Micromobility Europe 2023 in Amsterdam was a microEV extravaganza where various brands showcased their innovative e-bike solutions and technology. ׄike showcased their T e-scooters with new upgrades and Ampler introduced their most stylish bikes. Async showcased their new moped-styled e-bike and Microlino surprised everyone with their microcars with 56 mph top speed. NIU introduced two major updates in their NQi line and Swobbee approached everyone with their intriguing battery swapping technique. Other than these there was a mind-blowing display from brands like Clip electric, Ellio, Hilo scooter, Inokim, Joyride, Navee, SoFlow, Taito scooter, Tannus, Vammo, WingsEV, and Segway.

Micromobility Europe 2023 Amsterdam was a 2-day microEV extravaganza and personal EVs from all over Europe and other places converged on the venue. The place was overflowing with different types of EVs like bikes, scooters, unicycles, micro-cars and many more. People witnessed the futuristic e-bikes and innovative solutions at Micromobility Europe 2023.

Let’s take a look at biggest announcements from the event.


They showcased the T electric scooters with several new upgrades. One thing that is unchanged in ׄike T is that you can charge the electric scooter battery using a USB-C charger from your laptop. Having both a USB-C port on the scooter and one on the detachable battery, the scooter can be charged by any USB-C device. The battery can be used as a power bank to charge other devices, including your laptop.


Their stylish and inconspicuous e-bikes are attractive and practical, without the large batteries and bulky frame tubes. They do not attract the interest of thieves who search for expensive e-bikes or their components to steal. Ampler offers a range of models suitable for different types of riding styles.

  • The geometry of the Stellar provides a comfortable and effortless riding experience.
  • The hybrid style of Junta is excellent.
  • Curt is the model for old school style with forward tucked riding stance.


Their new moped-style e-bike is a heavy-duty motorcycle inspired e-bike with a new look. It has more of an industrial-style, and you can compare it to the retro phase SUPER73 type of e-bike. Async featured it with a 750W power on-road mode and 2,500W off-road mode with aggressive powertrain.

Clip electric bike conversion kit

A wirelessly controlled throttle button powers the front wheel of this elegantly designed vehicle through a friction drive mechanism. You have to pedal for it to function. The handlebar control makes it an effective power assist system that only kicks in when you desire it. With a price mark of around $500 it is an affordable e-bike option. This was everyone’s favorite there and won the Startup Awards as well.


They do not use 2-hub motors to achieve all-wheel drive performances. Rather, their vehicles have a single hub motor in front and a mid-drive motor for powering the rear wheel. All this paired with a large battery in a compact bike design, resulting in fast Class 3 or Speed Pedelec e-bike with great performance.

Hilo scooter

Hilo, makes foldable and unique e-scooters compared to the ones we have encountered earlier. The compact nature of this product gives the impression of being a hybrid of a scooter and an origami creation. But there is still a year or two for its commercialization, according to its maker.


An Israeli company that makes electric scooters, was at the event to showcase their new models. Inokim e-scooter models are known for their impressive build quality. Expensive, but they make quality scooters with no corner cutting like cheap e-scooter brands.


If you have ever dreamt of launching your own scooter sharing business, Joyride is the perfect service to explore. It was yet another the interesting highlights from Micromobility Europe 2023 where they provide everything operators need to manage a big fleet of small vehicles.


These electric microcars have the ability to reach a top speed of approximately 56 mph (90 km/h). They certainly revealed an odd but cute vehicle and small that can hold a big place in cities to replace large cars.

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Another futuristic e-bikes and innovative solutions at Micromobility Europe 2023 was by Navee. They showcased their electric scooters at the exhibition by demonstrating the water resistance capabilities of their drivetrain. Indeed, the battery, motor, and controller were functioning inside a water tank.


They recently updated their NQi line of e-scooters with two major updates: repositioned batteries and a new display. With the batteries under the floorboard there is a new space under the saddle for footage and packages.

In addition, NIU showcased a demonstration of the potential of wireless charging in collaboration with Tiler. It allows you to charge the scooter by parking it on the charging pad with the kickstand positioned on it. Though not ready for release, this feature will be soon installed in scooters.

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SoFlow and Segway

They manufacture usual electric scooters, but they unveiled a scooter with a wide deck. It was more like a cargo e-scooter that can be used to move around warehouses. SoFlow’s scooter can operate best on a more stable platform. Segway also showcased their Ninebot based other e-scooters and e-bikes.


From Futuristic E-Bikes to Innovative Solutions Micromobility Europe 2023's Must-See Highlights

They have an intriguing business approach based on battery swapping but do not have their own battery standard. Instead, Swobbee offers battery swapping as a service using batteries from other manufacturers. Companies like NIU also worked with them to customize battery cabinets to fit OEM batteries. Swobbee can deploy battery stations that fit various manufacturers’ batteries or a single station that fits multiple battery styles.

Taito scooter

Although three-wheeled electric scooters are uncommon, those with suspension and a leaning mechanism are even scarcer. But this is what Taito scooter team has created that scored them the Startup Awards.


They make the best tire for bikes because they add a thick layer of protection to the inner tube. Even if the tube get punctured somehow, it will not run-flat as it will be partially supported. At the exhibition, Tannus exhibited their latest flat-proof tires that do not require any air, making them completely immune to punctures.


They showcased their battery swapping solution, which is based in South America at the event. They are working on their own battery swapping cabinets to replace the current manual swapping operations. Vammo can expand in Latin America as more people rely on using motorcycles for daily transportation.


Although this may not have an immediate impact on you unless you reside in India, it’s still exciting to witness the introduction of new electric microcars. WingsEV is designing a small electric car with a tandem configuration (one seat behind the other) specifically for the Indian market. India is a country where 2-wheelers rule the road as they can easily make their way through traffic jams. The creators of this compact vehicle were aware of the significance of designing a tiny car capable of achieving a similar level of performance.

The event ended with a huge rave ride where hundreds of event attendees along with locals and DJ Dom Whiting from Amsterdam joined together. Dom’s DJ stand is a three-wheeled electric cargo bike that he can ride while playing music.

After witnessing the futuristic e-bikes and innovative solutions at Micromobility Europe 2023 we are looking forward to Micromobility America that will take place in San Francisco towards year-end.

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