Lectric XP scooters have gained immense popularity for their eco-friendly design and efficient commuting capabilities. However, like any electronic device, these scooters may encounter issues that hinder their performance. In this blog, we’ll primarily focus on Lectric XP problems and their fixes.

7 Common Lectric XP Problems and Fixes

In the current e-bike market, Lectric XP is quite famous because of its foldable design, smooth rides, and easier pedaling. It’s a durable and affordable e-bike that can help you travel over longer distances with less effort. However, there are certain Problems With Lectric XP that you should be aware of-

1. When Riding, the Key Must Remain in the Ignition

JAN 23 7lectric xp problems and fixes

To start riding your Lectric XP, you need to insert the key into the e-bike’s ignition to activate the power. But even once the power is on, it is still essential to leave the key in the ignition throughout your ride.

At first glance, this security feature appears to be highly beneficial in safeguarding Lectric XP bikes against theft. However, many individuals may experience unease when riding the bike at speeds of 20mph, particularly due to the positioning of the ignition.

The Lectric XP e-bike’s ignition is located at the bottom of the bike’s frame (single tubing). It is extended from the bike’s front to its back. This position is unlike other e-bikes as their ignition is placed on their handlebars. While riding your Lectric XP bike, you will constantly worry about your falling as it keeps dangling at the bottom.

Moreover, for the majority of riders, activating the bike’s power is quite inconvenient. It involves reaching the lower part of the frame, locating the ignition, inserting the key, and turning on the power. This process can pose difficulties, especially for individuals with joint discomfort, as it requires bending and accessing the ignition to power the bike.

How to Fix this Lectric XP Problem

The manufacturer has installed Lectric XP’s ignition under its frame. So, unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do to solve this issue.

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2. The Bike Won’t Stay Folded

For easier storage and carriage, you can fold your Lectric XP e-bike. But since this bike lacks the mechanism that prevents unfolding, it won’t stay folded.

And since this bike won’t stay folded, storing and folding it can be quite unpleasant. It raises questions as to why the manufacturer overlooked the inclusion of a mechanism to secure and hold the two halves together.

How to Fix this Problem with Lectric XP

Holding the two halves of this e-bike together manually during carriage can be quite inconvenient. A practical solution to solve this Lectric XP problem is to utilize Velcro straps to securely fasten both halves in place once the bike is folded.

3. Battery Has Longer Charge Time

Charging issues are one of the most common Lectric XP Problems. The battery is responsible for powering your e-bike and allowing for an easier pedaling experience when hitting longer distances or climbing hills. Before starting your journey, you need to charge your battery for it to work efficiently.

Regrettably, the charging time for the Lectric XP’s battery is longer compared to other models. This bike’s 48V 9.6Ah (460.8Wh) battery typically takes about 4 to 6 hours to charge to full capacity. So, if you are running late, waiting more than four hours for a low-capacity battery to become fully charged can be frustrating.

In other e-bikes, higher-capacity batteries can attain full charge in less time. For instance, the 48V 15Ah (720Wh) battery in Aventon Aventure e-bikes can acquire a full charge in nearly 4-5 hours.

In contrast, batteries like the 52V 19.2Ah pack found in Ripcurrent S e-bikes offer twice the power of the Lectric XP battery. These batteries can fully charge in less than eight hours, providing a faster charging experience.

How to Fix this Lectric XP Problem

Typically, e-bike manufacturers install batteries that are specifically designed for their respective models. So, if you wish to solve this Lectric XP problem and reduce its charging time, one option is to purchase a fast charger, which can cut the charging duration in half. Alternatively, you can take help from a professional to explore the possibility of replacing the Lectric XP battery with a more powerful and compatible model.

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4. Not Suitable for Off-Roading

JAN 23 7 lectric xp problems and Fixes

This is among the top Lectric XP problems. This bike doesn’t come with the reliable suspension to conquer rough and uneven terrain with larger bumps. Its suspension fork is primarily designed to handle up to 40mm of travel, which is more effective at absorbing smaller bumps. The bike is better suited for decent performance on paved roads, urban environments, and light trails.

How to Fix This Problem

Regrettably, there are limited options available to make your Lectric XP suitable for tackling rough terrains with significant bumps. However, if you find yourself navigating rugged trails, it is crucial to ensure that your tires are properly inflated. Riding over larger bumps necessitates higher tire pressure to minimize the possibility of pinch flats.

5. Poor Lighting

The standard headlight on Lectric XP e-bikes lacks sufficient brightness to provide adequate illumination for distant visibility during nighttime rides. This limited lighting may increase the risk of colliding with objects or unintentionally encountering ditches while riding in low-light conditions.

Moreover, the rear light on the bike fails to flash when the brakes are applied. This absence of a flashing signal means that when riding ahead of motorists during nighttime, they will be unaware of your braking actions. This can significantly increase the risk of accidents and compromise your safety on the road.

