.

The main idea behind modular battery swapping is straightforward. You do not have to wait for your discharged battery to charge; instead, you have to pull over at a battery swapping station.

There you can switch out the dead or discharged batteries for fully charged ones within minutes. The dead ones will be charged at the station itself and swapped with another battery.

Fisker’s choice to partner with Ample is beneficial for all brand EV owners because Ample batteries work well with all makes and models. This is why its battery swapping station is expected to have a small footprint and this 1 minute charging EV will be a definite game changer.

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Is it safe to do so?

Ample station uses a combination of computer vision and secure wireless network communication with the vehicle. This helps it in identifying the exact location of each battery module to be swapped.

Also, ample batteries are made from Lego like battery modules that can accommodate any model, make, design, and driving profile.

When will swapping stations be ready?

Since Ample stations do not require any specific construction but just a space equivalent to 2 parking spaces, they can be located at any gas station. A separate site or such place is not required.

You can also find swapping stations at the roadside, grocery stores and other such places. With this method, an entire city could be ready for EVs within weeks.

Source: TheStreet


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