In the journey of establishing as an independent power producer in Europe, and recently European Energy achieves 1 GW of capacity benchmark in owned assets.

Wind parks of Ouro Branco II and Brazil and Telsiai I, Lithuania were connected to the grid that led European Energy to achieve the milestone of 1 GW renewable energy capacity. Knud Erik Andersen, CEO of European Energy said, “With 1 GW of renewable energy capacity under our ownership, we have crossed a major milestone in the company’s history. In 2022, our assets produced 779 GWh. That is considerable in the fight against climate change.”

European Energy LinkedIn post | European Energy Achieves 1 GW of Capacity Benchmark in Owned Assets

In 2022 alone more than 600 MW of renewable energy capacity was attained by the grid connected with the company. Amount of power generated by owned assets is enough to run approximately 200,000 households and this corresponds to 400,000 tones of CO2 in Denmark. The company continues to work on projects in Brazil, including Quatro Ventos and Ouro Branco II.

Knud Erik Andersen, CEO of European Energy said, “We have just finished the most extensive annual construction programme in the history of European Energy. In this past year, we took the FID on 839 MW of renewable energy capacity. Considering the tremendous hard work of our staff, there is no reason why we should not exceed that in 2023.”

European Energy with its establishment in 2004, has been involved with projects for more than 3 GW and in 2022 grid connected more than 600 MW of renewable energy capacity. Maintain a higher level of ownership of renewable energy assets, a strategy followed by the company since 2019 which is now materializing and benefiting.

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Thorvald Spanggard, Executive Vice President of Project Development in European Energy A/S said, “Brazil is one of our key markets, and we have been developing projects in Brazil since 2016. This latest addition to our portfolio in Brazil shows that we are committed to building up the renewable energy capacity in Brazil.”

Renewable energy parks in Germany, Denmark, United Kingdom, Sweden, Italy, Spain, and Netherlands are also owned by Europe. This is how European Energy achieves 1 GW of capacity benchmark in owned assets and aims to achieve more in coming years.

Source: Energy Global


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