13 Best Sustainable Wedding Planners


Discover the forward-thinking wedding planners who incorporate eco-conscious elegance into every event.

Every couple dreams of having a wedding that reflects their love and values. As sustainability gains prominence globally, there’s a growing inclination towards green weddings. Skilled planners handle all the arrangements while incorporating eco-friendly wedding decoration ideas to create a beautiful and joyful celebration. Let us delve into the blog and explore the list of sustainable wedding planners who are revolutionizing the wedding industry through their innovative approaches, ensuring your day is uniquely designed to your needs.

Best Sustainable Wedding Planners

If you’re dreaming of a wedding that is both beautiful and sustainable, you’ll need to find a wedding planner who specializes in green weddings. Traditional weddings can often leave a considerable ecological footprint. Fortunately, a new generation of wedding planners is emphasizing sustainability without sacrificing the elegance and grandeur of this event. We have a comprehensive list of sustainable wedding planners who can make your ideas a reality, whether you’re planning a close-knit affair, an extensive gala, a beachside bash, a cozy gathering, or a luxurious event.

Note: The photos in this blog are only used to display the design styles of wedding planners, assisting readers in understanding their vision for the perfect wedding day.

1. Paige Events

1. Paige Events: Best sustainable wedding planners 1
Pic Credit: Paige Events

Paige McQuillan founded Paige Events, one of the best sustainable wedding planners, after noticing the significant waste on multiple occasions. This company integrates joy and sustainability into event planning, prioritizing both client needs and environmental responsibility. They pay close attention to detail in each event, be it local weddings, destination ceremonies, philanthropic activities, or corporate affairs.

Their key sustainability practices include opposing single-use plastics, collaborating with vendors who focus on local and organic products, managing surplus food, sourcing flowers locally without harmful additives, and using recycled paper for event essentials.

2. JoAnn Moore Weddings

2. JoAnn Moore Weddings: best sustainable wedding planner 2
Pic Credit: JoAnn Moore

JoAnn Moore Weddings prioritizes sustainable options for their clients as a Certified Green Wedding Planner (CGWP), emphasizing the principles of recycling, reuse, and regenerating. They advocate for renting items rather than buying disposable ones and choosing biodegradable products, ensuring that every decision has the least possible environmental impact.

They create eco-friendly yet stunning weddings, blending sustainability with elegance through choices like organic flowers and biodegradable confetti. Their commitment to sustainability includes innovative eco-friendly wedding decoration ideas such as using rental decor and tableware, repurposing flowers for post-wedding festivities, and donating extra flowers to local senior centers or hospitals.

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3. KG Events & Design

KG Events & Design planner
Pic Credit: KG Events & Design

KG Events & Design, based on Martha’s Vineyard, is a boutique planning and design company capable of creating private, corporate, and destination events not only in the Northeast but globally. Their creative approach guarantees that each event has its unique style and charm. They hold a special fondness for destination and island weddings, always prioritizing eco-friendly solutions as certified green wedding professionals.

Moreover, they offer a Preliminary Event Research (PER) package that assists clients in exploring destination and venue options, ensuring well-informed decisions from the outset. Recognizing the environmental footprint of their industry, KG Events & Design is committed to sustainable practices without compromising luxury. Beyond weddings, they cater to engagement parties, showers, brunches, rehearsal dinners, and other special events.

4. Together Events

together_events planner
Pic Credit: Together Events

Together Events is a sustainable wedding planner that prioritizes cooperation with clients and vendors who share their vision of a more inclusive and just future. They challenge traditions and select providers based on sustainability and inclusion, forging a path toward reduced waste and greater equity. From design, food, and cultural traditions to environmental sustainability and guest facilities, their professional planners provide a seamless experience, allowing you to enjoy every minute with peace of mind.

While they recognize that no event can be completely waste-free, they implement a harm-reduction plan for each occasion. They treasure the moments and meanings generated around the table, emphasizing that there is room for everyone, regardless of gender, creed, ethnicity, religion, or identity.

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5. Keen Events

Keen Events wedding planner
Pic Credit: Keen Events

Elise Handler of Keen Events recognizes the vast potential of eco-friendly wedding planning. She offers a plethora of eco-friendly wedding reception ideas, ensuring that every celebration is a testament to sustainability. She began sustainable event planning years ago and is proud to be Oregon’s first Green Certified Wedding Planner. This includes recycled paper for invites, local and organic food offerings, and a variety of other environmentally conscious options.

