COP28 UAE: Uniting Nations for Climate Action in Dubai


Amidst the extreme climate changes faced by the planet, countries are focusing on improvising their existing and future action plans. We will be witnessing global collaboration for climate action at COP28 in Dubai, scheduled from November 30th to December 12th, 2023, at Expo City. The event is divided into Blue and Green Zones, hosting formal negotiations, side events, and inclusive platforms for delegates. The focus is to highlight the need to cut emissions in half by 2030 and speed up global climate action. The event, led by the UAE Presidency, places a strong emphasis on fostering collaboration between governments and the private sector.

COP is an annual international summit where world leaders join forces to find solutions for climate change. It is attended by 198 Parties, including 197 countries and the European Union, making it almost universal. The COP28 UAE is scheduled to happen from November 30th to December 12th, 2023, at the extraordinary Expo City in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The United Nations Climate Change Conferences, known as Conference of the Parties (COP), play a crucial role in addressing climate change and finding solutions to reduce emissions and put a stop to global warming. These conferences serve as a formal platform where UNFCCC parties gather to negotiate and reach agreements on taking action. They are not only the highest authority on climate matters worldwide, but also represent one of the most significant international gatherings on a global scale.

It is expected that COP28 UAE is a crucial event for the world to come together and take real action against climate change. To make this happen, we need collaboration between civil society, governments, industries, and sectors. COP28 UAE Presidency emphasizes collaboration between governments and the private sector to tackle climate change. To facilitate this, there are 2 zones or designated areas at the event: Blue Zone and Green Zone.

1. Blue Zone

This zone serves as a supervised area by the UNFCCC that is accessible to accredited parties such as country negotiators, observer delegates including NGOs, IGOs, and UN Agencies, as well as media and world leaders.

The Blue Zone is where formal negotiations take place throughout the two-week conference, featuring hundreds of official side events such as panel discussions, speaking engagements, and cultural activities.

2. Green Zone

Managed and organized by the COP28 UAE Presidency, the Green Zone serves as an inclusive platform for non-accredited delegates, such as youth organizations, civil society, the private sector, and indigenous groups. It empowers these voices, promoting crucial dialogue and raising awareness regarding climate action.

The COP28 UAE Presidency presents the Green Zone, a platform for the private sector to demonstrate their valuable contributions and innovative solutions in tackling the worldwide climate challenge.

An important part of COP28 UAE will be covered by the climate action technologies, entrepreneurial ideas, and innovative approaches of the delegates in the Green Zone. This zone will also host technical conferences and panels, along with activations focusing on existing and future solutions to tackle climate change challenges.

Global collaboration for climate action at COP28 in Dubai will be followed by numerous ‘fringe’ events revolve around each COP, orchestrated and hosted by individuals, businesses, and other organizations that couldn’t secure a spot in the Blue or Green Zones or simply choose to showcase their own venues. Although these events are unofficial and independent, they bring a unique and diverse perspective to the COP.

H.E. Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, President-Designate for COP28 UAE shared in his welcome message, “In 2015, at COP21, countries agreed to limit global warming to 1.5° C by 2050. Science says we need to cut emissions in half by 2030. We have only seven years left to achieve that. The COP28 in the UAE presents an exceptional opportunity to reevaluate and give utmost importance to the climate agenda.

Working with the UNFCCC Executive Secretary alongside the UN Climate Change High-Level Champion and the UAE Youth Climate Champion, I will strive to build consensus amongst parties to drive climate action. Together, we will prioritize efforts to accelerate emissions reductions through a pragmatic energy transition, reform land use, and transform food systems. We will work to mobilize solutions for vulnerable countries, operationalize loss and damage, and deliver the most inclusive Conference possible.”

COP28 UAE will be the game changer the world needs. The Action Agenda will take us from mere agreements to impactful actions. Discover more about the Action Agenda by the following highlights mentioned in the COP28 President-Designate’s Letter to Parties.

Unity is crucial for success this year. COP28 and the first Global Stocktake of the Paris Agreement can be the turning point for climate action in this decade.

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The vision is to deliver as per the pillars of the Paris Agreement that can be achieved by focusing on the specific actions for 4 paradigm shifts.

  • To fast-track the energy transition and cut down emissions before 2030
  • To revitalize global financial commitments and establish a pathway for innovative financing solutions
  • To prioritize people, nature, livelihoods, and lives at the center of climate action.
  • To prepare for the most inclusive conference of all time, COP.

Global collaboration for climate action at COP28 in Dubai has revolutionized a three-fold mission:

1. The Negotiated Outcome

The outcome should include comprehensive analysis of past and future gaps in adaptation, mitigation, loss and damage, finance, and ways to implement solutions. There is a need to bring all parties together to take fair and specific actions to address these gaps. This will help in informing NDCs and NAPs, and establish clear paths aligned with the goals of the Paris Agreement, including efforts to limit global temperature increase to 1.5° C.

2. The Action Agenda

An urgent and practical plan that combines policy, finance, and technology solutions, rallying new resources, partners, and advocates to sector-specific coalitions – anchored by a two-day World Climate Action Summit and a pioneering two-week program.

3. We need everyone

Yes, we need governments, industries, and individuals – to take action now. It is crucial that everyone makes significant changes in their development to ensure we meet the goals set by science for 2030.

Source: COP28 UAE

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