From Bin to Beauty: Thenga’s Sustainable Home Products made from Coconut Shells


Thenga creates sustainable home products from coconut waste by transforming discarded coconut shells into unique and sustainable home products. Founder Maria Kuriakose started the venture in Kerala, India in 2019, that has become a leading brand in repurposing coconut waste. Thenga is an eco-conscious brand that creates durable items. It empowers women in Palakkad by providing stable employment. Thenga’s story represents innovation, environmental responsibility, and women empowerment.

It is never too late to start what we aspire to do to inspire others. And in today’s world where our planet is burning, we need to take initiatives. This is what Thenga founder Maria Kuriakose thought when she left her corporate job to start a business. Thenga, a home-grown brand from Kerala, repurposes coconut waste into handmade home products.

These products are long-lasting and sustainable, plus plants and the environment are not harmed in their manufacturing. The company was founded in 2019, and today it is considered an established retailing brand in India. Maria’s positive outlook towards coconuts being more than a refreshment made her notice its potential.

Eventually she started looking for its by-products from coconut processing units and this is how the journey began. Thenga products are completely safe, natural and sustainable. Which is why they are not indigenously famous but are loved in other countries as well.

The coconut palm, known as the tree of life due to how every part of it sustains life, holds great importance in the concept of Kerala. At Thenga, they discovered and made a new addition to its utility list. Through meticulous craftsmanship, shells are transformed into practical and aesthetically pleasing products. Thenga truly turns trash into treasure.

Thenga has successfully saved around 53,000 coconut shells from being discarded as mere waste. These discarded shells have been ingeniously transformed into exquisitely crafted bowls and cups, which are now being widely utilized not only in India but also internationally. Not only this, but their product range includes tableware, decor, kitchen, home & garden.

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About the Founder

An Economics graduate from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai and an MBA holder from ICADE Spain, Maria worked for an MNC for about 4 years. But then one day she decided to return to her hometown Thrissur, Kerala and start a business with coconut shells. Yeah, sounds innovative, but things were not as good as they sound.

In a world where people are adapted to modern technologies and expensive crockery, it was difficult to make a stand. But with support from her family, she stepped forward. Her father, a mechanical engineer, saw her potential and understood her mission. He put his skills to use and designed a machine that would reduce the initial expenses of the venture and make it easier to work with coconut shells.

Thenga creates sustainable home products from coconut waste, and she is in charge of overseeing operations and implementing initiatives and strategies that will propel Thenga to new levels of growth. Additionally, she manages all marketing initiatives, including social media, to effectively convey Thenga’s captivating story and showcase the inspiring women behind the business.

Thenga’s Philosophy

According to the founder, Thenga is for conscious customers who are willing to leave behind those non-eco-friendly practices in their day-to-day lives. Each piece is cut and polished in such a way that the grainy details of the shell are enhanced and revealed beautifully.

  • It is all about repurposing and reusing what is normally considered a waste.
  • Due to their tough and hard nature, coconut shells are a perfect substitute for plastic products.
  • They last for decades unlike plastic that wears away sooner or later.
  • The team ensures nothing is left unused at their unit.

Thenga’s Impact

Thenga is a brand that prides itself in creating handcrafted products of exceptional quality. It not only stands for attention to detail and precision but also represents a brand that strongly supports women empowerment.

Founded as a women-led venture, Thenga has become a source of stable employment for numerous women in the rural district of Palakkad, Kerala. With a dedicated team of over 16 individuals, Thenga not only provides permanent jobs but also ensures a steady income for many others involved in the intricate process of making exquisite coconut shell crafts.

Source: Thenga Coco

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