As per the official press release, low-cost green hydrogen technology demonstrated by Advanced Ionics and Repsol Foundation for the very first time. Repsol Foundation has funded Advanced Ionics’ Early Access Program for Symbiotic Electrolyzer Technology. This will be a paid pilot program. Its low-cost green hydrogen production system demonstrates the processes’ sustainability.

Advanced Ionics expects that the Early Access Program would instill trust in its consumers about the possibilities of its technology. Symbiotic Electrolyzer Technology from the firm uses waste heat to manufacture green hydrogen for much less than a dollar per kilogram.

The initiative is part of the foundation’s mission to help entrepreneurs at the forefront of industrial decarbonization technology.

Advanced Ionics has developed a green hydrogen platform that enables industrial hydrogen manufacturers and users to achieve sustainability while maintaining profitability.

The Repsol Foundation’s Entrepreneurs Fund advances entrepreneurs at the vanguard of industrial innovations, particularly those focused on driving the energy transition. In doing so, it assists firms that have created technologies that have the potential to dramatically alter the energy landscape.

Providing early access and engagement with future clients helps accelerate Advanced Ionics’ road to commercial sales, in addition to giving customers assurance in the technology’s potential for their unique industrial use cases.

As per Chad Mason, CEO of Advanced Ionics, the company has received a lot of attention and demand for its electrolyzer technology. Their Early Access Program enables them to capitalize on that demand and collaborate with the most forward-thinking possible future customers to expedite adoption.

The advances made lower power costs by 20 to 50% while utilizing as little as 30 to 40 kWh/kg. This is a game-changing achievement that they hope to offer to the industry as soon as feasible.

Participants in Advanced Ionics’ Early Access Program technology demonstrations enable the Repsol Foundation to assist in low-cost green hydrogen technology assessment and scaling.

Low-cost green hydrogen technology demonstrated by Advanced Ionics and Repsol Foundation for the very first time is paving the way for early testers of Advanced Ionics’ full-scale electrolyzers. The Early Access Program supports green materials and chemicals to achieve the objective of net zero emissions by 2050.

Source: Advanced Ionics


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