Luma Solar Roof Vs. Tesla Solar Roof Comparison


Choose the solar roof based on your needs and financial considerations.

Solar roofs are gaining popularity as a means of harnessing solar energy for your home. Unlike conventional solar panels, these roofs incorporate solar shingles that serve both as roofing material and energy collectors. Luma and Tesla stand out as two of the leading providers of solar roofs. In this blog, we’ll compare Luma solar roof vs Tesla solar roofs on the basis of their efficiency, lifespan, cost, and overall specs.

Luma Solar Roof Vs. Tesla Solar Roof Comparison

Tesla, a renowned brand, offers a range of products, including the Powerwall home battery and the Model 3 electric vehicle. If you’re considering a Tesla solar roof, their website features a calculator that provides estimates for your home’s required kilowatts and the associated costs, taking into account your roof’s complexity. Additionally, you have the option to include one or more Powerwall for energy storage capacity, though this is an optional feature.

Luma Solar provides an outstanding product too. In fact, Luma is an established brand with a rich history as a pioneer in solar roof technology, having introduced the first solar shingle system in North America over a decade ago. To compare the Luma solar roof vs Tesla solar roof, let’s take a closer look at their specifications.

Luma Solar Roof Vs. Tesla Efficiency

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Pic Credit: Tesla

In the context of Luma and Tesla solar roofs, the efficiency of solar shingles is lower compared to traditional solar panels. This is because solar shingles are smaller and less robust than standard solar panels.

In a direct comparison between Luma and Tesla solar shingles, Luma emerges as the more efficient option. Luma’s solar shingles have an efficiency rating of around 22%, whereas Tesla’s solar shingles operate at an efficiency of nearly 18-20%. This distinction is crucial as it means you require fewer Luma solar shingles, leading to cost savings.

However, despite differences in efficiency, both Luma and Tesla solar shingles are capable of fully powering your home. In a solar roof from either company, a combination of solar shingles and regular shingles is used. Interestingly, the regular shingles blend seamlessly with the solar ones, making them indistinguishable in appearance. This sums up Luma Solar Roof vs Tesla efficiency, let’s now also learn about Luma solar roof vs Tesla longevity.

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Luma Solar Roof Vs. Tesla Longevity

Both Luma and Tesla solar roofs are engineered for durability, ensuring a return on investment over the long term. Tesla offers a 25-year tile and power warranty. On the other hand, Luma offers a 25 year limited power warranty at 80% and 5 year limited product warranty. Next in this comparison, let’s take a look at Luma Solar Roof and Tesla’s cost.

Luma Solar Roof Vs. Tesla Cost

Neither Luma nor Tesla offers official pricing information on their websites. Instead, both websites require users to provide address details and roof size information to help their representatives assess specific home requirements. Following this, their respective teams discuss the next steps in the process.

The cost of these roofing solutions can vary significantly depending on factors such as roof size, home power needs, and the condition of the current roof. For example, a 12.57 kW Tesla Solar Roof, which includes roof replacement and two Tesla Powerwalls, generally costs around $154,000 before factoring in any available incentives.

Conversely, the typical price for installing Luma solar roofing can approximately be $4.50 per watt for complete installations, with options for partial installations available. Now, let’s find out if a Tesla or Luma solar roof powers a house.

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Can a Tesla or Luma Solar Roof Power a House?

Both Tesla and Luma solar roofs can power a house. The solar shingles employed by both companies are highly efficient, allowing for the inclusion of regular non-solar shingles on certain sections of the roof. This practice effectively lowers the installation cost of a solar roof.

Luma Solar Roof Vs. Tesla Specs

Luma solar roof
Pic Credit: Luma

When considering solar roofing options, comparing Luma Solar Roof and Tesla is essential. This brief overview will highlight key Luma Solar Roof and Tesla specs to help you make an informed choice.

Tesla Solar Roof Specs:

Solar Glass Tiles72 W
Steel TilesCorrosion and weather resistant
Wind RatingClass F (highest rating)
Fire RatingClass A (highest rating)
Hail RatingClass 3
Roof Pitch≥ 2:12

Luma Solar Roof Specs:

Wind RatingTAS 125-03: Wind MPH 200+
Cell TypeMonocrystalline
Operating Temperature-40°C / +85°C
Hurricane RatingMiami-Dade Hurricane Rating: Class 5+
Composition24 ga Galvalume coated steel sheet
Exposed Area52.5″ x 14.65″
Maximum Power80W

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Luma Solar Roof Vs. Tesla Solar Roof: Which is the Best?

Luma and Tesla each offer unique advantages and drawbacks in their solar roofs. There isn’t a definitive winner in the competition for the top solar roof. Both companies deliver exceptional solar roofs that harness green, sustainable energy to power homes. Therefore, the choice ultimately depends on the specific circumstances and preferences of homeowners.

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