To tackle the needs of customers, a battery program by Sunrun is introduced after net metering ends in California. The policy marking the shift to net billing will be in effect from 15th April.

‘Shift’ offered by Sunrun is offered to customers in California to promote self-consumption during peak hours. It is with the aim of reducing low-value exports to the grid via battery usage.

Net metering comes to an end in California and with this, the value of rooftop solar is also reduced. Shift is the subscription service launched by Sunrun to help customers in adapting to policy changes.

To make the process easier, the subscription incorporates a co-located battery storage system. Transition from net metering to net billing regime takes effect from 15-April-2023. The policy was approved in proceeding NEM 3.0 by the California Public Utilities Commission in December 2022.

The new policy will motivate the co-location battery storage with solar system to mark the evolution of Californian energy market. Solution providers and distributed energy advocates opposed the policy change.

There are no power backup capabilities in this program. This will lower equipment costs, limit labor hours, and potential panel upgrades. A battery program by Sunrun is introduced after net metering ends in California will be helpful to customers in handling this new change.

Sunnova is another leading residential battery storage and solar solutions provider. The battery storage program by Sunnova was announced a month before Sunrun.

The program offered by Sunnova targets customers who will probably sign up for a residential lease of solar and storage devices. The cost of a free battery worth $8,000 does not cover installation and solar system. Also, the 25-year warranty offered by the company is not involved.

Source: Sunrun


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