Auto Rivals at Shanghai Auto Show Allure Drivers with Weird EV Features


Auto rivals at Shanghai Auto Show allure drivers with weird EV features to stand out. Companies like Polestar and Hyundai are competing with each other by introducing features like crystal ball, massage chair and karaoke system.

EVs are the center of attraction at the Shanghai Auto Show. This year major names in Chinese automakers SAIC, BYD, and Zeekr are capturing attention with their domestic EVs. Chinese drivers are too much into fully electric cars.

To this, carmakers try to differentiate their models from one another, and they are getting weird with it. Shanghai Auto Show 2023 witnessed EVs with wild tech. Crystal balls, massage chairs, and karaoke systems are some of their special features.

BYD Seagull has shown a good value proposition which was appealing to the attendees. This latest EV from BYD became a show stealer for its looks and low prices. But again, this does not stop Zeekr from adding features like massage chair to captain chair in the EV. Then we have Polestar 4 showing off their newest EV featuring an on-screen feed and a rear windshield for HD cameras.

Among them our safety conscious Volvo and Geely also signed off on the same idea. Experimenting with whiz-bang tech is Hyundai’s choice. Yes, a crystal ball in the center console of their Genesis GV60, and it is called the “sphere”.

And guess what this crystal ball is to change gears in the EV and will light up when this Chinese market EV starts. But reportedly it also serves as a visual cue instead of the traditional engine noise absent in the EV.

Then comes Hongqi and Rising Auto, who are more focused on tech. In the automobile industry, carmakers outside China charge premiums for additional features. But in China to add value to their EVs they usually include additional features at no extra cost.

It looks like Chinese EVs prove that they have surpassed the need to be compared with ICE-equipped cars. But witnessing auto rivals at Shanghai Auto Show allure drivers with weird EV features is a fascinating and interesting experience in itself. Who knows what comes next!

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