India Energy Week 2023: Tax on Clean Energy, US-India Cooperation Agenda, Exhibition of Products


To facilitate discussion on how India will meet growing energy demand, India’s Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas will conduct the first India Energy Week 2023 from February 6–8, 2023. The delegation for the event in Bangalore in 2023 will be led by the US-India Business Council (USIBC), according to the US Chamber of Commerce. The event will bring together around 30,000 international policymakers, regulators, senior government officials of India, and energy industry business executives from across the globe. During the event, US and India will bolster their plans on green hydrogen & LNG, and how to tax clean energy.

As per the agenda of the meeting, the council will talk about tax policies to hasten the growth of India’s clean energy capacity keeping in mind the rising demand for energy and increasing pollution. The discussion will also cover the value of US-India trade cooperation in fostering the development of novel fuels like green hydrogen along with the function of liquefied natural gas or LNG as a transition fuel in India’s energy sector. According to the USIBC, an economic partnership between the United States and India is highly crucial, so that the country’s energy demands can be met by clean energy sources. Also, council members support Prime Minister Modi’s goal of producing 500 GW of renewable energy by 2030.

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Atul Keshap, Ambassador of India and President of USIBC, said “This delegation represents our membership’s commitment to India’s G20 vision, and desire to support India’s twin needs of energy security and energy transition”. Making energy accessible, reliable, and cheap for everyone is one of the major subjects that the exhibit and conference will address. It will be laying the foundation for enabling collaborations among governments and industries to contribute to growth.

US-India Business Council (USIBC) India Energy Week 2023

In addition to specific pavilions like the Petronet LNG, Make in India and waste to energy among others, this global meet will have an India Experience Zone, Bio-Energy Zone, Future Mobility Zone, and others where 650+ exhibiting businesses will showcase their products for India and the global market. Energy executives from throughout India will discuss present and future ideas on how India hopes to expand its energy mix through biofuels, gas, and hydrogen to realize net-zero energy by 2070.

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