The company supports the government funded ECO4 Scheme, providing free energy grants with the aim to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2050. They ensure a hassle-free installation process, offering financial assistance to low-income families, and reducing their heating expenses. In this guide, we will review Eco Energy Services and explore their products, service areas, and warranty details.

Eco Energy Reviews

It is a group of devoted professionals dedicated to assisting low-income families in reducing expenses and enhancing living conditions through their services. Aligning with the UK Government’s ECO4 Scheme, Eco Energy Services firmly believe in providing everyone affordable, clean energy access. They are committed to realizing this vision, through complimentary energy grants.

Eco Energy is certified with Quidos, Worcester Bosch group, TRUSTMARK, and Elmhurst Energy. The company is Gas Safe registered, ensuring safety standards in gas-related services. The company’s certified engineers guarantee a smooth and seamless installation completed within just 3 working days. They keep in touch with clients even after finishing installing everything. Thus, the company is known for excellent ongoing help and maintenance services. To gain insight into Eco Energy Services reviews, let us consider their strengths and weaknesses.

Free energy grants & professional team in reach of grant completionDependency on grants
Lower energy bills through ECO4 & gas safe registeredUnclear information on services offered
Excellent installation and guidance throughout the processSpecific regional focus
Advance equipment & high-quality servicesFunctional delay of services

Eco Energy Services

Company suggests survey of home to determine scale and models for installation, replace worn-out products, upscale services, and provide professional team for customer support. The main services provided by them are as follows:

  • Boiler installation: Their team will expertly assemble the boilers, connect them with utilities, test each step of the process right before your eyes, and guarantee that your production reaches its utmost efficiency.
  • Central heating system: Engineers create a blueprint for the home, install radiators, lay pipes as necessary, and finally, set up a control system. Then, they perform a test run.
  • Air source heat pumps: First, the team installs the indoor unit, and then they set up the outdoor unit and connect it through the wall.

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Eco Energy Grants and ECO4

Eco Energy’s mission support the ECO4 scheme by offering different grants to its clients. The Energy Company Obligation ECO4 is a government initiative in Great Britain aimed at enhancing energy efficiency, addressing fuel poverty, and contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions. You can check your eligibility using their free eligibility checker to know if you meet the government requirements needed for these grants.

This program offers financial assistance to qualifying individuals, homeowners, or even renters, enabling them to cut heating expenses of storage heaters, loft, floor, cavity, and Internal Wall Insulation (IWI). Let’s review their grants.

1. New Boiler and Replacement Grant: It offers a cost-effective boiler replacement, further saving on energy and heating costs.

2. Air Source Heat Pump Grant: It makes heating your home cost-effective and energy efficient.

3. Central Heating System Grant: It provides financial support options to assist in covering the expenses of installing a gas central heating system in your home.

4. Insulation Grant: It helps in cutting down on heating costs and keeping your home cozy by installing cavity wall insulation.

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Eco Energy Price

Eco Energy provides services and offers ECO4 grants, with the reduction in costs varying based on eligibility and other factors. The extent of the price reduction is dependent on individual circumstances, making it mandatory for beneficiaries to assess their eligibility and explore the specific details.

Eco Energy Warranty

Depending on the products or services you need and where you live, warranty details can vary. To find out specific warranty information, visit their official website. This will help you make informed decisions based on your needs and location.

By offering cost-effective services and dependable grants, Eco Energy Services promotes green energy in the UK. Moreover, it significantly enhances the economic well-being of individuals and uplifts their living conditions. For more energy services related content, keep scrolling through our website.

Source: ECO Energy Services Official Webpage


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