CiP in long-term collaboration with Viviid India to create 1.8GW of renewable energy projects on behalf of its New Markets Fund I (CI NMF I). The projects will have a primary focus on onshore wind projects.

Danish-based company Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners will handle general procurement activities, offtake sourcing, and the finance process, drawing on Viviid’s local knowledge. The cooperation will focus primarily on the construction of two onshore wind projects totaling more than 500MW, with more projects planned to be conceived and built under successor CI NMF funds. Viviid will provide projects from its broad development pipeline as well as design, engineering, sourcing, and construction services to the partnership.

CiP Associate Partner Peter Sjntoft also mentioned, how this is the fund’s second cooperation in the Indian renewable energy sector, demonstrating the fund’s continued prominence as a major emphasis area. CiP is quite thrilled to collaborate with Viviid and anticipates working with their highly skilled staff, leveraging their collective skills to aid the country’s green transformation.

Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners LinkedIn | CiP in Long-Term Collaboration with Viviid India to Create 1.8GW of Renewable Energy Projects

Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners is now the world’s largest specialized fund manager specializing in Greenfield renewable energy projects. CiP’s funds invest in offshore and onshore wind, biomass and energy-from-waste, solar PV, transmission and distribution, storage, advanced biofuels, reserve capacity, etc.

They are also the global leader when it comes to offshore wind projects. CiP runs 10 energy and related infrastructure funds for over 140 worldwide institutional investors.

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Viviid Renewables Private Limited is one of India’s top renewable energy developers, having a proven track record and several significant projects under development with prominent IPPs. Viviid offers complete development and balance of payments services for solar and wind power projects in India.

As CiP in long-term collaboration with Viviid India to create 1.8GW of renewable energy projects, it can be said that this will be a massive push towards the carbon neutral zero emission India.

Under this long-term relationship, India hopes to increase our contribution to India’s ambitious ambition of constructing 500 GW of renewable energy capacity by 2030.

Source: Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners


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