Top 30+ Renewable Energy Companies in India

What is Renewable Energy? what are the pros and cons of renewable energy? what are the top solar energy companies in India? what are the top solar wind energy companies in India?

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The world has advanced a lot since it came into existence. The wheel came into existence, dinosaurs went out of existence, the big television has been easily replaceable by a small phone, and soon there will be flying cars and whatnot. Amidst all this scientific and technological boom, there has also been a change in a lot of other fields and one such field is the investment sector. Earlier you would have to have an agent or Dalal whom you would instruct to carry out your transactions. Today you have Demat accounts on your phone and 24/7 access to your portfolio via your smartphone, now if this isn’t a 360-degree turn then what is? Within the investment sector itself, you have more than one choice/path that you can choose to go on. There is a stock market, cryptocurrency, etc. Within these avenues, there are further choices available, like in the stock market you can invest in shares of a company from the renewable energy sector, banking sector, etc. Speaking of the renewable sector, this is the perfect opportunity for you to learn about the top renewable energy companies in India as not many of you might know about them. Under this article, you will discover solar energy companies in India, and wind energy companies in India, and also explore the renewable energy stocks list that you can choose from. But first, let’s see what is renewable energy.

What is Renewable Energy?

Petrol, Diesel, and other such substances are obtained from fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are obtained from fossils that have been around for thousands of years or even more. When these substances are used to make stuff like coal, natural gas, etc, not only do they harm the environment, but they also exhaust the natural resources used to make them, and this exhaustion is happening at an alarming pace.

On the other hand, with renewable energy, you have sustainable energy which is nature’s gift. These are energy options are rejuvenated in real-time and aren’t even harmful to the environment. Using the sun for solar power and the flow of water and wind for electric power are some examples of generating renewable energy, and as you can see none of these resources are wasted in the process and are recurring in nature. It makes them the ideal energy source. These benefits, clubbed with a lot of other factors have made sure that renewable energy becomes the way to go forward, and thus it is safe to say that the way to a less polluted future is being scaled as we speak. After this, let’s move forward and learn about top renewable energy companies in India.  Also, see What Are Green Bonds and Why All the Fuss?

Top Renewable Energy Companies in India

The world is changing and so is our country, renewable energy is the way to go for a cleaner and greener future. For this better future to become a reality, each and every country needs to have its own set of renewable energy companies and keeping that in mind let’s look at the top renewable energy companies in India.

TATA Power Solar Systems Ltd

When your name has TATA in it there is no competition or doubts about your success. Belonging to the TATA group of companies, TATA Power Solar Systems Ltd is India’s top integrated solar power company. You may be from a rural or urban area, or you might belong to the banking, education, etc. sector and TATA power supply will still have a customized and specialized solution for you. They have their hands in three different business segments namely, manufacturing of modules and solar cells, engineering, procurement, and construction for solar products as well as other solar power projects. Also, see Why Transparent Solar Panels Are The Future?

Suzlon Energy

Suzlon Energy is one of the top renewable energy companies across India and that is backed by the fact that you can find the company doing business with more than 15 companies across 6 continents. If we talk about their business, Suzlon is into designing, developing, and manufacturing Wind Turbine generators. Their service is also top-class and lasts for the lifetime of the product, which makes their presence felt strongly in the service industry as well.

Adani Green Energy Limited

When India’s richest man owns a company and then assigns one of its most important subsidiaries and infuses 70 billion dollars into it, you know that the company is going to do wonders. Adani Green Energy Ltd is a top developer of solar power projects and among the top renewable energy companies in India. The company also focuses on using wind power as a renewable energy source and aims to enter the hybrid power space soon. The company also is one of the biggest buyers of renewable energy assets in the market. By 2025, It aims to be the largest solar power company in the world.

Websol Systems

Websol Systems is an NSE-listed company that is into the manufacturing of modules and solar cells along with photovoltaic monocrystalline solar cells and modules. The company also exports its solar cells to Europe and North Africa. The company came into existence in 1990 and has a state-of-the-art integrated production facility in West Bengal. The company has not only been awarded for its work but has also received International certification for the same.

ReNew Power

ReNew Power is among the top renewable energy companies in India. It proudly claims to be the first renewable energy company to have made it onto the US stock exchange. The company is an independent power producer and is concerned with generating renewable energy using solar and wind power. The money for the company comes from selling this renewable energy to large industrial companies and the state electricity boards of India. The company came into being in 2011.

Borosil Renewables

As the only solar glass manufacturer in India, Borosil Renewables surely deserves a place on this list. There are claims that suggest that this company is the largest non-Chinese solar glass manufacturer in the world. It also exports solar glasses to Europe and its main clients are Turkey, Spain, Germany, Russia, and Portugal. The company looks after about 40% of India’s solar glass requirements. It is further aiming to invest in the wind power sector and is also looking at entering the solar and wind-solar hybrid energy sectors.