Keen Events also offers complimentary eco-consultations to their couples. They continue their dedication after the event by donating a portion of their earnings to charity and donating excess wedding flowers to local hospices.

Every couple should feel represented in the wedding industry. They’re committed to fostering an inclusive environment for all, irrespective of race, religion, gender, or sexuality. Their team emphasizes diversity, both in their partnerships and in the couples they assist.

6. Panigrahana

panigrahana events
Pic Credit: panigrahana weddings

Panigrahana sustainable wedding planner specializes in environment-responsible wedding planning with client satisfaction. They assist clients from the first phases of customized venue selection to the fine aspects of dשcor and ambiance production. Personalized food, photography, cinematography, and beautification services are all effortlessly integrated into their packages. Guest arrangements, such as transportation and attendance, are attentively handled, guaranteeing a memorable experience for all guests.

Furthermore, they curate thoughtful return gifts and ensure that traditional customs are seamlessly integrated. They created eco-friendly, plantable invitation cards presented in wooden boxes for a client in one memorable project, showing their adaptability and attention to meeting unique needs.

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7. Charleston Wedding Planner

Charleston Wedding Planner: Best sustainable wedding planners 5
Pic Credit: Charleston Wedding Planner

Charleston Wedding Planner, led by Mike Winship provides comprehensive sustainable wedding planning and design that focuses on weaving love tales while connecting with a couple’s spirit. They are passionate about environmentally friendly practices and green weddings. They help clients with paperwork, venue selection, catering, and eco wedding decor.

They turn any wedding concept, whether quirky, modern, or sophisticated, into a reality while ensuring each has its distinct style. To keep an environmental focus, they create strategic eco-friendly plans, collaborate with sustainable vendors, and use tools such as a green wedding workbook and budget spreadsheets. Charleston locations are chosen with consideration for sustainability, availability, and cost. Every aspect, from site inspections to seating arrangements, is designed with the environment in mind.

8. Lea Stafford Events

Lea Stafford Events: wedding planner
Pic Credit: Lea Stafford Events

Lea Stafford Events is a well-known sustainable wedding planning company known for its meticulously designed events. Clients are carefully guided through the planning process, benefiting from the team’s attention to detail, unique perspectives, and expertise in eco wedding decor. The firm thrives on visiting lively cultural sites and collaborating with artisans who are committed to sustainability and ethical practices, demonstrating their commitment to sustainability.

LSE provides comprehensive event planning services to clients. These include venue hunting, entire event planning, coordination with all relevant parties, attending necessary meetings, developing event layouts, organizing guest transportation, and overseeing contractual details. Budgeting, logistical planning, guest accommodations, and thoughtful gifting are all part of their management skills.

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9. Summer Newman Events

Summer Newman Events: Best sustainable wedding planners 6
Pic Credit: Summer Newman Events

Summer Newman Events, situated in Southern California, is a well-known sustainable wedding planner firm recognized for creating events that combine grace, romanticism, and environmentally friendly aesthetics. While maintaining a traditional design, the team regularly incorporates creative, environmentally friendly components into its events. After organizing her own wedding, Newman’s journey shifted from corporate event planning in the entertainment sector to focusing on private, unique wedding experiences.

The organization incorporates elegance and sustainability into every event, with client preferences creating immersive experiences that engage deeply with attendees. The portrayal of romance is central to their approach, and they strive to arrange weddings that reflect the ageless nature of love.

10. Bluebird Productions

Bluebird Productions: Best sustainable wedding planners 7
Pic Credit: Bluebird Productions

Bluebird Productions is a well-known sustainable wedding planning company that specializes in delivering one-of-a-kind events that flawlessly combine timeless style and high quality. They offer a wide range of services to help couples create their dream wedding, from sourcing sustainable vendors to planning eco-friendly menus and dשcor.

Bluebird Productions’ team of experts takes care of every detail, from aesthetics to food, so couples can relax and enjoy their special day. They believe in empowering couples and helping them bring their vision to life, while also minimizing their environmental impact. They have distinctive designs and strong industry ties, which allow access to exclusive locations and vendors. While they specialize in weddings, their experience also includes corporate retreats and birthday parties.

