Extra Large Electric Kia SUV Which is the First of its Kind is Almost Here


Two years after its concept image was shown, an extra large Electric Kia SUV which is the first of its kind is almost here as the company gives us a glimpse of the 2024 EV9 Kia model in the recently unveiled Teaser. The full-sized three-row SUV is set to be as huge as an Escalade and Telluride.

EV9’s younger sibling debuted back in 2021 under the name EV6 and if the earlier model is anything to go by then the upcoming model can be expected to be a hit with the audience. Also, the fact that the market does not have a lot of SUVs that offer full three-row seating, especially in the EV category is what makes it an even better addition to the market.

For now, the teaser does what it is supposed to as just a silhouette of the car is teased in the latest post by Kia. This happens to be the second model after EV6 which is built on Hyundai’s shared E-GMP or electrical global module platform. An Extra large Electric Kia SUV which is the first of its kind is almost here and while its concept version was shown at Auto Expo 2023 the unveiling will take place on March 15.

Kia tweet | Extra Large Electric Kia SUV Which is the First of its Kind is Almost Here

Recently the car was said to be going under its final testing phase in the production version. The car is said to be ready for mass production which is why a teaser of the concept has now been shared. The product version is set to look quite similar to the concept vehicle shared by the company in the first place.

The car is set to have the longest available wheelbase of 3,100 mm for an E-GMP platform vehicle. Also, the car will supposedly run 540 kilometers on a single charge. The car is expected to provide horsepower between 197 and 395 while the torque is assumed to range between 338 Nm and 652 Nm.

It is also set to be the first Kia car to boast Automode autonomous driving technology. The car will also have over-the-air software upgrades and features on demand will also be used in it.

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Additionally, the car is said to have L-shaped DRLs, pixel LED lighting on the front grille, 21-inch alloy wheels, LED light bars, and vertical LED taillights on the boot and tailgate. Apart from this, the inside of the car is expected to be as was shown in the concept or prototype and no more changes are expected to be made to this mammoth of an SUV.

Lastly, for now, the prices remain unchanged and more information is expected to be known about the same in the upcoming days as we inch closer to the worldwide release on the 15th of March. The car with Indian market specifications is expected to go under manufacturing this year and it will launch in 2024.

Source: Kia

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