Whenever we talk about EVs we can’t leave Tesla out of the picture. Be it their cars that run on electricity, be it their Supercharger network, or pretty much any field that they cater to. Under Elon Musk’s leadership, the company has devised some of the greatest vehicles and systems that people could have asked for at least at the moment. One such device is the Tesla Powerwall which is a very useful device that Tesla has come up with. Today we will ask and answer the question is Tesla Powerwall worth it or not and check out some of Tesla Powerwall advantages and disadvantages to figure out if or not you should get one.

What is Tesla Powerwall?

Understandably some of you might have been left scratching your heads as to what we are talking about. So for those of you uninitiated about the topic let us explain to you all about Tesla Powerwall before we proceed to look at Tesla Powerwall’s monthly cost and other related stuff.

So what is Tesla Powerwall? Tesla Powerwall is an energy storage product manufactured for homes and offices by Tesla Energy. It is a rechargeable and stationary lithium-ion battery that can come to your aid in times of power outages. It depends on solar or wind energy to generate electricity which is then stored in the device and can be used later. The device was introduced in 2015. By May 2021 as many as 200k Tesla Powerwalls had already been installed.

Tesla Powerwall comes in two models one of which is the Tesla Powerwall 2 which replaced the original and oldest Powerwall 1 model and the more recent model which is the Tesla Powerwall+.

Is Tesla Powerwall Worth It?

JAN 23 Is Tesla Powerwall Worth It?
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Tesla is a big brand that is undoubtedly one of the best ones in its industry which alone is enough to give them and all their products credibility. However, you cannot blindly go ahead and get a product that costs a hefty amount just for the sake of it, and for that reason, we will break down and answer the question of is Tesla Powerwall worth it or not.

1. Money Aspect

Without a doubt, the Tesla Powerwall may put a significant dent in your pocket so that is something you have to be prepared for if you plan to get one. However, the big amount that you spend on it initially is supposed to be a good investment which becomes a money saver eventually. You don’t pay for the electricity that it gives you and it also doesn’t require a great deal of maintenance. So the amount you save on the electricity bill adds up to and surpasses the initial sum paid for overall making it a good buy in the longer run.

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2. Nature/Emergency Factor

No one controls nature nor can one predict emergencies and both these things have the power and capability to disrupt the power supply of the grid. Such a situation may last hours or even days and that is when a Tesla Powerwall guarantees a steady power supply to your home or business and saves the day.

3. Environment Aspect

It is in fashion to take care of nature these days and Tesla Powerwall stores energy from clean and green sources like wind or solar whereas the electricity in the grid comes from nonrenewable sources which are not only hard to restore but also cause a lot of pollution and so Tesla Powerwall poses as the better option again.

So there you have it, the answer to if is Tesla Powerwall worth it or not is yes because it is great on all fronts that matter. However, some people may not benefit from the device as much as they would hope to and so it is always better to take a second opinion or to talk to a relevant party before going ahead and making a decision. After this, let’s learn about Tesla Powerwall dimensions.

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What are Tesla Powerwall Dimensions?

JAN 23 Is Tesla Powerwall Worth ItSo far we have seen if is Tesla Powerwall worth it or not and also what is meant by a Powerwall. From that, we have learned quite a few things from which the two details that stand out are that Powerwall is costly initially but a money saver in the long run and also a stationary object that can be used for homes and offices. Now since it is stationary it has got to be big and heavy but exactly how big? Let’s look at these dimensions to get a better understanding.

1. Powerwall 1

The discontinued version of the Tesla Powerwall had more width and depth than the two models in circulation currently and was second in terms of height. Its height was 51.3 inches, width 34 inches, and depth 7.2 inches. In centimeters, these figures came to 130, 86, and 18 centimeters respectively.

2. Powerwall 2

It comes last in all departments as it has the shortest height, width, and depth which come in at 45.3, 29.6, and 5.75 inches respectively. In centimeters, these numbers come to 115.1, 75.2, and 14.6 centimeters respectively.

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3. Powerwall+

This is not just the latest model available in the market but also the tallest one with a height of 62.8 inches or 160 centimeters. It is 29.7 inches or 75 centimeters wide and has a depth of 6.3 inches or 16 centimeters.

