While these solar watches are the finest timepieces to have on your wrist, they can glitch sometimes. For such situations, you must be ready with the knowledge of how to reset the Seiko solar watch. That’s why we have brought a step-by-step guide to help your watch run smoothly.

How to Reset Seiko Solar Watch

A question frequently asked is: can you reset Seiko solar watch? Well, yes you can reset Seiko solar watch. Resetting a Seiko solar watch is not only possible but also an easy process. We have covered the entire process that helps you do it.

These step-by-step instructions provide guidance on resetting a Seiko solar watch, and they apply to all solar chronograph models. Before proceeding with the reset, ensure the following:

  • Verify that there are no broken or defective knobs or buttons on your Seiko solar watch.
  • Confirm that the watch has never been opened or repaired by unauthorized watch repairmen.
  • Ensure that the solar watch has been adequately recharged under sufficient light, especially sunlight.

If your Seiko solar watch is not charging properly under direct light or sunlight, address this issue first. The reset will not work if your watch has a low or empty battery, which can occur if the watch hasn’t been used for an extended period.

If the chronograph displays malfunctions despite the central clock functioning correctly, it may suggest a potential problem with the capacitor. It is advisable to take the watch to an authorized Seiko watch repair shop to have it inspected for broken parts or capacitors.

Here is a breakdown of how to reset the Seiko solar watch:

1. Gently Pull the Watch Crown Until You Perceive the Second Click

The crown is the knob used to adjust the hours and minutes hand on mechanical watches. By pulling the crown, you can halt the movement of the clock, allowing you to make necessary adjustments to the time. To initiate the reset process, pull the crown gently until you hear a second click. The first click is for adjusting the date, while the second click is for adjusting the time. Once you have achieved the second click, you can proceed with the reset.

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2. To Adjust Chronograph Indicators, Press the A Button for Two Seconds

The A button, usually located at the top or upper side of the watch, is used to select different indicator modes on your Seiko solar watch. In some models, it is the only button responsible for mode adjustments. In conjunction with the B button, or the lower button, it can also be used for hand adjustments. To reset each time indicator, press and hold the A button for two seconds. While holding the A button, the mode being adjusted will spin. Once you have confirmed the desired time indicator to be reset, you can proceed to the next step.

3. Press the B button to Adjust Each Hand until it Aligns with 12 or 60.

Adjusting the hands of each indicator can be done in two ways. You can either press and hold the button to quickly rotate the hands towards the 12 or 60 positions. Or you can press the button incrementally for a slow and precise adjustment. It is recommended to press the button slowly to ensure accurate calibration of the chronographs and the second hand back to 12 or 60.

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4. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 for Each Chronograph Indicator

In most Seiko chronograph models, the adjustment cycle begins with the stopwatch’s 1/20 seconds hand, followed by the long second hand, and finally the stopwatch’s hours and minutes hands. Some chronographs may also feature a millisecond mini-clock, which can be adjusted during the fourth press-and-hold process.

5. Push the Crown Back to Apply the Calibration and Restart the Watch.

Once you are satisfied with the changes, push the crown back to its original position to start the clock again. Ensure that the crown is fully pressed in until it is in contact with the watch, and observe that the hands begin to move once more.

Next up, let us see when should you reset Seiko solar watch.

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When to Reset Seiko Solar Watch?

Now that you have seen how to reset Seiko solar watch, you need to know exactly when to reset Seiko solar watch. If the hands of a Seiko solar watch do not move or move strangely or move at one-second intervals even after recharging, it is necessary to reset the watch.

To conclude, resetting Seiko solar watch is a 5-step process that has been thoroughly explained to you in this article. Keep checking out this space for more how-to guides on eco-friendly gadgets.

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