Sterling and Wilson Renewable Energy Ltd

Previously known as Sterling and Wilson Solar Limited, Sterling and Wilson Renewable Energy Ltd is one of the top EPC manufacturing companies in the world. They also provide end-to-end solar EPC solutions. Currently, the company is owned by Reliance Groups, which shows the company’s potential.  In FY21, this company registered a revenue of about Rs. 50.8 billion.  After this, let’s learn about the top solar companies in India. Also Read: In Deep Water: How Today’s Technology Can Localize and Restore Urban Water Infrastructure 

Solar Energy Companies in India

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Now that you have learned about the top renewable energy companies in India, it’s time to learn about solar energy and the top companies dealing with the solar energy sector. When you use the sun’s rays to make energy that is clean and green (figuratively), the energy that you receive is known as solar energy. Solar energy can be used for various purposes. Devices like solar panels convert the sun’s rays to electric energy that can be used to power homes and home appliances. When it comes to top solar energy companies in India, there are quite a few of them and those are.

  • TATA Power Solar System Ltd
  • Suzlon Energy Ltd
  • Synergy Green Industries Ltd
  • Waa Solar Ltd
  • Websol Energy System Ltd
  • Ujaas Energy Limited
  • Surana Solar Limited
  • Indosolar Ltd
  • Gita Renewable Energy Ltd
  • Urja Global Ltd
  • XL Energy Ltd

Wind Energy Companies in India

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What is wind energy? When you use the free-flowing wind to make energy that is clean and green (figuratively), the energy that you receive is known as wind energy. Wind energy can be used for various purposes and in this case, it is the wind that is used to generate energy, wind is used to get electricity that can then be used for different purposes. When it comes to top wind energy companies in India, there are quite a few of them and those are.

  • Vestas India
  • Regen Powertech Pvt Ltd
  • Suzlon Energy Limited
  • Enercon India Pvt Ltd
  • GE Wind Energy Ltd
  • Indowind Energy Ltd
  • Orient Green Power Ltd
  • Inox Wind Ltd
  • Gamesa Wind Turbines Pvt Ltd
  • Wind World India Ltd

Renewable Energy Stocks List

After learning about the top wind energy companies in India, let’s learn about the renewable energy stocks list. We have been speaking about Renewable Energy and we earlier mentioned how the National Stock Exchange also has stocks of these companies. Considering the fact that renewable energy is becoming a more and more significant concept day by day as we head towards doomsday because of climate change and other problems, it is the correct time to get on the renewable energy bandwagon.

You might wonder how profitable this might be or what is the future of renewable energy. You might have your own doubts regarding renewable energy and there might be a lot of reasons for you to stay away from companies that deal in renewable energy, however, here we have the renewable energy stock list which has names of companies that have been excellent in this field for quite some time now. These companies deserve to be on your portfolio because of their performance.

  • TATA Power
  • Websol Energy System Ltd
  • Borosil Renewable
  • GAIL
  • Indian Oil Corporation Ltd
  • JSW Energy
  • Adani Green Energy Ltd
  • Sterling and Wilson Renewable Energy Ltd
  • Inox Wind
  • Suzlon Energy

You might have noticed how the names on this list are more or less the same names that have been mentioned above on other lists, and this is because these are the top companies that perform well physically as well as in the stock market. These companies are making big leaps in the renewable energy sector and deserve your attention. Also, see What Cities Can Learn from Detroit’s Green Garage

Pros and Cons of Renewable Energy

After learning about the renewable energy stocks list, it’s time to learn about the pros and cons of renewable energy. It is very necessary to know about these pros and cons before investing in the renewable energy sector.


  • Renewable Energy more or less will stay around till we humans are intact.
  • The maintenance requirement for renewable energy is low.
  • Renewable energy is cost-effective/economical and helps save money.
  • The number of benefits to the environment because of renewable energy is uncountable.
  • Renewable energy’s dependency on any other foreign energy sources is very less.
  • The water and air get to be cleaner because of renewable energy.
  • Renewable energy also helps in creating more employment.
  • You can definitely cut out on wastage by switching to renewable energy.


  • They have a high upfront cost that makes them a bit expensive.
  • Renewable energy is intermittent in nature.
  • Renewable energy has limited storage capacity.
  • Geographic locations play a very important part in the renewable energy sector and thus there are limitations to it.
  • Not even renewable energy is 100% carbon-free at all times.

So, that’s that about renewable energy. There are pros to it, there are cons to it, there are top companies who exist in this space and there are more emerging companies looking to enter this space. You can buy the renewable energy hype, or you can avoid it, but what you can’t do is ignore it. It is during these testing times that humanity comes up with solutions to its own problems, and with climate change and everything that is wrong with the planet, renewable energy is just one other way of fighting those problems. In this article, you looked at the top renewable energy companies in India,  you looked at solar energy companies in India, you also looked at wind energy companies in India, renewable energy stocks list, and the pros and cons of renewable energy. After all this, we don’t see a reason why you should not buy into this hype, but if you still have lingering doubts then you better start with your own research ASAP cause it’s your opinion that matters at the end of the day.

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