How to Fix this Issue

This is one of the most fatal problems with Lectric XP and it’s very important to fix it. If you ride this bike at night, replace its standard headlight with a brighter version. Install a premium headlight from Lectric e-bikes to ensure that you have a compatible headlight. Compared to this brand’s standard headlight, the premium ones offer twice the output.

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6. It is Heavy

Despite its foldable design, the Lectric XP e-bike is considerably heavy due to its bulky components. Depending on the specific model, the bike can weigh up to 64 lbs. On average, e-bikes typically weigh between 40 and 50 pounds. Although the Lectric XP can be folded, the weight of 64 lbs. can still pose a significant challenge when it comes to lifting and carrying the bike.

How to Fix this Issue

If this e-bike feels too heavy, remove the rear rack to make it lighter. However, this may not help a lot as the rack weighs less than three pounds. If you want a lighter e-bike, the XP Lite will be better for you. This bike weighs around 46 lbs but can be a bit smaller for taller riders.

7. Design-Related Issues

JAN 23 7 lectric xp problems and fixes

Most of the Problems with Lectric XP are due to its designs and you can’t do much to fix them. In case you encounter a problem that you’re unable to fix, it is advisable to seek assistance from a professional who can assess the issue and potentially provide a solution. Alternatively, you can reach out to the brand’s customer support for guidance and assistance. To ensure the optimal performance of your e-bike, it is important to maintain it by regularly cleaning and lubricating its components.

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What are Lectric XP Lite Problems?

These are the most common Lectric XP Lite Problems-

  • It only suits shorter and smaller riders.
  • According to some testers, it has no tach and is difficult to carry when folded.
  • The battery’s range is limited, with a capacity of 48V 7.8Ah, providing approximately 20 miles of real-world usage.
  • It doesn’t come with fenders or a rack.
  • It has single gear that isn’t suitable for hilly locations.
  • Its cable wrap appears as if it has been pulled from a VHS tape.
  • There is a noticeable lag in its assist.

Can I Ride My Lectric XP in the Rain?

The Lectric XP is designed to be water-resistant and can handle light rain and wet conditions. However, it is important to note that excessive exposure to water, such as heavy rain or submerging the bike in water, can damage the electrical components and affect its performance. It is always recommended to exercise caution and try to avoid riding in heavy rain or through deep puddles to ensure the longevity and proper functioning of your Lectric XP. This should have answered your question-can I ride my Lectric XP in the rain?

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How Long Does the Lectric XP 2.0 Last?

The Lectric XP 2.0 is a durable e-bike. With this bike, riders will be able to get around at least 1000 miles before having to replace any of its major components.

While it may lack some of the premium components found on other foldable e-bikes, the Lectric XP is remarkably resilient. According to the manufacturer’s website, this e-bike can support weights of up to 330 lbs (with the rear rack alone holding up to 75 lbs). The good news is that the bike is actually durable enough to withstand such weight.

However, it’s important to note that you may need to periodically tighten the brake cables, especially if you are a heavier rider. Additionally, you will need to monitor and inflate the bike’s fat tires as needed. With proper care, this e-bike should be able to provide reliable performance for approximately two years.

Does the Lectric XP 2.0 Have a Removable Battery?

Featuring a convenient design, the Lectric XP 2.0 is in fact equipped with a removable battery that fits quite well into the frame. To remove the battery, users can simply release the substantial clamp that secures both halves of the frame together. This allows for easy access to the battery, enabling users to purchase spare batteries from Lectric and swap them with drained packs, effectively extending the range of their bikes.

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How Long Does It Take to Charge the Lectric XP 2.0?

After the battery of Lectric XP 2.0 has been completely drained, it takes nearly 6 hours to fully charge. To shorten the charging time, you’ll need to cut and buy a faster charger.

What is Lectric XP Error Code 008?

Lectric XP Error Code 008 is for XP or XP Lite and is related to the throttle. This error is typically easy to fix. To fix it you should

1. To ensure your throttle is functioning properly, inspect the throttle cable for any disconnections. Trace the cable from the throttle down to the quick plug, which may require removing some plastic wrapping to access it. Gently pull the cable (without twisting) to unplug it, then reconnect it by aligning the arrows on both ends. Make sure the connection is fully seated to ensure proper functionality.

2. After this, to check if everything is fully connected and seated in its housing, open your controller panel and check each wire.

If even after performing this quick fix you still face this issue, you should reach out to the customer support of this company.

What is Lectric Xp Error Code 009?

Typically, the Lectric Xp error code 009 is for the XP and XP Lite and is related to the controller. The controller serves as the vital control center for your e-bike, making it crucial to ensure that the wires connected to the controller are in good condition. These wires play a significant role in the overall functionality of your eBike and should be regularly inspected to maintain optimal performance.

In conclusion, while the Lectric XP e-bike offers a range of benefits and convenient features, it also has its fair share of limitations and common issues. From the challenges of adjusting the handlebars to concerns about battery charging time to limited suspension capabilities, riders may encounter certain obstacles. However, by following troubleshooting tips and seeking professional assistance when needed, many of these Lectric XP problems can be addressed or minimized.

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