5 Best Solar Powered Greenhouse Heaters


Choosing the best solar heater for your greenhouse depends on factors like available space, heating method, and portability.

Solar-powered heating systems have become essential in sustainable alternatives, particularly for greenhouses. Their modern and flexible designs are perfectly crafted to meet various needs. Notably, solar heater for small greenhouse stands out for their compactness, environmental friendliness, and efficacy. This review delves into the distinct features of some of the best solar powered greenhouse heaters on the market.

Best Solar-Powered Greenhouse Heaters

Using solar energy to heat greenhouses is both ecologically beneficial and cost-effective in the long run. To assist you in making this selection, we’ve compiled a list of the best greenhouse solar heaters. These cutting-edge devices provide consistent warmth while also making an evident commitment to a greener future.

1. Bio Green PALMA Heater

Bio Green Heater: best solar powered greenhouse
Pic Credit: Bio Green

BIO GREEN’s Palma Heater is a blend of efficiency and safety. Its sleek stainless-steel design is ideal for small greenhouses. Notably, the heater offers ventilation, enhancing its energy-efficient performance. With an IPX4 safety rating, it’s apt for humid areas like basements and greenhouses. This multifunctional device manages heating, ventilation, and cooling to ensure optimal conditions. Its floor-standing design ensures flexible placement, while the splash-proof construction, digital display, and socket inclusion add to its versatility.

Key Features:

  • Weight: 4.5 lb / 2 kg
  • Heating Type: Electronic
  • Dimensions: 11 x 8 x 12.5 inches
  • Fan power: 53 W or 180 BTUs
  • Air circulation: 163 m³/h
  • Temperature range: -58°F to 210.2°F
  • Adjustable Power: 1500 W 
  • Cable Length: 1.9m

2. Nakoair Solar Air Heater

Pic Credit: Nakoair

Nakoair’s Solar Air Heater ranks as one of the best solar powered greenhouse heaters due to its blend of effectiveness, innovation, and versatility. This heater is versatile and suitable for residences, commercial sites, cottages, and greenhouses. It boasts a dual function: heating external air and ensuring consistent airflow within the indoor environment.

It not only ensures warmth but also addresses ventilation, dehumidification, and humidification, resulting in a balanced indoor environment. The ability to switch between solar and electric energy saves money, and the integrated LCD thermostat simplifies air management for a better user experience.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 101 x 72 x 6cm
  • Net weight: 15kg
  • Room area coverage: 40m2
  • Maximum air volume: 98m3/h
  • Heating efficiency: 72%
  • Energy supplement: 550kWh/unit/year
  • Temperature rise: approx. 110°C
  • Noise level: 45dB
  • Solar photovoltaic panel power: 11watt
  • Fan: SUNON 12V, 3.4 watt
  • Coating: 92% transmittance solar tempered glass
  • UV-resistant frame texture

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3. Blue Carbon Heaters

Blue Carbon Solar Power Greenhouse Heater-3: best solar powered greenhouse heater 2
Pic Credit: Blue Carbon

Blue Carbon introduces the Blue and White Porcelain Heater, a blend of eco-friendliness and efficiency. This heater uses photovoltaic power to provide heat without the pollution caused by coal or carbon burning. It ranks among the best solar powered greenhouse heaters due to its emphasis on safety, reduced maintenance needs, and built-in over-temperature protection.

This heater incorporates the PTC ceramic heating system, which assures efficient energy conversion into warmth while decreasing environmental effects and costs. It provides over-temperature protection and low noise operation.

It offers fast heating for instant warmth; wide-angle heating for uniform distribution, turbine air supply for continuous comfort, and off-the-grid capability for versatility in areas without conventional electricity are all significant features.

Key Features:

  • Heating Power: 600W
  • Application Area: Sectional warming
  • Voltage: 24V
  • Installation: Lead connection
  • Solar Panel: 24V/300W(Monocrystalline)×—1 or 24V/170W(Polycrystalline)×—2
  • Battery: 24V/100Ah LiFePO4 Battery×—1 or 12V/60Ah Lead-Acid Battery×—4

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4. Solar Innovations Heater

Solar Innovations greenhouse-heater-4
Pic Credit: Solar Innovations

Solar Innovations is at the forefront of providing revolutionary heating solutions for a wide range of glass structures. Solar Innovations provides efficient heating systems that integrate effortlessly into sunrooms, conservatories, pool enclosures, and greenhouses. Their heaters has an Automatic Shut-off Safety Feature and represent sustainability, comfort, and cutting-edge innovation.

