Seiko’s use of cutting-edge technology has made it one of the top watch brands in the world. Their timepieces are the ultimate proof of Japanese craftsmanship and tradition. From the tachymeter to the battery, everything is made with detail. Let’s explore a consolidated Seiko watch battery guide for in-depth information.

Seiko Watch Battery Guide

The Seiko watch battery is a specific type of battery used in Seiko solar watches. The Seiko solar watch battery has a long lifespan and may not require replacement for over ten years. Further, engaging in regular maintenance tasks such as cleaning the watch and ensuring proper charging can assist in extending the battery’s longevity. The Seiko solar watch battery also referred to as a secondary cell, can be changed when required. However, it is advisable to have the replacement performed by a professional, preferably authorized Seiko manufacturers or repairers, to prevent any harm to the watch’s internal components, particularly the photovoltaic cells.

The mechanism that powers your solar watch is powered by photovoltaic cells. The watch will be useless without the PV system. You might be able to tell the time during the day without a battery. However, if your solar cell unit is tampered with, you can take it to Seiko for replacement.

Now you might ask what battery is used in Seiko Watch? Well, Seiko watches utilize a special type of secondary battery, which is different from regular batteries like silver oxide batteries. They differ from typical batteries as they do not need frequent replacement. It is advised not to remove the secondary battery from the watch, as replacing it requires professional expertise. Attempting to install a regular silver oxide battery can lead to overheating, bursting, or ignition. The secondary battery in Seiko watches has an overcharge prevention function that activates when it reaches full charge to avoid damage.

It is important to avoid exposing the watch to intense light sources or high temperatures during the charging process. Additionally, if the solar watch has not been charged for an extended period, it may become completely discharged and unable to charge. In such cases, it is recommended to seek assistance from the retailer where the watch was purchased. This consolidated Seiko watch battery guide is incomplete without mentioning the type of battery used in the Seiko watch. And that is why the section you just read comprehensively covered it.

What is Seiko Watch Battery Price?

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Here is a price range for different Seiko watch batteries because a Seiko watch battery guide cannot be useful without it. However, it must be noted that the Seiko watch battery price varies depending on the specific model and type of battery used. Here are a few instances of the costs:

  • Genuine New SEIKO AGS Kinetic Battery: $62.99 (Previous Price $69.99)
  • Genuine New SEIKO Battery AGS Kinetic: $35.99 (Previous Price $39.99)
  • Seiko S760A Kinetic Watch Capacitor Rechargeable Battery Genuine: $29.99
  • Seiko 3023 5MY/5MZ Kinetic Watch Capacitor Battery: $25.99
  • Seiko 3023 34T Battery Capacitor Accumulator: $14.13

Overall, most of the Seiko watches battery cost roughly between $11 to $40. However, the prices of the batteries are subject to change depending on the location, where you buy from, and the time.

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Do all Seiko Watches have the Same Battery?

Seiko watches do not universally use the same battery. Seiko offers a wide range of watches with various mechanisms, some of which do not require a battery at all. For those who do require a battery, it is critical to pick a high-quality brand such as Duracell or Renata. Seiko also suggests replacing batteries with authentic Seiko batteries, which can be done at a Seiko-authorized service center or a Seiko-approved dealer. It also offers a variety of batteries for their kinetic and solar timepieces. As a result, before replacing your Seiko watch battery, it is critical to identify the precise type of battery required.

With this, this Seiko watch battery guide has covered whether all Seiko watches have the same battery. The next important question to ask is: what are Seiko watch battery sizes? Let’s find out in the upcoming segment.

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What are Seiko Watch Battery Sizes?

If you are planning to replace the Seiko solar batteries, then the first thing you should look for is the Seiko watch battery size. Seiko battery replacement sizes are usually a 371 (SR920SW, a 377 (SR626SW), or a 303/357.

In this Seiko watch battery guide, we have covered everything you need to know, including the type of battery used, various sizes, and more. Keep exploring our website for more interesting blogs.

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