Direct Energy is being opted for faster and more affordable renewable energy services. They offer different schemes to fulfill the need of every household and business. So, who acquired Direct Energy, and is Direct Energy a good deal? Read further to discover more.

What is Direct Energy?

Direct Energy is a retailer of energy services in Texas and across North America. It is part of NRG Energy Group. In its service areas, Direct Energy provides electricity and natural gas plans. Small businesses and residential houses are benefitted from renewable and green energy services by this company. Customers have to pay a fixed amount every month for the electricity they consume rather than receiving bills based on the specific consumption. The rate of energy changes from region to region, particularly due to utility transmission charges.

Is Direct Energy a Good Deal?

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Yes, Direct Energy is a good deal. You already know what is Direct Energy, now note that they provide reliable electricity and natural gas at fair prices to over 6 million homes in the US and Canada. You will get to know does Direct Energy saves you money in the next pointers. Now, read about some of the most popular energy plans offered by Direct Energy here.

1. Twelve Hour Power 24 On Us

This plan offers a 24-month fixed-rate, free electricity from 9 p.m. to 9 a.m., and two years of Amazon Prime for free. 100% renewable energy is also included as a part of this plan.

2. Live Brighter 24 On Us

A fixed-rate 24-month energy plan, Live Brighter offers 100% renewable energy. Two years of free Amazon Prime is also a part of this plan.

3. Live Brighter 12 Autopay

This is a 12-month fixed-rate energy plan. Customers can lock in their energy rate for one year in this plan. This rate will remain the same throughout the contract regardless of the market fluctuations. Lower rates can be secured by setting up autopay.

4. Bright Choice

This is a variable rate plan with its rate changing month to month. This plan comes without early termination fees. This is a good option when you want to change plans or are unsure about long-term contracts.

Is Direct Energy Legit?

Yes, Direct Energy is a legitimate service in North America. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NRG Energy. Various natural gas and electricity plans are provided by them across US states and Canada. The plans come with different term lengths and perks to suit any customer. Their electricity and natural gas prices are also competitive. They fluctuate because of the nature of the energy market. To know does Direct Energy save you money in detail, check out the next pointer.

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Does Direct Energy Save You Money? Is Direct Energy Cheaper?

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You read about is Direct Energy legit in the previous pointer and the answer is yes. Well, is Direct Energy cheaper and whether it saves you money or not is largely dependent upon two things, the region you live in and the specific plan you follow. Many different plans are offered by them to fit nearly every customer. This gives you an idea about is Direct Energy a good deal or not.

The month-to-month plans with variable rates offered by Direct Energy do not have a contract or cancellation fee. However, different energy plans have different Early Termination Fees (ETF). They also have a prepaid electricity plan called Power-to-go, which offers flexibility and no credit checks. A deferred payment plan and short-term payment extension are also provided to people who are unable to pay monthly bills. These fixed-rate plans provide protection and stability from changing energy rates. The price of energy is fixed for the duration of your contract irrespective of the fluctuating market price. This gives the customer the ability to budget the energy costs. Here, we can’t establish whether the plans are cheaper or not but, definitely, these are designed in a manner that provides the maximum advantage to the customer.

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How is Direct Energy Different from Direct Energy Regulated Services?

Direct Energy Regulated Services (DERS), on the other hand, is an energy provider based in Alberta, Canada. It is a unit of Direct Energy Marketing Limited, an energy supplier in the US. It is a subsidiary of NRG Energy Inc. It supplies electricity and natural gas in its service areas. It is a regulated energy supplier unlike Direct Energy, which is competitive. DERS is bound to adhere to the rules of the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) and so, its energy rates are strictly regulated. They have to reflect the market conditions, unlike Direct Energy, which can offer fixed-rate energy plans.

Who Acquired Direct Energy?

NRG Energy Inc. acquired Direct Energy. NRG completed the acquisition from Centrica plc, which owned Direct Energy since 2000. The completion of the acquisition of Direct Energy by NRG was done on January 5, 2021.

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Does Atco Own Direct Energy?

Read this to know who owns Direct Energy, and does ATCO own Direct Energy? Well, ATCO does not own Direct Energy. Direct Energy was owned by the UK-based energy company Centrica. However, in 2020, Centrica agreed to sell its North American subsidiary Direct Energy to NRG Energy, a US-based energy company. The acquisition was completed in January 2021, and Direct Energy is now a subsidiary of NRG Energy. In fact, the retail divisions of ATCO Gas and ATCO Electric are owned by Direct Energy. Direct Energy purchased them after the deregulation of Alberta’s gas and electricity market in 2004.

Is Direct Energy a good deal? I hope this blog answered your questions about this company. Direct Energy takes care of the requirements of its customers and delivers services to that extent. You now know who acquired Direct Energy and formulated its policies, due to which it is able to serve a variety of customers.

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