So now we know what are Tesla Powerwall dimensions for each model. There’s a fourth model named Tesla Powerwall 3 in the works. The model was expected to release in Spring 2022 but will now release in Spring 2023 and so for that reason, we don’t have its dimension readings for now. Anyways it’s now time to look at the Tesla Powerwall price.

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What is Tesla Powerwall Price? What is Tesla Powerwall Monthly Cost?

Is Tesla Powerwall worth it? Yes. But is it cheap? No. Tesla Powerwall is not an individual entity and is optional with the compulsory purchase of the Tesla solar power system. For the Tesla solar power system, you have the option of proceeding with the traditional rooftop solar panel system or opting for Tesla’s solar roof. Getting either of these comes at a high price as you shall expect to pay at least 20,000 dollars if you wish to get the solar panel.

Now coming back to the question of what is Tesla Powerwall monthly cost or rather what is Tesla Powerwall price. Depending on the number of batteries you get you can expect to pay anywhere between 12,850 dollars and 73,300 dollars. One is the minimum amount of battery you can go for and the maximum happens to be eight. The price for every additional battery comes down from the original price paid for the first battery.

The first battery sets you back by 12,850 dollars. Adding a second battery takes the price to 21,200 dollars. For three batteries the price is 29,550 dollars. Add a fourth battery and the price comes to 37,900 dollars. The fifth battery costs 46,750 dollars. The sixth battery comes in at 55,600 dollars, the seventh at 64,450 dollars, and the eighth one at 73,300 dollars.

Number of PowerwallsCost
112,850 dollars
221,200 dollars
329,550 dollars
437,900 dollars
546,750 dollars
655,600 dollars
764,450 dollars
873,300 dollars

Again, Tesla Powerwall will not have a monthly cost as it will take you off the grid and will instead use solar energy to create electricity that you can use to power your home or business. It is also because of this reason that you will be able to recoup the install amount paid for the setup as you will be saving money on electricity. There are Tesla Powerwall advantages and disadvantages but the former outnumbers and outweighs the latter. Now, let’s look at Tesla Powerwall review.

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What Does the Tesla Powerwall Review Look Like?

The answer to the question is Tesla Powerwall worth it was yes because not only did the company say its product was good but the same sentiment was also shared by the customers who decided to go ahead and purchase the device. Tesla Powerwall got anywhere between more than average rating and an almost perfect rating on various platforms. So, this was all about the Tesla Powerwall review.

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What are Tesla Powerwall Advantages and Disadvantages?

JAN 23 Is Tesla Powerwall Worth ItIs Tesla Powerwall worth it? Yes, it is. But does that mean that there are no problems with it? Of course not. Tesla Powerwall as good as it is does come with its own set of issues that we might not have discussed so far and so we now once again highlight its strong points and shortcomings.


1. The first and most noticeable benefit of Tesla Powerwall is the cost-cutting that it does to your bill. Since the energy is generated from solar energy you are essentially off the grid.

2. The energy used to create electricity is clean and green and does not pollute the environment at least on the level of non-renewable resources used for the same purpose. All of these qualities make Tesla Powerwall nature’s friend and there is nothing better than being that in the current scenario.

3. You will realize the benefit of having a Powerwall when there is a city-wide blackout or power outage but you don’t have to suffer like the others because you have Powerwall to save the day.

4. Off-topic, Tesla Powerwall installation might help increase the value of your property if and when you plan to sell it.

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1. In being nature’s friend you might end up being the biggest enemy of your pocket because Tesla Powerwall is not cheap at all and it is only an additional device you get on ordering another product which makes it even costlier.

2. Also, before you can install any of the devices you may need to go ahead and get a permit from the necessary official, and that in itself might be another challenge to deal with.

So now that we have done all round research the answer to the question, Is Tesla Powerwall worth it, remains a yes. After weighing Tesla Powerwall advantages and disadvantages you can easily see how there are more positives to it than negatives and so if you have that kind of money to spend on it then you should surely go ahead and do nature a favor by getting one.

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