ABM has launched a brand-new range of chargers customized to suit the diverse needs of electric vehicle owners. They collaborated with software developer Noodoe to create its own charging technology for the very first time. The lineup offers Level 2 with power outputs ranging from 6.6 to 19.2 kW and Level 3 ranging from 24 kW wall boxes to impressive 350 kW high-powered stations for commercial EVs. They also introduced the ABM EV OS, a cloud-based operating platform. The 2023 IPMI Parking and Mobility Conference & Expo in Texas is currently showcasing the chargers.

Despite all others following Tesla’s lead, ABM announces own EV chargers and software. Today, ABM unveiled a fresh series of chargers designed specifically for three different categories of electric vehicle owners. The largest EV charger installer in the United States, ABM unlike GM & Ford not to rely on Tesla and has decided to take some of their own charger technology. The company, with the help of Noodoe, the software developer, has introduced a lineup of ABM-branded EV chargers. This is for the first time that these chargers support various output ranges and charge speedily.

ABM specializes in transportation and parking services and has operated in this field for the last 50 years. With the advent of EVs, the company ventured into EV infrastructure and installed over 28,000 chargers in the US to date. Despite being the largest commercial EV charger installer in the country, ABM relied on other companies to manufacture and develop the installing technology.

Despite All Others Following Tesla's Lead, ABM Announces Own EV Chargers and Software
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Specifications of ABM chargers

The lineup details shared today include Level 2 chargers and Level 3 chargers for the electric fleet. ABM creates its own EV OS which is a cloud-based operating platform that is developed through partnership and investment with Noodoe.

Level 2 AC Charging Stations:

  • Power outputs between 6.6 and 19.2kW.
  • Ideal for any commercial, municipal, or residential parking location, including airports, hotels, hospitals, universities, commercial or residential parking lots, stadiums and sports venues.

Level 3 DC Fast Chargers:

  • A full range ranging from 24 kW DC Wallbox
  • Ideal for commercial parking, auto dealerships, workplace facilities and fleets, to 350 kW high-powered stations for commercial EVs like buses and trucks.

24 kW is too low to be considered a “fast charger” but ABM’s 350 kW output is impressive, but currently only marketed to fleets. Although NACS compatibility is not mentioned yet, it is highly likely to be integrated into more charging networks as this standard gains more acceptance.

ABM EV OS software

With this customer can effortlessly enhance the user experience, whether they manage a single charging station or a network spanning multiple locations. It allows for minimizing operating expenses while maintaining optimal performance.

The OS provides monitoring, reporting, remote operation management, customizable payment processing, and automatic infrastructure diagnostics. Scott Salmirs, President and CEO of ABM spoke about the new lineup, “ABM is a market leader in sustainable infrastructure, power, and bundled energy solutions, pioneering innovative and tech-forward services across the eMobility, EV and electrification industries. Our introduction of branded hardware and our investment in software marks an exciting next step placing us at the forefront of the dynamic EV infrastructure industry, by enabling us to offer our clients a single source for rapidly growing needs in this sector.”

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John Wang, Noodoe Group’s Chairman said, “We are excited to partner with ABM in this rapidly growing and evolving EV ecosystem to develop innovative solutions and enhance user and operator experience. By pairing our next-generation software with ABM’s scale and industry leading expertise, we will grow our reach to support the global EV evolution already underway.”

President of Technical Solutions, ABM, Mark Hawkinson, said, “As the nation continues to move toward an electric-first future on the road, the country’s infrastructure requires smart solutions that can readily adapt to changing consumer habits while requiring relatively little hands-on operating. At ABM, we’re uniquely positioned to understand what is needed at all points of the EV ecosystem, from the power grid to the customer experience, which is why we’ve applied that knowledge to creating the best EV software and hardware solutions available.”

Despite all others following Tesla’s lead, ABM announces own EV chargers and software, and customers have access to the new ABM chargers starting today. This week they are being showcased at Booth 505 at the 2023 IPMI Parking and Mobility Conference & Expo, Fort Worth in Texas.

Source Simplify EV | ABM


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