The Solar Powered Smart Yard is a remarkable joint venture by SunVilla and Suntek is a solar power shed that can charge electric tools. This storage shed has solar panels and a new battery system that can power electric yard tools and outdoor devices using sustainable energy. It has a large storage capacity of 6.4 kWh and produces around 100-200 W of energy. It is convenient, scalable, and environmentally friendly.

SunVilla and Suntek announced that they have collaborated to create a solar-powered storage shed. It is a solar power shed backed with battery storage equipped with a battery that can power electric outdoor equipment and devices. The panels on the roof enable the battery to be charged using sunlight. This product aims to provide sustainable and convenient outdoor solutions.

Known as the Solar Powered Smart Yard, it is equipped with semi-solid-state batteries that charge your electric tools with solar shed and outdoor furniture to be charged while they are being stored. The Smart Yard is equipped with a revolutionary semi-solid state battery system with a storage capacity of 6.4 kWh. It boasts an impressive 3.8 kW output, providing ample power for all your needs. Additionally, solar panels on the roof of the shed are capable of generating 100-200 W of clean energy from the sun.

The advantages of semi-solid-state batteries over lithium-ion batteries are that they are smaller, more stable, safer, and less expensive. This type of battery has one electrode that does not contain a liquid electrolyte, and the other electrode does contain a liquid electrolyte. Although semi-solid batteries offer higher energy density and a more affordable alternative to Li-ion batteries, they still face challenges when it comes to scalability and commercial viability.

The solar + battery storage shed is capable of powering multiple devices simultaneously, in addition to being a storage space for belongings. In addition to that, the two companies are creating outdoor power equipment powered by electricity which can be charged within their environment-friendly shed. The Suntek Smart Link app allows for seamless control and monitoring of the Solar Powered Smart Yard, which features Internet of Things technology.

Solar power shed that can charge electric tools by Suntek & SunVilla will be showcasing it at the Atlanta trade show Casual Market this month while US consumers can expect to have access to the product by late 2023.

Source Solar-Powered Shed and Battery Storage


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