20kW Solar System Cost: Off-Grid and On-Grid 


A 20 kW solar panel comprises various components, which vary slightly for on-grid and off-grid systems, leading to a significant difference in their costs.

There is a lot of thought process involved while looking for a solar system. A 4kW system is suitable for most homes. However, one of the major concerns is which solar components to select, along with their prices. This article provides all you need to know about 20 kW solar system cost for both on-grid and off-grid configurations.

20kW Solar System Cost

The average cost in India ranges from Rs. 10 to 25 lakh, while it is approximately $58,600 in the US. However, the cost is influenced by various components, such as solar panels, inverters, batteries, charge controllers, solar wiring, installation, and additional expenses. 

Details and Components of 20kW Solar System

Let’s go through these solar components in detail.

1. Solar Panels

The major component of the solar panel that produces electricity. For a 20kW solar system approximately 50 solar panels would be required which would cost approximately INR 8,60,000 – 12,60,000 in India and approximately $20,000 – $30,000 in the US.

2. Solar Inverters

An inverter is one of the most essential components of the solar system because most of the appliances at our homes work on DC but the solar system produces AC. The inverter converts this AC into DC and thus makes the energy usable. The average 20kW solar inverter price is approx. $3,600 or between 80,000 and 2,00,000 INR depending upon the company, quality, and size.

3. Solar Batteries

The off-grid system would require a solar battery to store the excess electricity produced to be used at night or when less sunlight is available. The average cost of a battery in USD is approximately 16,007 USD, and the average cost of a battery in INR is somewhere around Rs 2,00,000 INR for 20kW (calculation is based on estimation for a 6kW solar system). You can also get a solar battery at a lower price. 

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4. Charge Controllers

In off-grid solar systems, solar charge controllers are required to control the voltage or current supplied to the solar batteries to save them from overcharging. The price range of the solar charge controller is quite diverse as it varies according to its capacity and seller. Talking about the U.S. it may range around $20 – 500. In India, they may range between 2460 – 7900 for a 24V charge controller.

5. Solar Wires

The wires are used in the solar system to connect the parts of the solar system. They are usually made of aluminum or copper and are well-insulated. For a 20 kW solar panel, the length of the wire is approximately 180 meters of DC cable and 120 meters of AC cable. On average a 10 mm DC solar wire would cost INR 230 per sq. meter in India and around $100 per 300 ft. in the U.S.

6. Installation Cost

Installation is also an important cost addition to the overall cost of solar panels. This is because installation requires technical support and expert involvement. The average installation cost of a 20 kW solar panel is Rs. 57 per watt in India and $ 15,000 – $ 20,000 in the U.S.

7. Misc Expenses

Apart from these major components, some other components are also needed while installing the solar structure such as a lightning arrester, connectors, mounting clamps, and installation tools. These prices vary from place to place and an estimated standard pricing cannot be determined.

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20 kW Solar System Price in INR and Dollar

JAN23 Solar panel new price 7: 20kW solar system cost
1) Solar panels 8,60,000 – 12,60,000$1-$1.5 per watt
2) Solar inverter 80,000 – 2,00,000$3,000 – $4,000
3) Solar Battery2,00,000 approx.$ 16,007
4) Charge controller 2,460 – 7,900 (24V)$ 20 – $ 500
5) Solar wire 230/sq. meter (10sq DC)$ 100 per 300 ft.
6) Installation 56 per watt$ 15,000 – $ 20,000
7) MIsc. ExpensesVariableVariable
Total approx. for 20  kW) 10 – 25 lakh$ 58,600

($ 41,020 after tax credit)

Note: The prices are based on estimations and might vary depending on factors such as components, location, labor expenses, and incentives. You can determine the 2023 solar panel cost in your area by using your zip code.

20kW Off-Grid and On-Grid Solar System Price

The cost for on-grid and off-grid inverters has a major difference as solar batteries and charge controllers are not required in on-grid panels which makes them comparatively less expensive. Let’s have a look at their features and prices.

20kW On-Grid Solar System Price

The on-grid solar system is connected to the public grid. The excess electricity if produced is transferred to the grid. For every unit fed on the grid, you get a positive solar credit balance which can be redeemed later. One of the major advantages of this is you would be able to use the power from the grid in case of lesser production. These are generally available at subsidised rates and no battery is used in these systems making them cost effective. In India, the average 20kW on-grid solar system price is Rs. 9,40,000 INR approximately.

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20kW Off-Grid Solar System Price

The off-grid solar system is completely independent of the public grid and relies upon solar batteries to store energy. This is beneficial for powering the sites at remote locations. Due to the usage of batteries and non-availability of subsidies, this system becomes quite expensive. In India, the average 20kW off-grid solar system price is Rs. 13,40,000 INR approximately.

You have now understood that the 20 kW solar system price is based on various factors such as panels, batteries, inverters, charge controllers, wires, and additional costs. The decision to opt for on-grid or off-grid system can be made based on suitability and your energy requirements.  For more solar content, keep scrolling through our website.

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