KATAO game was released on Earth Day to raise awareness on climate change. The potential impact of the KATAO game was discussed during a live webinar hosted by EARTHDAY.ORG, highlighting the efforts of governments worldwide in addressing this urgent issue.

At the Gaming for Good: A Catalyst for Environmental Change live webinar Victoria Raiser, the CEO of Sankari Studios that is behind this game explained the idea for such a game.

It was explained that the ideas for this game bubbled 16 years ago. However, the work on research and interface was done intensively over the past 4 years. This game was thought to have a unique potential for education and mobilization in the global gaming community.

It is said that more than 3.7 billion people play video games around the world for over 120 billion hours a year. Also, it was found that gamers have the desire to make a change in the world.

Hanno Fichtner of Sankari Studios found out that almost 3 of 4 gamers want to fight climate change but just don’t know where to begin. So the team behind the game took the onus on themselves to give these people a sense of agency.

KATAO is a game that’s filled with fun and engaging stuff and the visuals are engaging. This game aims to present the severity of the climate crisis to gamers in a way that is easy to take in and in an action-oriented fashion.

The game will allow gamers to interact with sea creatures, plant life, and other such stuff and the player will have to save the world from corporate greed and pollution that want to tear the world apart.

Christian Rocci, the Chief Creative Officer says that the game wants to dish out facts and information about climate change through fauna and animals in the game. This aspect contains a secret learning experience.

The players in the game can develop relations with fauna and build a haven for themselves to live in. They can then deal with real life-based issues in the game such as shutting down illegal fishing in the Arctic or cleaning up oil spillage in Israel and more.

KATAO game was released on Earth Day to raise awareness on climate change. The game comes with twofold benefits, one of which is developing climate literacy to some extent and the other is the partnership of KATAO with nonprofit organizations around the world.

In short, the game missions will generate real-world money that will be used towards sponsored conserved initiatives of the player’s choice.

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A collective bar of the game will be able to show the total contribution of the KATAO game players from around the world. As per Rossi, the game will be offering not just escapism but also education and fulfillment at the same time.

Starting from April 22 the game is available on App Store and mobile users can play the game from anywhere and help the world with meaningful contributions.

Source: Earthday.org


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