Growatt’s Smart Energy Innovations Showcased at REI 2023


Growatt showcased smart energy innovations at REI 2023 that included EV chargers, PV inverters, and energy storage systems. Each device was packed with intelligent features to enhance the output. The C&I sector has the WIT 50-100KHU hybrid inverter and APX Commercial Battery, Thor AC & DC EV chargers solve the problem of charging stations for electric vehicles. Moreover, intelligent string PV inverters ranging from 0.75 kW to 253 kW can be used for large utility-scale PV systems, commercial and industrial sectors.

The Renewable Energy India (REI) Expos, hosted by Exhibitions India Pvt Ltd, have gained worldwide acclaim and are widely recognized as the leading renewable sector event in Asia. Every year hundreds of companies participate in the event and in REI 2023 more than 450 companies were listed in the exhibitor list to showcase their unique and sustainable innovations.

Growatt, a top company in the energy solutions industry, displayed their complete range of solar, storage, and EV charging solutions for residential, C&I, and utility applications at the REI Expo 2023. These devices were designed to match the current trends in the Indian market and meet the needs of customers.

Energy Storage System

The brand’s innovative energy storage solutions for the C&I sector include the WIT 50-100KHU hybrid inverter and APX Commercial Battery.

The WIT series has advanced features like:

  • Built-in UPS
  • Black start capability
  • 100% unbalanced output
  • 110% continuous AC overloading

It also works with the APX Commercial Battery, which uses battery soft-switching connection technology. This allows different battery packs to be integrated into one system, regardless of their charge level or age. This combination helps businesses generate their own energy and be more efficient in their operations.

EV Chargers

Growatt’s Thor AC & DC EV chargers address the issue of charging infrastructure and the increasing demand for EVs. These chargers have a modern design and incorporate special features and safety measures. The GroHome system and PV linkage charge mode enable users to charge their EVs with 100% clean power, promoting a “zero-carbon” lifestyle.

In addition, the company unveiled its revolutionary Infinity 1500 portable power station, perfect for camping or life on the road. They also presented the micro-inverter NEO 2000M-X and their ingenious smart energy management solutions.

PV Inverters

Growatt showcased its intelligent string PV inverters at the Expo, offering a diverse range of 0.75 kW to 253 kW. The ‘MIC 1000-3300TL-X2’ and ‘MIN 2500-6000TL-X2’ inverters immediately captivated the attention of EPCs and homeowners alike. These advanced have enhanced MPPT current and provide a seamless solution for incorporating high-wattage peak modules into residential solar rooftop systems.

1. MID 33-50KTL3-X2

This inverter is for the commercial and industrial sectors. It boasts enhanced capacity for handling higher current loads, multiple MPPTs for optimal performance, IP66 protection for increased durability, an impressive 98.8% conversion efficiency, and a sleek and compact design.

2. MAX 185-253TL3-X HV

This inverter is designed specifically for large utility-scale PV systems. This advanced inverter offers an impressive range of features, including 12 to 15 MPPTs, a remarkable maximum efficiency of 99%, and the capacity to handle up to 200% overload.

By supporting high DC and AC voltage ranges, such as 1500Vdc and 800Vac, this component offers more than just cost-effectiveness. It opens up the door for significant reductions in system costs, ultimately leading to an exceptionally levelized cost of energy.

Growatt showcased smart energy innovations at REI 2023, but they are not yet revealed on the official website but stay tuned for regular updates.

Source: REI 2023 Growatt

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