Key Features:

  • Four Distinct Heater Styles: Floor-mounted, roof-hung, electric roof-hung, direct vent wall-mounted
  • Compatibility: Mostly with House-attached Glass Structures
  • Integration: Seamless  integration with Environmental Control Systems
  • Controls: Temperature Controls, Matchless Ignition System, Wall Thermostat Operation

Additionally, if you are planning to purchase a Solar Innovations heater, request a quotation on their website regarding its installation, including details on pricing.

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5. AOBMAXET Greenhouse Heater

Pic Credit: Amazon

AOBMAXET is a trusted name in a wide range of heating solutions, from households to industries. It comes on the list of best solar powered greenhouse heaters due to its suitability for a variety of settings that also combine elegance and efficiency. This solar heater for small greenhouses has a built-in adjustable thermostat and overheat protection. Additionally, it offers portability, an anti-slip base, dual heating and cooling functions, and an adjustable blowing angle.

Key Features:

  • Colour: Yellow
  • Dimensions: 14″D x 11″W x 7″H
  • Mounting: Floor Mount
  • Heating Method: Forced Air
  • Heating Range: 40℉ -108℉
  • Heat Output: 5118 British Thermal Units
  • Voltage: 120 Volts
  • Weight: 8.6 pounds
  • Heating Coverage: 215 square feet
  • Burner Type: Radiant

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How to Choose a Greenhouse Heater

Choosing the best solar powered greenhouse heaters to provide optimal conditions requires consideration of several key aspects which are as follows:

1. Greenhouse Dimensions and Insulation:

The choice of the heater and its capacity largely depends on your greenhouse’s dimensions. Determine the entire area of your greenhouse in square feet to estimate heating requirements. To properly heat a greenhouse, make sure it is adequately insulated. Insulating the greenhouse frame also helps with heat retention. 

2. BTU Calculation and Heating Output:

Heaters vary based on their BTU output. Choose a heater that matches your BTU needs to optimize heating. Overcompensating with a larger BTU output might be inefficient and risk overheating. You can calculate the required BTUs depending on greenhouse size, regional climate, and desired temperature. Ensure the heater’s output aligns with your needs; consider insulating efficiency, external weather conditions, and the lowest shown temperatures.

3. Heating Method and Portability:

Choose between radiant heaters, which warm objects directly, and convection heaters, which warm the air, depending on the size and plants in your greenhouse. Consider a portable heater if you need to move or store it during the warmer months.

4. Energy Efficiency:

When selecting the best solar powered greenhouse heater, always prioritize energy-efficient heaters, particularly ones with adjustable thermostats and timers for best heat control.

5. Budget and Safety Considerations:

Set a budget for your greenhouse heater while aiming for a balance of price and durability. A quality heater may require a larger initial investment, but it can be cost-effective in the long run. When making a choice, prioritize safety to minimize risks; opt for heaters with heat protection, tilt switch, and adequate ventilation.

While exploring ways to select the best solar powered greenhouse heater, you can also harness solar energy for home heating.

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What are the Pros and Cons of Solar Greenhouse Heaters?

Choose Greenhouse Heaters 5

Greenhouse heaters powered by solar energy are rising in popularity due to their environmental friendliness. While they have various advantages, it is critical to measure those advantages against potential disadvantages. We have listed the pros and cons of solar greenhouse heaters below:

Pros of Solar Greenhouse Heaters:

  • Long-Term Savings: While the initial cost can be high, they offer significant savings over time.
  • Consistent Heating: Unaffected by power disruptions, they ensure a steady warmth.
  • Eco-Friendliness: Operating on renewable energy, they produce minimal pollutants.

Cons of Solar Greenhouse Heaters:

  • Sunlight Dependency: Their efficiency can drop during nighttime or on cloudy days, requiring backup or energy storage solutions.
  • Installation Challenges: Solar panels require careful planning for installation to ensure maximum sun exposure.
  • Maintenance Demands: Regular cleaning of the panels, including the removal of dust and snow, is essential to maintain their efficiency.

The best solar powered greenhouse heaters highlighted in this review reflect technological advancements in safety and performance. When choosing greenhouse heaters, it’s ideal to select environmentally friendly options that cater to both home and commercial requirements.

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