3kW Solar Panel How Many Units Per Day Output?

A 3kW solar panel can power electrical appliances like air conditioners, lights, multiple fans, refrigerators, LEDs, and the like. On average, such a solar panel can produce about 12 units per day.

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JAN23kw solar panel how many units per day

With rising utility costs and living expenses, there has never been a better time to switch to solar energy. Far from being a one-size-fits-all solution to your electricity needs, there is a solar energy system that is ideal for your home and suits your budget properly. Let’s begin properly and learn in detail the 3kw solar system features and with a 3kw solar panel how many units per day of electricity can be produced.

With a 3kW Solar Panel How Many Units Per Day Can be Produced?

JAN23kw solar panel how many units per dayWhen looking for a complete rooftop solar panel installation for your villa, office, home, or independent floor, a 3kW solar system fitting is the most proficient. If you install such a solar system on your rooftop, it allows you to easily run all your electrical appliances like air conditioners, lights, multiple fans, refrigerator, LED’s, and other such appliances (except for a 2-ton air conditioner). A 3kW solar system comprises 9 to 12 solar panels that produce 12 units per day and 360 units per month, respectively. Now you must be clear that with a 3kw solar panel how many units per day can be produced?

What are 3kW Solar System Features?

An on-grid solar system is one that works with a power grid. This means your 3kW solar system is linked to the power grid. People choose this type of connection because it allows them to take advantage of government initiatives such as subsidies, net metering, and so on.

1. 3kw Solar System Features for an On-Grid Solar System:

  • It costs less than other types of solar systems.
  • You can save up to 100% on your electricity expenses.
  • Solar panels are eligible for up to a 70% government subsidy.
  • Utilize 100% solar power generated by 3kW solar panels.
  • Export excess solar energy to the electrical grid.
  • There is no load limitation; run all linked loads with grid sharing ROI in 3-5 years, a life of 25-30 years.

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An off-grid system is a system that does not require an electric grid to function. So, how does it work? It necessitates the use of a battery to deliver and store solar electricity. Even if the power goes out, the battery will keep you going.

2. 3kW Solar System Features for an Off-Grid Solar System:

  • Prevents Power Outages.
  • Reduces your Electricity Bill.
  • When compared to on-grid connections, installation is simple.
  • Simple solution for rural areas.
  • With an off-grid solar system, you can say goodbye to regular power outages.

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Hybrid solar systems are a combination of on-grid and off-grid connections. This greatly assists people in making use of the benefits of both sorts of connections. This, however, is more expensive than the previous two types of connection installation.

3. 3kW Solar System Features for a Hybrid Solar System:

  • Electricity at a low cost (off-peak).
  • Feature for self-use or load shifting.
  • During a grid outage or blackout, power is available.
  • Decreases grid electricity usage.

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What is 3kw Solar Panel Size?

JAN233kw solar panel how many units per dayThe 3kW Solar System produces 3,600 units per year on average. This system is made up of four primary components: solar panels, an inverter, a battery, and system balancing. A 3kW installation requires 300-500 square feet of total space.

A 3kW solar system requires 12 solar panels assuming each will be around 250W panels. Each 250W panel will approximately be 1.6m × 1m, requiring at least 20m2 of roof space. And that is the 3kw solar panel size.

What is 3kW Solar Panel Price in India?

A 3kW solar system is able to generate about 15 units every day from morning 9 am to 5 pm. This much energy is sufficient to run multiple devices like TV, refrigerator, air conditioners, lights, and other such appliances in your house. A 3kw solar panel price in India costs around Rs. 240,000. This pricing is subject to change.

What is 3kW Solar Panel Price in India With Subsidy?

The price of a 3 KW solar plant varies depending on numerous aspects, including panel type and solar panel brand. As a result, there is no fixed pricing but rather a price range to which you might refer. A 3KW solar system costs between $135,000 and $210,000. Here are the two most important elements that influence solar panel pricing:

1. Solar panel type: Monocrystalline solar panels outperform polycrystalline panels in terms of efficiency. Polycrystalline panels degrade at a rate of 0.7% each year. In contrast, the annual deterioration rate of mono panels is 0.5%.

2. Brand: Panels are available in a variety of quality and from a variety of brands. Surprisingly, low-temperature coefficients in panels from reputable manufacturers provide longer-lasting performance and lower degradation rates.

Let’s move further and see the 3kw solar panel price in India with subsidy. Did you know that the government provides incentives for on-grid rooftop solar systems for homeowners and housing societies? It is worth noting that the subsidy only applies to the L1 rates of the panels. Solar tender proposals are urged to be submitted by all registered solar vendors. The vendor with the lowest bid becomes eligible for the maximum allocation rights, and their bid becomes the state’s L1 price.

Let us now look at the pricing and subsidies for 3 KW solar rooftop systems in various Indian states:

State MP Gujarat UP Rajasthan
L1 3KW Solar plant price/KW Rs. 39,100 Rs. 40,991 Rs, 37,000 Rs. 40,991
Subsidy offered on 3KW solar plant price against L1 Rates Rs. 46,920 Rs. 49,189 Rs. 44,400 Rs. 49,189

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Can We Run AC on 3kW Solar System?

As weather conditions worsen due to rising global warming and rising levels of air pollution, an increasing number of individuals are installing air conditioners. As a result, air conditioners have grown in popularity. Hence people often question can we run AC on 3kW solar system.

Even when there is no power, an off-grid solar system will keep the air conditioners operating (as batteries store the excess power generated by the sun, which helps in running the appliance even when there is no supply from the grid). ACs may easily be powered by on-grid solar systems with capacities ranging from 3 kW to 10 kW. Except for an air conditioner of 2 tons.

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What Can I Run on a 3kW Solar System?

A 3KW Solar System that can create 12kWh per day / 2,500kWh per year on average can eliminate a significant portion of your appliance’s consumption, minimizing your energy cost.

If you are wondering, what can I run on a 3kw solar system then it can be noted that a 3kW solar panel system can power most appliances in a small home with two or three people. Here are some examples of appliances that can be powered by a 3kWh solar system. LED lights, LCD televisions, laptop, microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator, split air conditioner, Wi-Fi, washing machine.

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