The ׄike T electric scooter is finally making its way to the US market through Tempo’s innovative subscription service. As one of Tempo’s first partners, the company is set to launch its subscription service in San Francisco and plans to expand across the US in the coming year. Through their exclusive partnership, ׄike customers can now subscribe to this award-winning scooter on a month-to-month or yearly basis. This best designed electric scooter in the world is different from other e-scooters in the market because of its exceptional design and production process.

The e-bike is produced in Europe and uses the Comodule connectivity platform. It is the world’s only electric vehicle that can be charged using a USB-C laptop charger, providing riders with on-the-go convenience.

After almost a year, the ׄike T is, at last, making its way to the US market through an innovative subscription service named Tempo. It is one of the first partners of Tempo, which is a new electric mobility subscription service led by Michael Keating, founder of e-scooter pioneer, Scoot.

The ׄike T electric scooter team is set to launch their subscription service in San Francisco. They plan on expanding around the US throughout the upcoming year. ׄike customers can now subscribe to Tempo’s award-winning ׄike T scooter on a month-to-month or yearly basis as part of their exclusive partnership.

This e-bike is an innovative electric scooter in a number of ways. Unlike most electric scooters in the market, this one is entirely made in Europe without relying on Chinese parts and assembly. This electric scooter is exceptional since it’s been entirely designed and produced in-house, and it is clearly evident.

The team of Comodule is also involved in building this scooter. Comodule is the connectivity platform that powers numerous electric mobility products, from SUPER73 e-bikes to CAKE e-motorcycles.

This is why ׄike T has industry-leading connectivity features like GPS tracking for anti-theft and Telemetrics to maintain connection between scooter and rider’s phone. The rider can effortlessly lock and disable the scooter remotely, ensuring that a stolen scooter has no value in the resale market.

Riders can control the regenerative braking feature that recharges the battery and supports the sealed drum brakes. Disc brakes fade when wet, but drum brakes work theoretically well even when submerged underwater. The ׄike T has a waterproof design that allows for stress-free riding in wet conditions making it one of the best designed electric scooter in the world.

This scooter is unique because it has a removable battery. The rider can swap out batteries to double their range or charge the battery indoors while keeping their scooter outside or in a garage. It’s a feature that isn’t available on many other scooters.

The battery with a capacity of 583 watt-hours in this best designed e-scooter will last up to 25 miles (40 km) with one charge. Although the battery range of the product is not impressive, the fact that it has a removable battery is rare in this industry. This feature sets it apart from other similar products.

This is considered the best designed electric scooter in the world because of its charging feature. It is the only electric vehicle that can be charged with a USB-C laptop charger. This makes ׄike T electric scooter convenient for riders to recharge the battery on the go, without needing to bring their charger from home. Most USB-C laptop chargers will do the job, but if you want to charge up quickly, go for a 100W charger.

Kristjan Maruste, CEO of ׄike, hopes that the launch of their e-scooters in the US will boost the local e-scooter market. Maruste added, “As we kick off our North American launch in San Francisco, we think consumers will be shocked how different, and how fun, the ׄike T e-scooter is compared to the mass-produced e-scooters currently flooding the U.S. market.

With its sleek award-winning design, user-friendly features, removable battery, and high customizability, having the ׄike T now available on Tempo is an important stepping stone to converting the U.S. to high-quality electric scooters.”

The scooter is said to build like a tank because it is rated for riders of 330 lb. (150 kilograms) weight. The deck is wide enough to board a rider with feet side-by-side. This best designed e-scooter can handle potholes and rough road conditions well that could shake other scooters to bits. With 11-inch wheels and automotive-style tubeless pneumatic tires and rims is helpful in upgrading durability and longevity.

The 350W nominal rated hub motor has a peak power of 1,000W and the scooter’s top speed can reach up to 20 mph (32 kilometers per hour). Although there is no indication that riders will have the option to unlock the speed, it is clear that the scooter is durable enough to handle more than it will typically be used for, so riders need not be concerned about its longevity.

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Subscription services have fewer hassles compared to conventional ownership. This makes it easier for riders who subscribe, as they don’t have to worry about any of those issues. With this you can use better machines than you would normally buy and own. The ׄike T electric scooter can be subscribed as follows:

  • For US €59/month ($75/month)
  • In Europe it costs between €1,400 and €2,000 (US $1,500 to $2,150) to purchase, depending on the model.

Michael Keating, founder of Scoot further explained, “At Tempo, we believe we can all have freedom of movement while protecting our communities and our planet. By offering electric bikes and scooters on a subscription basis, we are opening up electric mobility to millions of new riders. To show the world how great this can be, we are launching our service with the world’s best performing, best designed, and most technologically advanced scooter: the ׄike T.”

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