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11. The Lost Forty

The Lost Forty wedding planner
Pic Credit: Facebook

The Lost Forty, based in Michigan and driven by owner Kayla, specializes in developing sustainable wedding experiences. Kayla has experience organizing over 120 events and has seen the environmental impact of large weddings, which has led her to specialize in engagements, elopements, and micro weddings.

This maneuver minimizes environmental effects while providing couples with a private and memorable celebration. It caters to those who value both the environment and human connections, offering an all-inclusive option for cost-effective and eco-friendly wedding festivities. It is a great choice for ambitious couples looking for particularly sustainable and small marriages.

12. Capiche

Capiche wedding planner
Pic Credit: Capiche Custom Events

Capiche Custom Events is among the best sustainable wedding planners that strive to reflect a couple’s individuality in their celebrations. Every detail of the wedding, from the colors to the textures, is meticulously planned to make the occasion uniquely special. The company is deeply committed to environmental sustainability, and its practices emphasize reuse, recycling, and reinvention.

Capiche Custom Events has grown from a small venture into a well-known brand, arranging events ranging from large galas to smaller weddings. They offer a variety of wedding planning services; including hourly consultations, budgeting, checklist creation, floor layout, and event design. They also provide customized vendor recommendations ranging from entertainment to transportation. They maintain clear communication with clients throughout the planning process through site visits, meetings, and regular updates via phone and email.

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13. Greenmyna

Greenmyna wedding planner
Pic Credit: Greenmyna

Greenmyna, a leading sustainable wedding planning firm co-founded by Ashwin and Nupur in Mumbai, is committed to reducing the excessive waste and environmental impact of traditional Indian weddings. Founded in response to the duo’s own challenges in planning their eco-conscious wedding, Greenmyna is meant for weddings that represent love without harming the environment.

Greenmyna values grandeur but is committed to making large festivities environmentally friendly. They serve clients throughout India and emphasize sustainability in all aspects of event preparation, including eco-friendly decor, apparel, and invitations, as well as waste management and carbon auditing.

Their expertise is not limited to weddings; they handle a variety of events while remaining environmentally conscious. Services range from waste management, recycling, and environmentally friendly decor to venue organizing, catering, and vendor management. Greenmyna tailors its services to the individual needs of each event, whether it is a concert, a festival, or a business event.

What are Some Innovative Eco-Friendly Wedding Decoration Ideas?

Eco-Friendly Wedding Decoration Ideas

After exploring some of the top sustainable wedding planners, you might be motivated to incorporate green elements into your wedding dשcor. Here are some eco friendly wedding reception ideas and tips to add to your decorations while keeping things beautiful and elegant:

1. Natural Flower Arrangements:

  • Go for potted flowers such as orchids or spray roses, which can be reused or transferred to gardens after the event.
  • Choose seasonal, locally grown flowers to minimize transportation’s environmental impact.
  • Seek sustainable florists who may collaborate with local farmers or cultivate their own flowers.
  • Consider composting services for greens after the wedding.
  • Use biodegradable materials like lavender, rose petals, fresh herbs, or miniature flowers instead of paper confetti for exit tossing.

2. Upcycled Decor:

  • Utilize existing decorations at locations such as botanical gardens.
  • Donate the remaining dשcor to local charities, repurpose it for personal use, or gift it to guests.
  • Use decorations that you already own or plan to incorporate into your home post-wedding.
  • Rent dשcor and equipment instead of buying single-use items.
  • Opt for rented linens like napkins and tablecloths to enhance the wedding’s appearance sustainably.
  • Incorporate solar lights for a sustainable yet elegant touch.

3. Eco-friendly Wedding Catering and Favours Ideas:

  • Partner with caterers specializing in local, sustainable, and seasonal cuisine.
  • Serve vegetarian dishes for a reduced environmental footprint.
  • Offer wines that are natural, organic, and biodynamic.
  • Opt for plated dinners to reduce food waste and consider donating leftovers.
  • Gift glass or reusable water bottles and cloth totes as welcome bags.
  • Present edible favors sourced from local vendors or farmer’s markets.
  • Make charitable donations instead of tangible favors.

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If you’re on the wedding planning journey, these sustainable wedding planners can introduce decor ideas that include style and eco-consciousness. Each planner stands out with their mix of creativity, environmental awareness, and keen attention to detail. Their approach ensures weddings are not just celebrations but also contribute to sustainability. So, you can select the ideal planner based on your needs, ensuring you celebrate with joy without the stress of handling and creating a mess in the environment.

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